Lale-episoade nesubtitrate 2


*First scene

Toprak: What do you say my love, shall we make a baby too?

Cinar: Lale? It’s Lale’s voice, she woke up I think. I will look. My daughter, don’t cry. Daddy is here.

Ayse: I could take Lale

Cinar: No no I will stay with her, you can prepare dinner.

Toprak: what are you doing, father and daughter?

Cinar: What can I do? We are playing, I missed my daughter and she missed her daddy of course

Toprak: My princess did you miss your father? Ok then stay together and I will make your  favorite dinner for the evening.

Cinar: OK super, great

*Yesim is mad at Sikti, because he took the wrong CD…Zumrut is sad because of the note she received, it says ‘’I know who murdered Lale’’

*Toprak made dinner, but Cinar was sleeping with Lale and she couldn’t wake him up.

*Toprak: Cinar, come one wake up my love.

Cinar: I fell asleep?

Toprak: You aren’t hungry yet?

Cinar: It became late? What is Lale doing?

Toprak: She fell asleep too and I put her in bed, come on

Cinar: if you would let me I would sleep till the morning, I will wash my face

Toprak: Ok

*Cinar went to bed while Toprak was so excited to eat dinner with her husband

*Ikbal asks Necip to divorce Zumrut or  she will tell her the truth about Lale, and if she finds out she will divorce him. Necip needs time, Zumrut isn’t fine she is sick, she has to be operated again,  he can’t leave her like this, he said.


Cinar finally convinced Yesim, to keep the babysitter.

Cinar: I like the woman already. I am sure, you will get used to her very soon.

Yesim: Don’t know we will see Cinar. Is this the invitation of Mr.Turaner? In the past I was so excited for those invitations. Now I don’t feel anything

Cinar: why?

Yesim: Don’t know I think because of Cinar Berk, I mean during the day it’s impossible to go out and in the night I can’t even think about it.

Cinar: Ok Yesim we have a babysitter now, she can take care of our son and you can go out.

Yesim: Wait a bit Cinar, not yet. I mean let’s see if we can get used to each other or not and maybe Cinar Berk will not like her or maybe she will not be able to take care of a baby. I can’t give my baby to a woman I know only for 3 days

Cinar: Yesim, did you go out after the hospital?

Yesim: I mean I went a few times to your place and I brought Cinar Berk to Canan.

Cinar: I don’t mean this, did you go out with your friends, did you go to the malls, did you eat dinner with your mother?

Yesim: we are home 20 days

Cinar: and u stayed 40 days in the hospital, so you don’t go outside for 2 months

Yesim: wow 2 months, a record for me.

Cinar: yes, I will not let you do this again ok? You will go to that invitation, you can’t refuse this.

Yesim: Cinar

Cinar: This subject is closed

Yesim: shall we put iron if front of the windows?

Cinar: why, what’s wrong?

Yesim: don’t know if the child grows up it will be dangerous right?

Cinar: Yesim, our son is only two months

Yesim: yes but he will grow up Cinar. Ok then I just said this for later, don’t forget it

Cinar: Don’t worry Yesim, we are doing everything we can to protect our son, we will. Don’t tire yourself so much

Yesim: what can I do Cinar? I can’t stop myself. I am so afraid something will happen to him. I even stay with him in the night, when he sleeps and if I can’t help him like he wants me to help him…

Cinar: OK ok don’t cry, you became a good mother, really and our son is healthy. I think you tire yourself too much

Yesim: OK I will go inside, maybe he is awake, I hope that woman didn’t take him on her lap. Thank u

Cinar: You are welcome. Don’t exhaust yourself, don’t be sad

*Toprak&Cinar outside

Toprak: Is your father coming? Did he go to your little brother?

Cinar: ohh the women of my life. Where are you going?

Toprak: we walked a bit with your daughter now we are going to the park.

Cinar: are you going to the park, it’s going to be fun today that’s for sure, slide, are you my love?

Toprak: I’m fine, I thought you were at work

Cinar: I was going to work, when Yesim called I had to go to her. We looked for a new babysitter together.

Toprak: and what happened? What have you done?

Cinar: I think this time we found someone, I mean Yesim agreed to try a while

Toprak: Finally, I mean she tires herself a lot, I am happy for her

Cinar: and I am happy for us, we are tired too. Anyway I have to go to the company they are waiting for me, see you, have fun


IKbal: anyway Yesim didn’t call, now we finally have dinner together after months

Cinar: why are you saying this mom? I will go and help her of course if she needs help.

Ikbal: Yes but while you are trying to be with them you don’t have to make your beautiful wife sad. Look this girl is making dinner for you every evening, only to satisfy you

Cinar: You are right. My thoughtful, beautiful wife, dinner is delicious again. Thank you

Toprak: You are welcome

Cinar: I love the beans especially, can you give me a bit

Toprak: yes I will give you a portion

Cinar: please…and when will you get the exam results?

Toprak: Next week

Ikbal: They will give you the certificate immediately?

Toprak: No mother, not yet. I have to take some courses first

Seref: she wanted to go to school and get her certificate on time but destiny

Toprak: Don’t say this mom, I am not complaining. I will get that certificate this year, don’t worry

Cinar: after we get the results we will go out

Ikbal: ah you said dinner, don’t forget the invitation of Mr.Turaner children

Cinar: I totally forgot it, you had that invitation of course.

Toprak: then we will do this, after the invitation you can pick me up and we will drink coffee somewhere, ok?

Cinar: ok, we will drink coffee…if you get bored there of course but maybe you will like it there and we will stay there the whole evening

Toprak: What do you mean, I am going too?

Cinar: of course you will go too. My wife will not leave me alone right?

*Toprak& Cinar in their room

Cinar: we will buy a new dress for you. We can go together if you want

Toprak: Cinar I don’t want to go

Cinar: why my love?

Toprak: I don’t like those places, when it is crowded …and it is going to be crowded it’s obvious

Cinar: so? It doesn’t matter if we go to that invitation or to dinner

Toprak: no it’s not the same. It’s an invitation for the high society. I can’t feel comfortable there, I don’t know it doesn’t feel right. Don’t you remember the dinner with your company, I didn’t feel comfortable there too.

Cinar: The most beautiful thing I remember from that night is you.

Toprak: Thank you, but it’s better if I don’t go ok?

Cinar: not ok, I will not accept this. You are not going for those peope, you will go as my wife. From now on we will go to every invitation. This is a part of our life’s, get used to it.

Toprak: Yes but, don’t know you will try your best for not making me feel alone, your friends want to be with you.. . I don’t want you to stand between me and them.

Cinar: No no don’t worry. I will solve this situation. You are sad because you think you’re going to be alone but I will not let go your beautiful hands ok, not for one moment, I promise you, ok?

Toprak: Ok. Wait I want to show you something, look what I bought. Look, we said we would watch this when we saw the trailer. We will watch it right?

Cinar: of course we will watch it.

Toprak: ok I will prepare something to eat then

Cinar: first I have to go to Yesim. I am curious if she got used to the new babysitter, to be honest.

Toprak: you can’t go later?

Cinar: yesim called me, she wasn’t fine. If I don’t see them with my own eyes, I will not feel comfortable. I will come quick, I promise,  ok my love?

*Cinar went to Yesim. Before Cinar came she read something about new mothers, how overprotected they can be, how things get out of hand sometimes. Yesim told Cinar the babysitter can’t hold her baby and she wants to put camera’s in her house so she can see if she treats her baby right when she isn’t home. She told Cinar, she thought Cinar Berk didn’t breathe for a while and she got so afraid. Cinar hugged her.

Yesim: Cinar you don’t know, there is something wrong with our baby

Cinar: OK calm down yesim. If there is something we need to do we will do. Don’t exhaust yourself so much ok?

Yesim: No Cinar, you don’t understand. Look something is going to happen with our baby and we will lose our baby.

Cinar: What are you saying? Come sit down a bit, I will bring you water ok?


Yesim: don’t worry I am fine, I mean I’m trying

Cansel: Ok, but if something happens call me, don’t know if u need something, even call me if u are bored. I will come immediately, ok?

Yesim: ok

Cansel: Take care of yourself

Yesim: ok

‘’Yesim:  Where did you come from? When I wasn’t here, something changed

Cansel: I always said to you, wait what life brings you. I am doing this, we are together with Canan.  Did you understand Cinar isn’t for you? There is no love you didn’t live and still you don’t give up

Yesim: When I said you forgot me, I meant this. My life changed too, but you don’t even know.

Cansel: what do you mean?

Yesim: I gave up on Cinar. I gave him to his wife with my own hands. Now we are only friends and of course he is the father of my son’’

*Canan told Cinar , Yesim is in a bad situation and she needs help. Maybe it is better if he takes care of their son and Yesim can go out a bit so she can think about something else. Cansel wanted to search for a docter for Yesim, but Cinar said he can do it

*Cinar called and told Toprak he can’t come  home. He will go to the invitation after the meeting at the company. Toprak said she doesn’t want to go without him, he promised to be with her. I will be with you but you only have to go with my mother that’s it, he said.

*Yesim put her jewelry in the room of the babysitter and accused her of stealing her jewelry. She called Cinar and told her she fired the babysitter. Then Yesim told him to go and wished him a wonderful evening together with his wife. She wanted to stay home she can’t leave her son with Sermin. Cinar said they are going together

*At the invitation

Yesim: ah you came Cinar? Thank you dear but please without flashes, not good for the baby please

Cinar: can u give us space please

Yesim: Nothing is more important than our baby

….what for father is Mr.Cinar?

Yesim: a wonderful dad, like you see he is always with us. We enjoy a lot all day


*First scene

….Come closer, Everyone has the same question. Is there a reconciliation? You are not going to answer Mr.Cinar?

Cinar: don’t be ridiculous. If you forgot I will remind you, I am a married man

Yesim: yes he is right and what  breaking up and come back we are grown up people right? We are not children. Our band with Cinar is always good but now it is different, we have a son

…..what do you mean? can you explain?

Cinar: Enough already, you are bothering my son and I want to go to my wife

*Ikbal: finally you are here

Cinar: mom where is Toprak?

Ikbal: to home

Cinar: she left? Why?

Ikbal: she left, what why?

Cinar: why she left mom?

Ikbal: maybe because of that blond girl?

Cinar: why would she go because of her and it is not Yesim’s  fault, but the paparazzi

Ikbal: well done, still defend that girl, well done

Cinar: when did she go? Just now?

*Cinar&Toprak outside

Cinar: Toprak wait, can you get out?

Toprak: I am going home Cinar

Cinar: why? Come on let’s talk

Toprak: first go to the invitation when you come back, we will talk

…the Lady doesn’t want to get out

Cinar: that lady is my wife

…I am sorry

Cinar: come Toprak

Toprak: I am sorry

Cinar: what is this now Toprak? Why are you going home?

Toprak: maybe because you didn’t keep your promise?

Cinar: Really? Come let’s talk

Toprak: I don’t want to talk, I want to go home

Cinar: You can’t blame me without listening and go just leave, If there is a problem we are going to talk and solve it now, come

Toprak: first you send me with your mother because you have no time, then you came with Yesim and then you look surprised when I get angry

Cinar: I didn’t go to Yesim because I wanted to. You become angry without asking or listening.

Toprak: ok why did you bring her here, tell me.

Cinar: When I wanted to leave the company, Yesim called. She asked me to come, the baby sitter has stolen her stuff and jewelry and she fired the babysitter. She is already stressed and so worried, she was in panic and she was shaking when I came in. I couldn’t leave her alone, so I brought her here together with my son..and the girl doesn’t talk with anyone except us the last two months, what could I do Toprak?

Toprak: Cinar ok I am sad too because of what happened but you could call, I don’t want to be here I came for you. Look what happened, I felt I was too much in there

Cinar: Darling don’t say are my everything. Ok you are right, I am sorry but it’s the fault of the paparazzi. Ok don’t look sad please, come let’s go inside

Toprak: No cinar I can’t go again, it’s too crowded

Cinar: ok then we can go to somewhere else ok? You became so beautiful so let’s go to somewhere else

Toprak: ok, aren’t we going?

Cinar: I said this but I brought Yesim and my son here, if I go now wouldn’t it be rude? Look we can stay here for an hour then we can bring them home and after that we can continue

Toprak: are you serious? No cinar go back and I will go home

Cinar: Toprak don’t do this , this is the most logical solution

*Cinar came back

Yesim: Cinar I couldn’t see you. where were you? I mean I didn’t see Toprak either, she didn’t come yet?

Cinar: Toprak was here but she left

Yesim: Oh really, she is sick?

Cinar: No she doesn’t like the atmosphere here you know.  She doesn’t feel good, so she wanted to go

Yesim: ay pity, yes she is right she isn’t used the those things. But if I would know I would talk to her

Cinar: anyway don’t worry. I will look at the baby, so you can enjoy

Yesim: no I am fine, come

*Toprak heard Sermin talking about Yesim and the babysitter. She is taking care about the baby and the house, she even stays with him when he is sleeping. Toprak remembered what Yesim told her about Sermin, that she doesn’t understand about babies and she always stays with her son even when he is sleeping. Then Sermin told Murvet about the babysitter, Sermin doesn’t think, that woman can steal something and she was with her all the time. If she would have stolen something out Yesim’s room she would have seen it. Murvet said, do you think she trapped the poor girl. Serming can’t say that, yesim changed a lot since the baby, she is like a devil with wings, she doesn’t understand anything, but she knows Yesim doesn’t want a babysitter. Murvet said, yes she is smart. If she has no babysitter Cinar can come more often, she calls every hour..and Mrs.Toprak helps them instead of saying something about it, she thinks everyone is like her and Yesim knows this, so she is using this…

*Toprak&Cinar-the argue

Cinar: Toprak? What are you doing here?

Toprak: I am waiting for you

Cinar: I wish you didn’t wait here alone, and came back with me from the invitation

Toprak: I wish you choose me instead of being there

Cinar: I told you, I wanted to explain but you didn’t listen, you left

Toprak: I did well, you came so late so that means you had fun without me

Cinar: what do you mean Toprak?

Toprak: if this wasn’t true you would remember , you have a wife at home who is waiting for you and you would come early Cinar

Cinar: I didn’t stay there because I wanted to, I told you right?  Yesim needed to be there, she needed to talk with people and why is this happening? Why I can’t explain anything to you? Toprak I have one purpose to find a balance between you and Yesim.  I am trying to make both of you happy but I don’t get it, you always blame me.

Toprak: The person you have to make happy isn’t Yesim, Cinar. I think you are confused.  Ok you are a good person, I understand but you have responsibilities to me, to Lale and your son.

Cinar: yes and I am thinking about all of you. If this affects Yesim wouldn’t my son be affected? I  respect you and our relationship but this isn’t enough for you I guess

Toprak: Cinar do you think we have a relationship? We are living in the same house but we don’t even see each other’s face. I don’t expect you to do something for us, but if we make a program be there, but no you can’t even find an opportunity for this. Your whole life became your work and that..that house

Cinar: You are treating me unfair Toprak, so unfair. I am doing everything I can for you, but I have a son and I have to be with him, I have to find time for him, you told me this

Toprak: You are doing this already, I think you always want to stay in that house. Cinar you got used to your new life, I don’t know if you noticed but I am out of all this. You don’t even want a child with me.

Cinar: I can’t believe we are talking about this because of an invitation, look at this. Did I say I don’t want a child? You are acting like I don’t want a child with you. Toprak think about it, is this the right time? Cinar Berk is so little, I can’t even find time for Lale, if we get a child too, what will I do?

Toprak: Cinar this is not going to change

Cinar: I am not enough for you right? I am not enough, whatever I do something is always missing. Look at you, even a considerately woman as you can blame me , that means I can’t manage this

Toprak: Don’t compare, is this the truth you are telling me or excuses to make everything right again

Toprak: ‘’He wants to make both of us happy, he can’t manage this’’….damn it

*Toprak ‘’sleeping’’

Cinar: My love, my beautiful wife, my everything. I don’t like to argue with you, when you turn your back to me I feel so alone. I want to disappear when I feel I hurted you and made you angry. Toprak I love you more than everyone, more than my life , just everything. Believe me, don’t ever doubt this. When I said I will always hold your hands I was telling the truth. When the time is right we will have children too, we will be very happy. And look what we have been through, everything changed, even Yesim. Now everything is going well please don’t be angry with me, please. Give me time, believe me, trust me Toprak. Are you crying Toprak? No way I made a beautiful woman like you cry? Shame on me, I hate myself.

Toprak: You drank?

Cinar: Yes I drank, what could I do else? You were angry with me so I drank

Toprak: don’t make me angry then

Cinar: ok, but you have to love me,  always.. ok?

 *In the morning

Cinar: My love, my beautiful wife, my everything. Come on open your eyes, open and light up my world.

Toprak: good morning

Cinar: Good morning

Toprak: I wish you could always wake me up, and open my eyes

Cinar: if you want to

Toprak: I wish we didn’t have to go out of this room, so nothing can ruin our happiness. It would be so nice.

Cinar: Believe me, trust me, no one can ruin our happiness. Come on don’t be lazy, let’s enjoy of this beautiful day

*Yesim came with the newspapers. Cinar called and asked them to change the news, Yesim is only the mother of his child. Ikbal blamed Yesim, she shouldn’t have come with the baby, but Yesim told her Cinar wanted her to come to the invitation.

 *Cinar going to the company

Cinar: come on don’t look sad anymore, don’t give them the chance to ruin your day. Tomorrow in the morning it will come out

Toprak: yes but everyone is reading the news of today

Cinar: and tomorrow they will read the truth, and the most important thing is what we know, that you love me, that I love you so much, everything else is nonsense

Toprak: ok, don’t come late ok?

Cinar: and you, miss me allot ok? Don’t worry

*Canan gets angry with Cansel, because he is so worried about Yesim all the time. She doesn’t understand why. Cansel tells her Yesim is very special for him , a good friend

*Mehmet told Cinar, Toprak is jealous. Cinar doesn’t understand how Toprak can be Jealous. Mehmet tells him this isn’t a bad thing. Toprak has a good heart but she is a woman.

*Yesim went to Cinar, and told him she is very sad about the news. They wanted her to give reportage about the baby but she rejected them a few weeks ago. Now she thinks it is not a bad idea to give reportage about the baby and Cinar can tell about Toprak and his marriage. Cinar thinks it is a good idea

*Toprak called to tell Cinar she passed all her exams. Cinar wasn’t surprised he knew she would pass and told her they have to celebrate this. Cinar Told Yesim about this, Yesim wanted to go and Cinar said if you want to go out too, you can call me,  I can take care of the baby. Yesim said no, I don’t need it the baby is too little now, maybe later. Cinar asked why, Yesim said no again

*Yesim&Reyhan- at the company 1

Yesim: why Reyhan, why is he so happy while I am suffering? Why? I kept this baby for him, so he can come to me and we will be a happy family but look at this. He comes whenever he wants, he smells his baby and then he runs back to his life

Reyhan: what did you expect?

Yesim: that he will do his best, that he will do what he has to do. I want him beside me, I gave him a son who can make his last name continue

Reyhan: he is doing everything he can, it will be very stupid to expect more

Yesim: I gave up on my life Reyhan, I gave up of my freedom and this is all he can do?

Reyhan: it was your decision

Yesim: my decision? Is this my decision? I didn’t have a manicure for months, I didn’t go to the malls for months. Is this what I wanted? I forgot to sleep Reyhan, my only purpose is to get close with Cinar, that he will come and we will be a happy family. He doesn’t even care, he makes plans with his wife, he thinks about his own happiness. Is this the life I deserve, this?

*Yesim&Reyhan- at the company 2

Reyhan: Your biggest mistake was to keep the baby, Cinar said many times he didn’t want the baby but you thought the baby would make him change his mind

Yesim: I thought he would change if he sees the baby

Reyhan: and you thought he would run back to you, but it didn’t happen. We woman, we always make the same mistake. We think a baby can change everything like magic, we think they can rescue our relationship, but an ended relationship no one can rescue, not even a baby

Yesim: Cinar will never come back to me right Reyhan? He will always stay with his wife right?

Reyhan: While he continues with his happy life, you will be alone. You will be responsible for the baby, and he will come whenever he wants but he will go back to his wife always.

Yesim: this is unfair

Reyhan: no this is the truth. You dreamed instead of being logical and conscious.  A classic women mistake.

Yesim: I am in pain Reyhan, when Cinar is away I am dying.

Reyhan: Yesim you have to accept the truth. You are alone in this life, you and your son. You have to bear the destiny you wrote yourself. You have no chance

*Last scene

Cansel: Yesim you came? I wanted to see you, I mean I wanted to see you and your son but you weren’t here and Berk was sleeping. You wanted to search for a doctor you said, and then when I didn’t hear anything from you, I got worried and came. Yesim? What happened beautiful? Did you cry?

Yesim: Cansel, Cansel kiss me

Cansel: what are you saying? Where does this come from?

Yesim: Kiss me Cansel please, hug me and don’t let me go please. I need to be loved, please Cansel kiss me



Yesim: Please don’t go

Cansel: don’t do this to me Yesim

Yesim: Don’t go

*Yesim in her room

Yesim: It’s all your fault. It’s your fault Toprak. You are the reason of everything. It’s your fault

*Sitki came to Toprak, it’s been a year they bury their baby girl. Sitki bought two tickets for Urgup, he wants to visit his daughter together with Toprak. Toprak doesn’t want to go with him, that place is only hurting her. Sitki became angry and said, she even slept on her grave and now she can’t even visit her for a few hours, you changed in this city he said. He accused her she forgot her daughter and the pain, she is not human anymore. Toprak didn’t forget anything. Cinar saw Sitki with his wife, he got furious and they fought. Cinar yelled, if I see you with my wife again I will kill you.

*After the fight

Ikbal: Calm down my boy, calm down. What is he doing here in front of our house?

Cinar: this is exactly what I am asking. What is he doing here in front of our house?

Ikbal: my boy calm down and then we will talk

Cinar: Mom what calm down, let go please. Look Toprak you will not meet him ever again ok?

Toprak: I didn’t

Cinar: that’s why he is coming here without hesitating?

Seref: My boy calm down, rest a bit. You can talk later

Cinar: Why did he come? What is his problem? What did he want from you?

Toprak: He didn’t want anything. You started with beating him without understanding or listening. You didn’t let me talk, while there was nothing going on

Cinar: nothing? The man was holding and pulling on your arm. What could I do, just stay there and watch you both?

Toprak: Did I say this?

*Mr.Necip wants to divorce Zumrut. He has to do this because Ikbal is blackmailing him. Ikbal will tell everyone he killed Lale if he doesn’t divorce Zumrut.

*Toprak: It has nothing to do with me. He came for Nazli, my daughter is dead for one year. He wanted to visit her grave with me.

Cinar: I didn’t know, but if you would say this to me I would bring you. It’s not his duty anymore

Toprak: Cinar it’s our daughter, he didn’t do anything bad, this is what I am trying to say

Cinar: He didn’t do anything bad? He doesn’t leave you alone

Toprak: don’t Cinar

Cinar: what? What do you mean? what don’t Cinar? If he comes again he will see what I am going to do with him. Toprak he wanted to kill you, how can you be sure he won’t try it again?

Toprak: Cinar I know Sitki from my childhood. If I say he didn’t come for causing problems he didn’t

Cinar: He can’t come, he can’t come. This is our house why would he come here? My children are living here and Toprak I know more people than you know. If I look in someone’s eyes I know what they are up to. This subject is closed. I don’t want you to talk with this man ok? Toprak, look…I am yelling because I am angry with that man, because I love you, I want to protect you. Please promise me, don’t ever talk to that man

Toprak: OK, I promise you I won’t

*Toprak&Cinar-In the kitchen

Cinar: My love? If you don’t talk to me and you are angry with me, believe me I can’t breathe. You are still angry with me?

Toprak: I am not angry, you became furious without asking me anything but you are not angry anymore I see

Cinar: If my wife will turn her beautiful face to me, it will get over. You are right I got furious and lost my control but if you promised me you won’t talk to him anymore then I will promise you I won’t fight with anyone anymore. Yes?

Toprak: OK

Cinar: My love? Come on get ready, you thought I forgot right? Promised you to go out to celebrate

Toprak: Cinar

Cinar: what Cinar?

*Toprak&Cinar-Outide in the garden

Toprak: today when I saw you like that, I got scared

Cinar: Darling you are right, I went too far I know but what could I do, when you are the subject I lose my mind. Let’s throw that man out of our life’s ok?

Toprak: ok as you want

Cinar: ok let’s go Miss Toprak

Toprak: Merci

*Yesim wants to play harsh from now on. Instead of suffering herself she will make them suffer, and wants Sitki to help her.

The next morning Sitki visits Yesim, he is going to do what she wants him to do. He wants her to give the money he will get for this dirty job to his mom if something happens to him.

*Toprak&Cinar in bed

Cinar: it’s good for me to start the day with you, you give me peace my beautiful wife

Toprak: and you give me happiness my love

Cinar: really?

Yesim: we came! Good Morning!

Cinar: This is Yesim’s voice right?

Toprak: I mean, I wish I could say no but it’s Yesim

Cinar: ah My son is here too, what happened?

*Yesim stop by for breakfast. She apologized she came so early but she thought they were awake. Told Cinar and Toprak they went for dinner of course, she forgot. Then she congratulated Toprak with her first exams and said it is so good for her to pass those exams. Seref defended her daughter and told her Toprak can do everything. Yesim said she only wanted to congratulate her, she misunderstood her.

*Necip and Zumrut, both are in pain…both don’t want anything. Necip loves Zumrut, but he has to give up on her.

*Cinar is going to work

Cinar: see you in the evening

Toprak: Thank God I had nothing to do outside (Yesim wants to stay with Toprak)

Cinar: I am sorry, I didn’t think about it. I thought you wanted Cinar Berk to be with Lale too, you always say you want to help Yesim.

Toprak: OK my love, no problem. It will be something different for us

Cinar: My lovely wife, see you in the evening. If you need something call

*Sitki threw himself before a car, they brought him to the hospital and they called Toprak. Toprak wants to go to him and is trying to convince her mother. He didn’t come to cause problems, he came for his daughter yesterday. He has no one here in Istanbul, she has to go to him. Her mother is warning here, about what Cinar said to her.

*Cinar is going to work with a Arabic company, if he will get this job, his company will grow. He wants Reyhan to help him and wants to buy the textile company back, he gave the Taskirans before. He talks about Necip too. Cinar says he can’t see him as his father, but he admit he misses his uncle, when something happens he wants to share it with him but then he remembers what he hid from him.

*Cinar&Necip- Restaurant

Necip: how is it going? How is it to have a second child?

Cinar: It’s great but so hard. They need so much love, they tire you now but maybe later it will be better

Necip: It doesn’t matter if they are little or big. They need their parents on every age, now be glad they are under your wings. Tomorrow when they leave, you will always think about them.

Cinar: you say from now on, you will always worry, you will have fears

Necip: yes, but you can manage this. You can do this I have no doubts

Cinar: I hope so, I hope I will not fail

*Necip tells Cinar, he will divorce Zumrut. Cinar is surprised and asks what the reason is, Necip doesn’t look happy with this decision. Necip tells him he has to, and this marriage was a mistake from the beginning anyway.

*Yesim called Cinar, and asked him if he heard something about Toprak. She left in a hurry, when she got a call from someone. Cinar didn’t know this of course so he called Seref. Seref told him she will come now. She is in panic, and so mad at Toprak

*Zumrut and Ikbal fought, Zumrut is sure she has something to do with this decision. She is going to find out and then she will make her pay for it

*Toprak paid the costs of the hospital, she brought Sitki home, made dinner for him and gave him money.

*Laste scene…Toprak came

Cinar: how is your patient?

Toprak: fine

Cinar: Let’s go maybe she needs something.

Seref: Wait son wait, let her eat something, let her rest a bit and her uncle’s house is far. His wife is a strong woman, she has nothing I am sure and now your aunt is out the hospital, your ‘aunt’ is fine right Toprak?

Toprak: My aunt?

Seref: Your aunt my girl, like we are talking about someone else.

Cinar: are you fine my love?

Ikbal: the hospital tired the girl, look at her she looks so confused

Cinar: we were worried about you. Are you fine? How is your aunt?


Toprak for the first time in her life tells a lie! Seeing this, yesim decides to continue the plan with sitki. Yeşim ASK SITKI TO SEND FLOWER TO TOPRAK. Toprak lie about flower! Mehmet, Reyhan prepares a romantic night. Reyhan, is deeply affected by mehmet effort. Also okan will make a suprise Ramzi come to visit. Iqbal will invite necip for diner for remzi honor zumurut will be miserable about it. cinar and toprak decide to go to ugrup. Ramzi tries to convince them not to go. Remzi secrets is about to be discover yesim will put the envelope **the evidence of lie*** in the mailbox of cinar’s house .

This is all we have for now, when someone decides to translate it we will post it, Sorry 😦







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