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ep 32

*First scene
Cinar: stop Yesim
Yesim: Why Cinar, are you afraid of your feelings? Don’t do this please Cinar…
Don’t do this to us. I love you so much Cinar, please don’t do this
Cinar: Don’t do this, look while I’m trying to end this you start again
Yesim: Nothing is over Cinar. Is this so easy to do? and you’re in love with me too.Why are continuing with this? ok, you wanted to start with a new life, you want to stay away from me, you wanted to forget me but you can’t do this
Cinar: Yes, I still have feelings for you…but unfortunately not like before…. now throw away your feelings you have inside and start with a new life.
Yesim: Like you, does it works with buying a new house, making new decisions with your wife and daughter? What is more real Cinar? Your feelings or your fake life here? What is more real? What will make you more happy? Look Cinar, I understand you. You came to run away from everything. I really understand you but how can you be happy with a woman who can’t understand you, whom you don’t love Cinar? Don’t do this to us
Cinar: You don’t even know Toprak, how can you say this about her? Now please leave, please. Go Yesim, please
*Cinar is looking for Toprak
Cinar: I was looking for you, you were here?
Toprak: …Yes I wanted to check lale, she’s still sleeping
Cinar: Good, I understand.. your coffee is cold
Toprak: yes true we wanted to drink coffee didn’t we? but I left you alone, did you get bored?
Cinar: No.. I have something to do, Mehmet called me. I wanted to tell you this
Cinar: Toprak where are you going?
Toprak: I’m going to walk a little
Cinar: Wait if you want, I will fix my things and come back then we can walk together
Toprak: Thank you I’m going to walk alone
Cinar in the car: (Yesim: How can you be happy with a woman who can’t understand you, whom you don’t love Cinar?
*Toprak on the phone with her aunt
Toprak: Yes aunt
Sultan: Toprak are you there?
Toprak: Yes
Sultan: When you answered like that.. what happened? Why are you angry?
Toprak: There is nothing
Sultan: Don’t lie to me, you are pissed of. You know you, you don’t talk like that. You’re upset because of that Yesim woman right?
Toprak: Aunt her comfortable behaviours is making me crazy
Sultan: What did she do again? tell me
Toprak: Look today we moved to our new house then she came suddenly.. and in the garden she catched Cinar and kissed him
Sultan: what? What did you do? Did you go to them
Toprak: Yeah right, when I saw them I didn’t know what to do. I was in shock
Sultan: Well done Toprak so you just gave him to her instead of fighting for your husband
Toprak: Like you don’t know, this is just an agreement
Sultan: If it is just an agreement why are you angry then? or are you jealous?
Toprak: No… what jealous? Of course I’m not jealous
Sultan: I don’t know you.. are acting like she has stolen your toy, that’s why I asked you
Toprak: You’re wrong. I’m angry with Cinar yes but only because he’s doing things behind my back, When we divorce he can do everything what he wants, I have a proud too and he didn’t even say about her visit, you know this?
Sultan: Look at this, this isn’t a proud issue I think, Like you start to like this Cinar and if this is the case no one will be surprised… after all he’s your husband. Make this marriage real now you’re living in another house and Yesim can look at you with open mouth.
Toprak: No and I don’t want Cinar… anyway let’s forget this, how are you?..
*Cinar and Mehmet seaside
Cinar had to sign some reports…
Mehmet: Are you fine?
Cinar: I don’t know, I’m a little confused actually
Mehmet: You’ll feel better after a while. you made a right decision with buying another house. To be honest sometimes I want to leave too, with the woman I love, stay together.
Cinar: With the woman I love…Do you think I love Toprak?
Mehmet: You don’t?
Cinar: The first time i saw her she was so desperate, like me. Why can’t be chose the people we’re going to love?
Mehmet: You still love Yesim right? That thing between you two is obvious. You can’t forget it whatever you do. You married toprak to forget yesim but It didn’t work I guess. I think everyone noticed this marriage is only an agreement
Cinar: Yesim came to us, she wants me to come back home. She is angry and still in love. when we were talking she kissed me but I didn’t get excited. There wasn’t any love inside of me..I was just afraid, if Toprak sees us and get’s sad and hurted. Now I’m thinking, if everything changes, if I had another life, if everything was different..would I want to live with Yesim or stay with Toprak?
*In the babyroom
Necip: we all lost allot
Zumrut:Lale was the only thing what was left from my daughter, when I looked at her I saw my little Lalem. I thought she would stay with me forever but she isn’t here anymore
Necip: I promise you our granchild will come back. I’m going to do everything what I can
Zumrut: I trust you…Did you talk with Ikbal? Did you tell her you don’t want to divorce anymore?
Necip: Not yet, Ikbal isn’t good, she is defastated I couldn’t say it. I will tell her when she is better
Zumrut: Whatever you want
*Mehmet: You are in love with Toprak. You don’t have to be upset about this. I understand you’re afraid to hurt Yesim but this is life if someone wins the other loses and you married with Toprak to forget Yesim. You’re lucky this agreement changed in love. You have been through allot, it’s enough it’s time to continue. Look you’ve a new house you’re starting with a new life and you’re in love with your wife. I think everything is going good
Cinar: We had an agreement, I promised her..that nothing will happen between us, that i will never look at her in a different I can’t say that I fell in love with her
Mehmet: But you couldn’t know and you said yourself ‘why can’t we chose the people we’re going to love’
Cinar: Yes, she didn’t chose either. She fell in love with the wrong person and she still loves him
Mehmet: too bad..maybe her feelings changed. You were in love with Yesim too now you forgot her and you’re in love with Toprak..maybe her feelings for you changed too, it’s possible
Cinar: I don’t think so, everytime she hears his name she gets excited, her hands and legs are shaking. The girl’s world changes when she talks with him. you’ve to be blind not to see this
Mehmet: You can’t know. I didn’t know about your feelings for Toprak either until you said it. maybe her feelings for changed too and what can you lose? but if she says yes, you will win her life. It’s worth taking a gamble
*Yesim and Kerem..
Yesim is surprised to see her little brother like this. He’s doing everything to help Toprak with her study. Yesim started about a fews years ago when he fell in love with a girl he tried everything to help her too..Kerem: what are you trying to say? Yesim: Don’t know, what do you think? Kerem: don’t be ridiculous so I’m now in love with Toprak? Yesim: I didn’t say such a thing but look you said it, is it possible? Kerem: here I don’t want it. Yesim: Think about it
Kerem went to Yesim’s room again to explain he acted weird, he said he didn’t love Toprak they are just close. Yesim noticed this already and planned something. Yesim: I went to Cinar today when i heard the news. cinar was very happy to see me of course, he hugged and kissed me and Toprak saw us but of course Cinar didn’t notice her he was too busy to explain his love for me, he still loves me. Kerem asked why he bought a house then? Yesim: He is angry with his dad, he doesn’t talk with his mom and we have to keep our relationjship a secret..It’s better if you tell this to Toprak so she won’t have hope anymore…Kerem is very sad, he only thinks about Toprak feelings
Cinar: you’ve everything.. it smells delicious I’m so hungry. What did you make Ayse?
Ayse: I didn’t, Mrs.toprak made everything I just did the table
Cinar: really?….thanks it looks wonderful
Toprak: Enjoy your meal. Ayse go to Lale I will do the rest
Cinar: not too much soup ok? There is delicious food everywhere…and you?
Toprak: I’m not hungry, I’m not going to eat
Cinar: Why not eat something and this is our first dinner in our new house
Toprak: I prepared the bathroom for Lale, i’m going to wash Lale…Enjoy your meal
*In the bathroom
Cinar: Are you done?
Toprak: Yes it’s ready
Cinar: OK
Toprak: Are you going to wash her too?
Cinar: Yes we’re going to play with my daughter. She is almost one year and I haven’t done this before…. What can I do? Shall I bring her?
Toprak: Ok then
Cinar: she is in her room right?
*Cinar: Is she sleeping?
Toprak: Yes she’s sleeping she is so calm so peaceful
Cinar: Thanks to you, you’re the one who is giving her peace and not only my daugher everyone around you..come to dinner
Toprak: I said I didn’t want to eat
Cinar: but I can’t eat everything on my own, come…our daughter washed herself too, maybe you want to eat something now? Do you want soup?
Toprak saw herself in the mirrow..
Cinar: what happened?
Toprak: Look at my hair, I’m going to comb my hear
Cinar: Toprak it’s not necessary, you’re always beautiful
Toprak: but I…. (excited and shaking..) I don’t feel comfortable now, I’m going to comb my hair, then I’ll come back ok?
Toprak remembered the kiss of Yesim and Cinar again and went to her room
Toprak: Don’t do this Toprak, don’t do this to yourself please
…Cinar is waiting for Toprak…
*Zumrut went to Yesim’s room
Zumrut: You’re hurting yourself more with acting like this sweety
Yesim: What am I going to do mom? the pain is not going away whatever I do..I wish everything could be like before. I wish I listened to you, I wish I didn’t tell Cinar about it, he’s gone because of me..he left without looking behind him.
Zumrut: what can I do for you?
Yesim: Can you bring me to Cinar mom?
Zumrut: It won’t change anything
Yesim: I don’t want them together, I don’t want them to be alone. Mom can we go and say we came for little Lale?
Zumrut: OK sweety, after all she is our baby too right
Yesim: Right
*Cinar couldn’t sleep and went to Toprak
Cinar: Toprak Toprak, I’m sorry
Toprak: Cinar what happened?
Cinar: uh Lale is still sleeping, does she has a cold ?maybe after we washed her.. I mean maybe she has fever and that’s why she’s sleeping
Toprak: Fever?
Cinar: Does she has fever?
Toprak: No she has no fever
Cinar: Lale cried allot in the other house and she didn’t sleep good that’s why I panicked I guess
Toprak: So she feels good here I think..We think they don’t understand but how little they are they know what is happens around them, they feel it
Cinar: I think you’re right…I got enough from the house too of the argues the lies. I feel like I’m in heaven now, my daughter too but whatever I do I can’t run away of the truth. The people who I called ‘family’ are still here
Toprak: But you are better now right?
Cinar: Yes but because of you do you know this. You made a warm and comfortable house for us, with your calmness, your peacefull looks………..(Toprak wanted to go)
Cinar: Toprak….You know I’m going to get a hard time with sleeping, in this house
Toprak: why?
Cinar: because I get used to stay in the same room with you. There is a emptiness inside of me..maybe the bed is too big for me after sleeping on the couch…maybe I’m looking for your breath
Toprak: let’s go if you want, Lale will wake up
Cinar: toprak..shall we change our rooms?
Toprak: Why?
Cinar: You loved that room and I’m just going to use it for sleeping. you’re home all day it has to be yours
Toprak: No and I like my room
Cinar: Yeah but the room is too little
Toprak: Cinar thanks because you’re thinking of me but this is your house and that’s your room..Good night
Cinar: Good night
*Ikbal doesn’t want to live with Zumrut anymore, she wonders why it takes so long to divorve her. Necip couldn’t say he wants to stay married with Mrs.Zumrut
Mehmet knows Reyhan isn’t pregnant, Ece told him. Now he wants to see the baby and asks Reyhan to make an appointment..Reyhan panicked
*Kerem went to Toprak (in the garden)
They talked about the house then Toprak started with the questions..
Toprak: Is there something wrong?
Kerem: I have to ask you something. Are you in love with Cinar?
I know a married couple love each other of course but with your marriage everything went so fast that’s why I asked
Toprak:Kerem look sometimes life has a few surprises for you, you can’t stop this. That’s what happened with me and Cinar
Kerem: I understand but before you married.. Cinar had something with yesim you know this
Toprak: It’s over
Kerem: Are you sure? I mean Cinar and Yesim…
Toprak: I don’t understand why you’re asking this all?
Kerem: i don’t want to interfere but I ‘ve a feeling they’re getting close again…Yesterday Yesim came here and you saw them, Cinar said to Yesim he still loves her
Toprak: Yesim told you this?
Kerem: yes and I heard them talking on the phone..they’re going to see each other have to know this
toprak: I’m going to look at the tea
*Toprak called Cinar
Cinar: Toprak how are you?
Toprak: I’m fine how are you
Cinar: I’m surprised I didn’t expect your call
Toprak: Did I bother you?
Cinar: No
Toprak: Cinar I wanted to ask you something, are you coming late tonight?
Cinar: No I won’t be late, why did you ask?
Toprak: So the food won’t get cold
Yesim: Cinar come, we have to take pictures
Cinar: I have a meeting, I have to go back
Toprak: Ok then, see you in the evening
Toprak is pissed of ,she couldn’t bear the behaviour of Zumrut and Yesim. Zumrut told her all the time how to take care of little Lale and Yesim acted like she was busy with work and she’s almost wanted to sit on Cinar’s lap…Toprak told everything to her aunt.
Toprak: I guess he likes it and Kerem came to me today he said they have a relationship. Sultan: and you believed everything what they told you, they just want to confuse you, Kerem is Yesim’s brother after all.
Toprak: Kerem said they would meet each other, I called Cinar and heard Yesim’s voice. Sultan: and you keep silent just because you’ve an agreement. You live in a different house now, throw yourself before your husband.
Toprak: I can’t do this aunt, cinar is still in love with Yesim. If you saw his looks you would understand how much he loves her.
Sultan: I don’t understand Toprak, While you’re running away from your husband that girl is falling in his mouth and Cinar is a man, he will lose from is weakest side one day
Toprak: Off Aunt
Sultan: fight for your husband
Toprak: I can’t do this aunt, I can’t come between them, they love each other. Don’t you remember what happened with Yusuf? at the end I will be the one who will become sad, that’s why I can’t love Cinar
Sultan: It’s not the same
Toprak: It’s the same of course
Sultan; If I would be there I would give you a slap, if he doesn’t want you, why would he move to another house with you? If this was true he would leave alone and end this agreement, what are you still thinking about? I don’t understand. The game is over, there is no one to watch anymore… and if you can get rid of that blong thing everything will go the right way
Toprak: Aunt he just wanted to run away from the lies, he had to bring me here. He still loves Yesim, he just want to run away from his love but he has to throw away his heart to manage this
Sultan: Look at me Toprak, don’t do something stupid, I make me come there
*Ikbal wants to talk with Zumrut and Necip
Ikbal: Their is no secret anymore and you want to divorce so we want to seperate our houses too. Their is no reason to stay together anymore, not even a grandchild. So Mrs.Zumrut you are going or we are going. If God give us permission everyone will find their peace. Don’t look like that Mrs.Zumrut , I took this decision with Mr.Necip and you can make a choice. After all we have everything we need…If you want this house you can keep it. We will take our things and leave
Zumrut: ok I want to stay here, I will be happy if you go but Mr.Necip is staying here.
Ikbal: You think so? The secret came out so the agreement is over!
Zumrut: This is your opinion Mrs.Ikbal. I’m not going to divorce my husband..and I don’t think he will divorce a woman who is caring his baby inside of her
…Ikbal fainted..
*Cinar and Toprak in the garden (Cinar bought a ring for Toprak)
Cinar: I just wanted to come to you, the weather is beautiful right? so I thought it would be better to eat outside
Toprak: Cinar I want to talk with you
Cinar: Of course and I want to tell you something too but shall we eat something first?
Toprak: Cinar for who are we playing this game?
Cinar: What game?
Toprak: Why are we still pretending like we are a happy married couple? Look we are living alone, there is no one around us so you don’t have to act anymore…and we don’t have to wait for a year..we can divorce immediately if you want…



Cinar: You’re right we made an agreement. I had to stay away from Yesim, I brought you in a difficult situation i know but Toprak believe me there are things what changed. I don’t know how to tell you this, when I think about our agreement…
Toprak: you’re not going to answer? answer if you want maybe it is important
Murvet called Cinar to tell about Ikbal’s condition, they are going to the hospital
*To the car
Toprak: You’re going to ask in which hospital they are?
Cinar: No I’m going to ask if they went to a hospital
Toprak: What do you mean? Murvet said Mrs.Ikbal was sick
Cinar: Maybe they are doing this to call me to the house
Toprak: Cinar of course not. Ok You’re right, you’re angry with Mrs.Ikbal but if she is acting like she’s sick she’s only doing this to see you
*In the hospital
Reyhan: What were you talking about? I thinks it’s not a secret
Zumrut: I’m pregnant
Yesim: What? Are you joking?
Reyhan: Are you serious?
Zumrut: Yes I’m serious, when Mrs.Ikbal learned about my pregnancy she fainted
Reyhan: You have to be glad she didn’t get a heart attack…how many weeks?
Zumrut: 4 weeks
Yesim: I think you’re not going to give birth right? you’re not going to do this?
Zumrut: Why wouldn’t I Yesim?
Yesim: Are you fooling with me? How can you give birth with your age
Zumrut: What’s wrong with my age?
Yesim: Don’t be ridiculous. You were the one who said you thought you were in menapause
Zumrut: I was wrong I’m pregnant
Yesim: Mom, you’ve a grandchild take care of her first
Zumrut: This doesn’t mean I can’t be a mother
Yesim: Don’t be ridiculous, use your mind a bit
Zumrut: Yesim calm down
Yesim: I’m good Mrs.Zumrut. First you’ve to learn how to behave
reyhan: Ladies you’re talking for nothing. If I know my brother, there is no way he’ll give permission for this
Yesim: Yes, this is going to be the first time that I will agree with him
*Yesim & Toprak
Yesim: you came for nothing sweety. as the family of Cinar we are all here look. He doesn’t need you
*Cinar in the hospitalroom with his mother
Ikbal: Son, you’re angry at me I know. You are right but I want something from you. Don’t let me go to that house again. You don’t want to see me I know but let me live with you
Cinar: Mom I went to that house to be far away from the lies and you, to start with a new life, to be a family
Ikbal: Son, I’m staying your mom it doesn’t matter how mad you’re at me. Please don’t close all your doors
Cinar: What happened mom? What happened that you’re here? Why don’t you want to go back to that house again?
Ikbal: I know you don’t want to hear this maybe but I can’t hide this anymore. Mr.Necip married Mrs.Zumrut because he had too. Mrs.Zumrut blackmailed him to say everything to tell you the truth and he married her by force.
Cinar: What do you mean? This marriage is an agreement?
*Ikbal: We had to keep silent for your sake, so you wouldn’t be sad
Cinar: So to hide your secret a bit longer
Ikbal: Son..
Cinar: Enough mom, stop ok I don’t want to listen anymore
Ikbal: Don’t let me go to that house. If I stay there I can’t continue, I will die
Yesim: Cinar how is your mom? Is she fine?
Cinar: She is fine
Yesim: I was very worried when I heard she fainted
Cinar: Toprak, I have to talk with you, come
..My mom wants to stay with us
Toprak: ok this is the right thing to do right? i mean to stay with her son. Mrs.Ikbal has only you Cinar
Cinar: yes but I’m angry with her. When I see her I remember the lies, it’s like a knot in my throath. I’m afraid to say something what will hurt her
Toprak: but you don’t know what happened, you didn’t even ask. You just learned the results and then you closed all your doors. There could have happened so much, look at your own life. After all we are all human, we can make mistakes. We all make mistakes..but if you listen to your mother and father maybe you will understand them.
Cinar: Toprak that man isn’t my father
Toprak: ok but if your mother wants to stay with you, you can’t say no to her. It’s your duty as her child.
*Toprak & Ikbal
Toprak: I will help you and Cinar is going to fix the other things then we can go
Ikbal: Are we going to your place?
Toprak: Of course, I will prepare a room for you so you can rest good, after a few days you’ll be fine
Ikbal: thank you my daughter..I know you convinced him
Toprak: No, Cinar wanted this and you’re his mother he can’t leave you alone in this situation
Ikbal: Don’t tell me about my son, I know how stubborn he is, he doesn’t look at your face before he starts to forget it. You become a bridge between mother and son, with your beautiful face and heart, I hope God will hold your hand always
Toprak: Thank you Mrs.Ikbal
Ikbal: Everything is fine and good but you still don’t call me your mother, you’re going to say what have you done to deserve to be called a mother right? You’re right my daughter..
Toprak: Of course not mother
In the garden
Ikbal: You’ve a beautiful house, how cute. Look at the flowers it smells so good
Cinar: toprak did this all, the whole garden. She has chosen the flowers, she plant it with her own hands
Toprak: Cinar why are you saying this? We did it together
Ikbal: You’ve so much skills and we didn’t know about it
Toprak: Cinar is exaggerating mother
Ikbal: Now I feel relieved…your house is beautiful, in and outside
9Cinar called murvet to bring the medicines of his mother tomorrow)
Ikbal: God knows, when Cinar said I want to marry that girl I didn’t want it. I was surprised like everyone and everything went so fast..and I can’t say it now but I didn’t like the fact you were married before. It doesn’t matter how old you’re you have to admit your mistakes, I was wrong too. Now I see you’re the only person whom Cinar could marry. If you weren’t here my child, he couldn’t bear this all, he would lose himself again. I was sad when you moved out but look I’m here too. Everything has a reason.
Toprak: I’m glad you’re here, I believe Cinar is going to be better, he’s going to have peace again
Ikbal: You are his peace my child. You became is strenght. The best love is a love with commitments, helping each other in this life. I’m glad God give you to my son
Cinar in his mothers room
Ikbal: son how long are you going to continue with this? to not show me your beautiful eyes..You are looking but like you don’t want to see , you’re talking but like you don’t want to hear
Cinar: I can’t do more mom
Ikbal: You have a child too, it’s different when your children don’t talk with you
Cinar: They lied to me allot, I got angry, upset, they lied allot but no lie could destroy me.It’s different to be fooled by your mother
Ikbal: I can beg you if you want. What can I do? Say, what can I do so you can forgive me son?
Cinar: give me time
Ikbal: I gave my whole life to one word now I can give the rest of my life for you. Today I fell the death, my heart, my body can’t bear so much anymore
Cinar: You are in this condition because Mrs.Zumrut is pregnant right?
Ikbal: How can you talk this subject with your child I don’t know but believe me you didn’t come to this world because of one night, you’re not a mistake. You are a child of two people who were in love but couldn’t be together
Cinar: I don’t want to hear this
IKbal: It’s hard for me too to tell this to you but I have to tell you the truth. I met Necip before I met Yusuf. I was a child, we loved each other, before I get married with Yusuf ,,then Necip went to school and our ways seperated. I tried to find him to talk with him, I send news but he didn’t hear my voice I didn’t manage. Then they gave me to Yusuf ..because it was time, because I was old enough without asking my opinion
Reyhan talked with her brother, she told him she knew about this agreement she had a feeling but now she understand why he didn’t marry before, why he saw Cinar as his son why he had a good band with Ikbal and she is very surprised about Zumrut’s pregnancy.
Reyhan: Who do you really love?
Necip: If I would know, If I could understand my feelings…On one side, the mother of my son, whom I waited for with patience whom I give my youth for. On the other side a woman who gave me the feeling I’m a human again and gave me my second spring
Reyhan: So what are you going to do brother?
Necip: I’m so desperate
Reyhan: If Mrs.Zumrut gets an abortion and divorce you, Ikbal will come back but you will lose Mrs.Zumrut forever..but you have to make a decision brother. Both of the woman know that they came to the end of the way. One of them is going to lose…..I hope you will make the right decision, what can make you happy
Ikbal: He didn’t even touch my hands when Yusuf died, when you went to study neither. We loved each other from distance until Zumrut came in our lives. It started with a agreement and turned to a real marriage but I can’t forget my feelings for him. Again he leaved me alone, like he did in the past but I will always love your father. You are the only fact the only reality in my life. Please don’t leave me
Kerem didn’t tell Yesim he told everything to Toprak…he has suspicious now
Kerem got angry with his mother too when he heard about her pregnancy, he said: why can’t you be normal, like every normal family
*Toprak waiting in the bedroom
Cinar: You didn’t sleep yet?
Toprak: No, I waited for you. How is your mom? Cinar are you fine?
Cinar: our fate is playing a game with us, he wants to know how much we can bear. They loved each other, before she got married. It’s her first and only love. How can I be mad at them, how can I be angry with them? They couldn’t live their love, Your whole life missing the person you love. I’m sad because they didn’t tell me and I’m sad what happened to their lifes so pity, what can be worse than, two people who love each other but can’t be together…
Cinar: I think a person can’t live a life based on lies Toprak
Toprak: You are right. That’s why we can’t do the same mistake. Let’s end this fake marriage so everyone can go to their own way and live the life they want to
Cinar: Why did you get angry Toprak? You are giving up this house so easily? What happened? I thought you were happy in this house, Did I make you upset are you angry with me?
Toprak: I think I didn’t get used to Istanbul, I want to go back.
Cinar: You miss him right? That’s why you want to go.
Toprak: Good night
Cinar: Stay, I can sleep with my daughter
*In bed..
Toprak: God why am I going after impossible things. Why do I love men who love someone else, like a fool
*In the garden
Toprak wanted to get the tea but Cinar came
Ikbal: Come son, look your wife made breakfast it’s like magic
Toprak: good morning
Cinar: Good morning, I’m not going to eat mom I have to go
Ikbal: No son, you can’t go without eating. Look at me, women are sensitive, they can get upset and then you will think’ why is my wife angry with me’
Cinar: Mom, now we don’t have secret anymore, you have to know something
Ikbal: What’s wrong son
Cinar: My marriage with Toprak isn’t real
Ikbal: What do you mean with ‘not real’. I was there, you married in front of me
Cinar: Just on paper, we made an agreement and married and now we’re going to divorce.
Ikbal: My dear God
Cinar: Toprak is going to leave and very soon. There are people she misses, she can’t live without them
Ikbal: Yesterday you were so happy. What changed in one night?
Cinar: We weren’t mom, we were just pretending
Ikbal: Is this true?
Toprak: Yes it’s true. Cinar offered me this and I accepted it but now we think it’s not necessary anymore to continue with this. That’s why I’m going to make my exams and go back to my hometown. My exams are on Sunday, Monday I will be gone
Ikbal: I didn’t understand a thing, can you tell me this from the beginning
Cinar: Toprak will tell you, I have to go
*Necip came to Cinar’s house
Ikbal: what do you want?
Necip: I came to bring you your medicines and clothes
Ikbal: You came for nothing, I don’t want anything from you
Necip: Don’t do this Mrs.Ikbal, don’t turn your face
Ikbal: Be thankful I can’t do more to fool me for so long, ‘No I hate Mrs.Zumrut, you pushed me to marry her’. That baby is because of me too? You made another wound in me thank you
Necip: I can’t defend myself
Ikbal: I don’t want to be right Mr.Necip, this isn’t my problem. You fool me while you were looking in my eyes. I expected your honesty, I was wrong..pity.
Necip: What can I do so you can forgive me?
Ikbal: This is impossible, I removed you out of my life, you’ve never been in my life but now not at all
*At the company, Cinar bought a ticket for Toprak
Mehmet: where is Toprak going?
Cinar: She’s going back to her hometown
Mehmet: Why?
Cinar: She said she wanted to end this marriage and I accepted it
Mehmet: you’re making a mistake, did you talk with Toprak?
Cinar: No I didn’t talk and it’s not necessary because Toprak is still in love with him, with Yusuf
*Ikbal and Toprak are waiting for Cinar to start with dinner
Ikbal: Where were you?
Cinar I’m sorry I’m a bit late
Ikbal: You don’t have to be sorry but you could call us, look we waited
Cinar: I’m not hungry, I don’t want anything
*In the room
Toprak: Did you eat something?
Cinar: No, I’m not hungry
Toprak: OK..I bought my ticket, Monday I’m going with the first bus
Cinar tore the ticket…You don’t need this, I bought a plane ticket for you, here. With this you can go faster to the people you love
*Cansel and Yesim in a cafe
Yesim: Thank you
Cansel: So what is your surprise, I’m curious
Yesim: I have registered for a course
Cansel: Good,it will be good for you believe me. My patients are always telling me they have allot of fun there
Yesim: Isn’t it normal that they are having fun Cansel, they are going with their boyfriends, with their husbands. they are sharing something wonderful and I? I have to do this on my own
Cansel: Don’t Yesim, ok it’s not easy but you will accomplish something big
Yesim: Cansel I think I can’t do this
Cansel: I didn’t understand
Yesim: I mean I registered but I think I can’t go..while there are so many couples there I don’t want to remember my lonliness
Cansel: when was the first lesson?
Yesim: Tonight
Cansel: Come
Yesim: to where?
Cansel: I don’t think You want to miss your first lesson right?
Yesim: Cansel look I didn’t want this from you I just told you this because you’re the only one I can talk with
Cansel: I don’t want this for you..I always look as a doctor, let’s see how fun it is when you look from another side
Yesim: Are you sure?..I mean you are doing so much for me already
Cansel: with pleasure
Yesim: Cansel you’re a good friend, I’m happy you’re here
Cansel: come
*With dinner, Cinar came
Ikbal: Sit so we can see your face
Cinar: I talked with a friend in Kayseri, we are going to open a store for you in Kapadokya.
Toprak: don’t understand, what store?
Cinar: Don’t know just a store, you are going to decide.. whatever you want.
Toprak: It’s not necessary Cinar
Cinar: No why not? You were always with me, you helped me and you spend your time for me
Toprak: I’m not for sale nor my time
Ikbal: Well done my boy, enjoy your meal
*Zumrut was worried about Mr.Necip he didn’t answer her calls. Then he said he wanted to talk and told her he wants the baby
Ece found out about Reyhan’s pregnancy, it started with a game and now she is really pregnant. Mehmet Told her he can’t stay away from Reyhan, she is his wife after all and he can’t leave her..but he loves Ece
*Last scene: Cinar & Toprak
Toprak: I don’t want this. I’m going with the bus
Cinar: Why? I think about you that’s why I bought this ticket. You have a hurry so don’t spend your time here
Toprak: Enough Cinar, what have I done to deserve this? Why are you threating me bad?
Cinar: Me?
Toprak: Yes you, you are the guilty one and you’re punishing me
Cinar: Am I guilty?
Toprak: Cinar don’t do this please. Don’t lie to me
Cinar: Toprak believe me, I don’t know what you’re talking about
Toprak: I’m talking about your relationship with Yesim. I know everything
Cinar: I have no relationship with Yesim
Toprak: That’s why you were kissing here in our garden? If you can’t give up on her ok..then I’ll leave so you don’t have to hide your relationship any longer. You can do whatever you want now
Cinar: Toprak, I swear to you I don’t feel anything for Yesim
Toprak: Why did you kiss her then?
Cinar: I didn’t kiss her, she kissed me and I didn’t kiss back, I fell nothing! I was just afraid..
Toprak: Afraid? don’t do this please
Cinar: Yes I was afraid, you would see and misunderstand it, I was afraid you would leave me.. because Toprak ….I’ve fallen in love with you



*First scene
Cinar: You are not going to say something? and look I need to tell you something
Toprak: Did you hear?
Cinar: What?
Toprak: Lale’s voice
Cinar: No
Toprak: but I’m sure, I heard Lale’s voice
Cinar: Toprak we’re talking, don’t go and if Lale cries Ayse will look at her
Toprak: Don’t say that, I have to see her
Cinar: Toprak..
*Yesim had her first lesson she enjoyed allot. Of course everyone thinks Cansel is her husband, He is with her but the only person she thinks about is Cinar. You can see that Cansel doesn’t like the subject ‘Cinar’.
*Toprak in the bedroom
Toprak: Look what happened to me because of one sentence. God help me.
Cinar: Can I come in?
Toprak: Come in..Lale is sleeping I came to take a blanked if you want to sleep here, I will go
Cinar: Don’t go Toprak. I want to tell you something. I’m not giving you permission to go before telling you this
Toprak: no I heard Lale but I didn’t hear her actually because….(Cinar shows the ring)
Cinar: I bought this for you Toprak
Toprak: You put the weddingring on your finger because of this game. I mean you had to do this but if you accept this and put this on your finger….I know you’re surpised, I know you didn’t expect this. In the beginning we made an agreement, I promised you. I’m sorry Toprak but I can’t keep my promise, you know why? because everytime I look at you the love in me is growing more…..maybe you’re angry with me because I tell you this. This wasn’t a possibility when you came here of course but now if we have a chance I want to know this…When we met each other we both loved someone else but it’s over for me. It ended a long time ago but I didn’t even notice..maybe you’re still carrying that love inside of you maybe it’s not over for you but if you feel something for me, if you carrying something little inside of you I’m ready to wait for you till the end. You can take your time, think about it.
Toprak: Cinar don’t go, I mean stay here I will go
Cinar: Sleep tight
*Necip told Reyhan about his decision. He chose for Zumrut and the baby. Reyhan wished he chose Ikbal but she respects his decision
*Yesim in Zumrut’s room
Yesim: Mom!
Zumrut: What happened sweety?
Yesim: Cinar and Toprak are going to divorce and that girl is going back to her hometown
Zumrut: Where did you get all this? I don’t understand
Yesim: Kerem told me, she told him. She’s going back to Kapadokya I don’t know
Zumrut: How does he know this all?
Yesim: Let it go mom that’s not important. They are friends so I guess she told him
Zumrut: good
Yesim: Isn’t it great mom? Think about it, we are going to be together again I’m so happy
Zumrut: I happy too actually
Yesim: I can’t believe it we sent her away
*Toprak called her aunt
Sultan: Toprak what happened at this time?
Toprak: Aunt I need you so much, I have to talk with you
*Cinar talking with his mom
Cinar: Mom I’m sure about myself and my feelings and I said this to Toprak
Ikbal: What happened, she’s going to put that ring on?
Cinar: Mom, I can’t believe you, did you listen?
Ikbal: If it is a shame it’s a shame but I’m a mother, I didn’t like to see you like that
so what did she say? is she going to put that ring on?
Cinar: She will think about it.. I mean I think
Ikbal: My god please keep smiling at my son. If they are together now there has to be a reason for it
Cinar: I hope so
Ikbal: My sweet son don’t worry shall I talk with my bride?
Cinar: No don’t mom, don’t talk with her. She has to decide herself what she wants and what she doesn’t want
Ikbal: Yes but she has been through allot. It’s not easy now to trust someone and to open her heart, someone has to talk with her son
*Sultan: The man confessed why are you spending your time with me? Put the ring on, run to your husband and say I love you too, let’s make this game real and hug him
Toprak: Aunt is it so easy?
Sultan: Take one step and you will see how fast and easy the rest will come, try.. it’s for free anyway
Toprak: No Aunt
Sultan: Why my girl, the man is in love with you and you love him even more
Toprak: and if he isn’t in love? ok he said he’s in love but if he’s wrong? aunt think about it, a few months ago he was in love with Yesim. How can I believe him now that he’s in love with me? and I don’t think what he feels is love
Sultan: What is it then?
Toprak: You know we are friends now, we know each others secrets, we have been through the same..and maybe he thinks that the friendship inside of him is love
Sultan: How do you know this Toprak? You think it’s love too..You are his friend right if you fell in love with him why wouldn’t he be in love?
Toprak: ok but aunt
Sultan: I mean I can see the differents? you were in love with Yusuf but look now your heart is beating for Cinar. Could you stop yourself? no..cause there is strong love in front of you and this time he loves you too. You understand each other, If you are sure about your own feelings you have to believe him too. Go to him instead of questioning…What’s wrong? you don’t talk ,you can’t deny what I told you right? You know I’m right..
Toprak: No you always have an answer so I thought let’s keep silent
Sultan: to me ok, but don’t close your heart Topragim. I know you’ve bad thoughts, you’re afraid to lose again but don’t think about it beautiful eye. The man in front of you isn’t a bear like Sitki and he doesn’t love someone else either like Yusuf and the man you love is your real husband why would you worry or shame about this. Now tell this not to me but to your husband ok, and don’t call me so late you scared me, good night..come on..
Toprak:Aunt wait I wanted to tell you ..aunt?
*Ikbal: Shall I tell you something son, Toprak keeps distance because of Yesim. She knows everything from the beginning and the worst thing is she had a baby of you and Yesim is always around you. Now if you tell her I’m in love with you, she would have suspcious and she’s right.
Cinar: but I told Toprak it was over
Ikbal: You said it but did she believe it? As a woman especially a woman who grew up in a small villlage it’s not easy to accept these things. Look at us, in the beginning we couldn’t accept the behaviours of Mrs.Zumrut and Yesim either. Son listen to me, give her time and until then you’ve to stay away from that Yesim woman, to not confuse her more, please son
Cinar: You are right mom.
Ikbal:Everything has a reason they say. I’m glad you live here otherwise Yesim wouldn’t have left you two alone. Look how beautiful it is here, I hope you’ll have your own family here
Cinar: I hope so mom. Believe me this is my only wish
Ikbal: Don’t worry my son.
Cinar: I’m glad you’re here mom. I missed talking with you and relieve my heart
Ikbal: Because of the beautiful heart of Toprak. She helped us I hope God will help her too. I’m going to stay with you from now on son,please don’t get angry with me again
*Yesim wanted to be sure so she asked Reyhan to call Ikbal but Ikbal didn’t say anything about a divorce. Yesim thinks they didn’t tell her yet, she is so happy she doesn’t even care about her mothers decision to keep the baby. There is no one to stop her now. Toprak is leaving and Cinar will be hers
*Cinar is sleeping in his daughters room. Toprak put a blanket over him and stroke his face then she went to her room..
Toprak: Maybe in the morning……Cinar came
Cinar: It was you right Toprak? put a blanket over me and stroke my face right?
please don’t tell me it was a dream
Toprak:I thought you were sleeping
Cinar: your hands are shaking…..I know when you start with shaking now
…and the first real kiss..
Cinar: I want to be lost in your eyes Toprak..I get used to this smel even it was from distance
Toprak: Cinar stop
Cinar: I’m sorry I went too far right? Are you angry with me?
Toprak: No I’m not angry but I’m just not ready yet
Cinar: You don’t want it?
Toprak: Not that but ..don’t know, this is me
Cinar: That’s why I love you so much because you’re like this,so pure, because you look away when I look in your eyes….Can I ask you something? If I promise to behave myself can I stay with you?
Next morning, Cinar is looking at Toprak
Toprak: When did u wake up?
Cinar: It’s been a while but I can’t get enough from you. Good morning my beautiful wife
Toprak: I think you’re hungry, I will make breakfast
Cinar: No wait, yes I’m hungry but I’m going to make breakfast.
Toprak: but I have to do this
Cinar: Why? is there is rule like this, I didn’t read it. I’m going to make breakfast so give up
I’m going to make a delicious sausage with egg. I’m going to make a wooonderful breakfast for you, promise………..Do you want cheese too?
Toprak: OK
*Cansel called Yesim
Yesim: Good morning
Cansel: Good morning princess you’re in a good mood today I think
Yesim: because I feel great and I’m not so nausious anymore
Cansel: The nausea will end this month
Yesim: really this is a great news
Cansel: Yesim I wanted to ask you when the next lesson is. I want to do something with friends so if I know the day and time
Yesim: Do what you want dear, you don’t have to come anymore
Cansel: but how can I leave you alone?
Yesim: No I won’t be alone, don’t worry
Cansel: I didn’t understand?
Yesim: We made up with Cinar
Cansel: I’m happy
Yesim: I’m happy too Cansel
Cansel: Then I will remind you, you have to come for a test
Yesim: Ok I’ll come,kiss..see you
Cansel: ok see you
*Zumrut wants to make a babyroom of the room of Ikbal. Necip saw this and didn’t like this at all. He told her to search for another room. This room is from Ikbal, he will convince her to come back after a while
*Toprak asked about Ikbal’s health. Ikbal says she’s fine and takes her medicines. Toprak: so the medicines helps you allot. Ikbal: You and Cinar are my medicine and doctor. Cinar told me some things…toprak looked away..Ikbal: I love your decent behaviours my daughter. Toprak: I’m going to the kitchen maybe they need help. Ikbal: go and see what my Cinar made, I didn’t even know he could do all this
*In the garden
Cinar: You missed the smell right you couldn’t stop yourself
Toprak: What have you done? thank you and I wanted to help you but look you made everything
Cinar: well taste one. If you like it I made it, if you don’t like it Ayse made it.
Toprak: It’s delicious but how did you learn to make this?
Cinar: I lived alone in America for years, I had to do something
……Cinar saw the ring
Toprak: It’s delicious thank you…….what are you doing? you mom will see it
Cinar: Toprak this ring has to stay here, don’t take it off never ok?
Toprak: Ok I’ll not take it off
*Cinar is going to work
Cinar: If you come after me I don’t think I can go anymore
Toprak? Shall we go to dinner tonight and then to the cinema or something
Toprak: Can we stay home today?
Cinar: Why?
Toprak: We can’t leave your mom alone the first days
Cinar: Ok, I will see you in the evening
Toprak: See you
Cinar: I don’t know how the time is going to pass today but..
*At the company Cinar looks very happy and is smiling all the time. Yesim thinks he’s happy because Toprak is going and she thinks he’s smiling at her because he still loves her. He flirts with her all day she says to Reyhan. She told Reyhan she wanted to talk with him and Cinar invited her to his house..
*Ikbal wants another grandchild so it can grow up together with Lale but Toprak doesn’t know if she can be a mother again after her Nazli’s death, her pain is still inside of her.
*Cinar asked his mother to help him, he has a surprise for Toprak. Ikbal acted like she was dizzy so now they are going to the ”doctor”
*Sitki needs money so he called Yesim. He doesn’t understand why she didn’t call him. Yesim told him she doesn’t need him anymore. Toprak and Cinar are going to divorce and Toprak is going back
*Ikbal said to Toprak she has to go to a friend and then she’ll go to the doctor..
….seaside at the boat
Ikbal: well go first so you can hold my hands
Toprak: Mom what are you doing? Mom? captain stop, stop please. Stop please my mother is still there. Can you stop please
Cinar: she wouldn’t come anyway
Toprak: Cinar so you fool me?
Cinar: Because I want to be alone with my wife today
Toprak: but it’s rude look your mother is alone now
Cinar: Not at all,..otherwise you wouldn’t come you always think about my mom or Lale
…come. I want to spend all day with my wife if it is possible the whole night
*Yesim came to Cinar’s house, Ikbal send her away by telling her where Cinar and Toprak are right now, at the boat
*It’s night..
Toprak: It’s beautiful look it’s like a fairytale..look a falling star! Did you see it?
Cinar: Where?
Toprak: There
Cinar: I didn’t see it, how did you see it?
*Cinar: Look, a falling star
Toprak; I saw it..let’s make a wish
Cinar: Ok…you’re done?
Toprak: Yes
Cinar: What did you wish for?
Toprak: I can’t say it
Cinar: Why?
Toprak: It won’t come true then
Cinar: but I can say it…because my wish came true last night. I read something, the writer said this: First love is very important for a person, special, onforgetable but the most important is your last love because she will be the one who hold your hands when you take your last breath. toprak, be my last one, stay with me don’t leave me. I want to get old with you, I want to be a grumpy old man with you. I know we are not so young anymore, we have been through allot but believe me you’re the first one I feel connected with, when I look in your eyes I feel you can read my heart. After all these confessions you’ll tell me what you wished for I think
Toprak: Ok, I wished you too
The cute couple talked all night and they didn’t even notice.
Cinar: You learned everything about me in one nigt
Toprak: and you learned everything about me
Cinar: We have to keep it this way Toprak, always talking with each are cold
Why didn’t you say it we could go inside
Toprak: Don’t know I didn’t notice
Cinar: Everyone who say every beautiful thing has an end is wrong. If the weather is better we can go again. maybe we can go to Bodrum then
Toprak: Ok but with Lale and your mother this time
Cinar: Ok..let’s go back. I will bring you home you can sleep a bit then I will go to work
Toprak: How can you go to work without sleeping Cinar?
Cinar: I have to I have an important meeting
toprak: I wish you told me, I would convince you to sleep a few hours
Cinar: Not important, I can’t get tired when I’m looking in your eyes and hear your voice. You are the joy of my life
Toprak: let’s go so you won’t be late
*Yesim is watching them..Toprak almost fell
Cinar: You don’t have to be afraid when I’m around you my beautiful wife
Toprak: Cinar what are you doing? They will see us
Cinar: so they can see us, aren’t you my wife
*In the car..Yesim is calling Cinar
Toprak: Is it Yesim?
Cinar: I know you don’t like each other but Yesim is a part of my life. I know she is going too far sometimes and she will do everything to break us up but I’m not giving her permission to do this. Please don’t listen to her and don’t give her a chance either
Toprak: Cinar I didn’t have someone to trust before that’s why if you say it’s over with Yesim I want to believe you, but please keep your promise
Cinar: I promise you, Yesim can’t be a threat for our marriage
*Toprak in the car talking on the phone
Toprak: Aunt?
Sultan: You sound good
Toprak: aunt if you could be here and hold my heart, like I can’t keep it inside of me. I never been so happy in my whole life
Sultan: I hope it will stay like this
Toprak: no aunt, Cinar promised me. Everything is going to be beautiful and I’m going to do everything to keep it like this because Cinar deserves all of this
Sultan: My beautiful eye, You deserve this all. I hope you will always stay together
Toprak: Amen, aunt I hope so
*Yesim waiting in Cinar’s room
Yesim: Finally you came
Cinar: What are you doing here in the morning?
Yesim: What do you think Cinar? How can you do this to me? How can you do this to us? How could you do this to our love Cinar? While I still have hope for us how can go continue with that girl?
Cinar: Don’t start again
Yesim: It was never over for me Cinar.I risk my life for you many times, I hold on, on the love I have for you. I gave you my life
Cinar: I didn’t deny the relationship I had with you Yesim but life gave Toprak to me. I’m happy with her, peaceful and I don’t want this to end. Yesim you have to continue too, find someone who can make you happy.
Yesim: I don’t want anyone else you fool! I’m in love with you, you still didn’t get it?!
Cinar: Don’t yell Yesim. We can’t talk this way. We had deep feelings for each other, but it wasn’t a long relationship to exaggerate so much
Yesim: so what? it was a one night stand? We were drunk and you made an mistake Cinar? Is it so easy?
Cinar: I’m not saying this, you’re saying this. You know it wasn’t a big relationship as wel
Yesim: No Cinar you’re wrong, that relation you think it’s not a big deal, you know the one night stand…is more important than you think it is, you won’t forget it your whole life. I lied to you Cinar, I didn’t get an abortion. I’m going to give you a son you always wanted



*First scene
Yesim: I’m saying you’re going to be a dad, I’m saying you’re going to have a son and you aren’t even happy Cinar.
Cinar: You are lying. I don’t believe you. I don’t know how you find out that Toprak and I became closer but you are just doing this to ruin our relationship but this time I’m not going to believe you
Yesim: Look Cinar, I’m not playing a game this time. After a few months I will give birth then you’ll understand what is true and what isn’t true
Cinar: Don’t be ridiculous Yesim, You don’t even look at a pregnant woman.I have to say you’re very fit..well if you are done you can go, I have work to do
Yesim: Cinar look our baby is here, he’s growing inside of me. Our baby Cinar, don’t you understand?
Cinar: Enough! and I asked your doctor about it, he said you weren’t pregnant
Yesim: Of course he’s going to say that. I wanted this from him. Cansel is my old friend
*Toprak came home
Ikbal: You came my daughter?
Toprak: Mother?
Ikbal: Come sit next to me
Toprak: Why are you awake so early?
Ikbal: Ask whether I slept if you want
Toprak: Something happened when we weren’t here?
Ikbal: No don’t worry, I was very excited that’s why I couldn’t sleep. So tell me what happened last night?
Toprak: Tell me, how did you fool me mom?
Ikbal: my acting is good
*Cinar: You lied to us?
Yesim: You didn’t give me a chance Cinar. I wasn’t important for you, you didn’t even think about my feelings while I had only one purpose, to give birth to a baby from the man I love
Cinar: How could you do this to me?
Yesim: For us Cinar, for our love. Look you wanted to run away from me but you couldn’t Cinar. Life didn’t give you permission to do this, our baby is the proof
Cinar: You didn’t give permission
*Toprak: The whole night we talked about our childhood about everything, it was very beautiful
Ikbal: The first days are so beautiful. You always want to stay together, you want the time to stop, the hours the days. You want to share everything with each other and look in each others eyes the whole time. Your life ends and you don’t even notice. My child, I hope it stays like this and you’ll find peace with each other
Toprak: I hope so mother
*Yesim told Reyhan why she told Cinar about her pregnancy and what she saw. Cinar has to make a choice, continue with that girl or be a family with me and our baby, he can’t chose for both right?
*Cinar went to Cansel
Cansel: Is there something wrong Mr.Cinar?
Cinar: Thanks to you
Cansel: come, let’s talk…..I’m listening but be fast my patient is waiting
Cinar: I’m going to ask you one thing..Is Yesim pregnant?
Cansel: i said you had to talk this with Yesim
Cinar: I talked with her. She is pregnant…
Cansel: So Yesim told you everything what do you want to learn more?
Cinar: Is it so easy? First you lie then you start about ethic and everything, Is this what you know about ethic? What are you for doctor?
Cansel: You understood everything wrong Mr.Cinar. I’m the doctor of Yesim not yours. I don’t have to tell anything about her condition or heath to a thirt person
Cinar: Who is the thirt person? me? I’m the father of that child! You ruined my life because of your lies. I’m going to court do you think I’m going to let this go so easily.
Cansel: Take care of the pregnant girl and your baby instead of messing with me. You can’t be a man with threatening Mr.Cinar but with taking responsibilities
Cinar: You’re saying me what to do? Who are you?!
Cansel: her best friend, someone who cares about her
*Cansel calls Yesim
Yesim: cansel
Cansel: Your psycho boyfriend is getting on my nerves Yesim.
Yesim: Who? Cinar?
Cansel: The man is like a lunatic, he came to the hospital we had a fight.
Yesim: So he came to you because he didn’t believe me
Cansel: This time he went too far Yesim. He came to the hospital and fight with me, he made my patients upset. If he’s going to do this again I will not stop myself, so you know it
Yesim: I’m sorry Cansel I didn’t expect he would come there
Cansel: I have to go Yesim
*Cinar boxing
yesim: Cinar..You went to Cansel. Ok you learned the truth so we have to talk about our life
Cinar: I don’t have a life with you and I’m not going to do anything. I don’t believe you and your lying doctor
Yesim: Really? Ok then, we are in the middle of Istanbul there are many hospital’s here bring me to one of the hospital’s. Let’s take a look so we can end this nonsense
Cinar: What are you talking about Yesim?
Yesim: but you will have many suspicious anyway right you will wonder if the child is yours. This is the right thing to do, do you know this? Let’s go and find out how old our baby is, so we can decide quickly what we are going to do Cinar. ..I’m waiting
*Toprak and Ikbal want to surprise Cinar. It was Ikbal’s idea but now they are thinking about the surprise, how can Toprak surprise him. Ikbal tells Toprak that Cinar loves cars and going to the cinema but Toprak wants to do something special.
*Necip had a heart spasm. Reyhan went to the hospital she wanted to call Ikbal and Cinar but Necip stopped her
*In the hospital after the check up
Yesim: Now you learned about the truth let’s tell it to Toprak right away
Cinar: Let me decide this you decided enough to ruin my life already
Yesim: She will learn about it anyway Cinar and you heard the doctor, an abortion is not possible anymore.
Cinar: and you did this on purpose right. To come at a point with no way out
Yesim: You are angry with me now but if you hold the baby you won’t think like this that’s why you’ve to tell this to Toprak immediately ok, we have enough to do. Maybe we need to change our whole life to start with a new life with our baby
Cinar: I don’t say anything to you because of that baby inside of you, You ruined everyones life with your selfish behaviour, don’t threaten me and don’t tell anything to Toprak before I talked with her
Toprak: Tell her this in a few days so she can go back to her village. So we can be together again like it’s supposed to be
*Toprak planned something special for in the evening, now she is waiting for Cinar who doesn’t answer her calls of messages
*Necip’s condition is not good, the doctors have to operate him but Necip wants to think about it. He thinks he can’t survive the operation because of his age, he wants to say goodbye to the people he loves
*Cinar came home, Ikbal told him Toprak has a surprise for him
Cinar: what surprise mom
Toprak: Cinar, welcome
Cinar: Why do you look like this Toprak?
Toprak: Are you upset or something? you don’t look pleasant
Cinar: No I’m just tired
Ikbal: What do you mean son, a young man can’t be tired. If you see the surprise of your wife you will get happy, you know what she did? she found tickets of your favorite footbalteam, 2 tickets
Toprak: If you are tired we will go another time, don’t worry
Cinar: Toprak, do you like to watch footbal?
Toprak: No I don’t really understand footbal but I heard you love it, mother say so..I think I will love it too
Cinar: yes I love it but I don’t feel good. We can go to another football match if you want
Toprak: ok
Ikbal: the next time but there will not be a another match like this
Toprak: Mother, Cinar is right and he didn’t even sleep today, next time maybe
Ayse: Mrs.Toprak can you look for a moment
Ikbal: it doesn’t suit you, when you saw the light in your wifes eyes you had to accept it and go even if you’re tired but you ruined her enthusiasm. She has done everything to make a special surprise for you, all day and she even went to the malls to buy an uniform for you both and you are saying you’re tired, it’s a shame
Cinar: Mom, listen to me please
Ikbal: what? you ruined everything already
Cinar: you grumple the whole time without listening to me. If you knew what happened
Ikbal: You are so pale, where is my in love boy from yesterday? where are you?
Cinar: Shall we go to the garden mom
*Cansel at the door
Cansel: who is there?
Yesim: a poor someone who want to be forgiven, can you open the door please? …we don’t talk?..I’m sorry, I brought you in a difficult situation, you do so much for me but believe me I didn’t want this all to happen
Cansel: because I’m not a 5 year old I can’t be happy with this bear but maybe you’ve something in your bag what will make me happy
yesim: Of course, I brought everything you need for watching a football match. Did you forgive me?
Cansel: Come in we will look at it
*Reyhan and Necip had a emotional conversation. Necip told her the same as he did in the hospital, he doesn’t want anyone to know about this condition, Reyhan had to promise not to tell anything to anyone..
*Cinar told everything to his mother. Cinar asked his mother what to do.. Ikbal: don’t give up, you said from the beginning your didn’t wanted that baby and the girl so let her do what she wants. Cinar: I can’t mom, it won’t suit me. I didn’t leave anyone alone till now. Ikbal: What are you going to do then? Cinar: I’m going to talk with Toprak and tell everything. Ikbal: now she is so happy you’re going to ruin this? Cinar: she has to know it and she will find out anyway it’s better if she learns it from me. Ikbal: but don’t hurry son, she will not give birth tomorrow, first you have to focus on your relationship with your wife. Win the girls trust so she will know you don’t have any fault.. and don’t look like that, come and go to your wife. If yesim waited so long already she can wait a bit longer.
*At Cansel’s home
Cansel: Special service for pregnant women
Yesim: thanks Cansel, so you like Tennis now?
Cansel: Not really the match is going to start so that’s why. I’m glad you came Yesim, I mean it’s very boring to watch a football match on your own
Yesim: What did Cinar say to you today?
Cansel: Off Yesim it’s more boring to talk about that man, believe me
yesim: Come on Cansel tell, what did he say?
Cansel: You don’t have a moment without thinking about that man? It doesn’t matter what he said, forget it
Yesim: How can I do this Cansel? suggest something then,.I’m carrying his child inside of me and I’m still in love with him. The pain I have doesn’t go away and my mind is going to blow up of thinking how we can be together again….and he thinks I’m a lying slut, that’s why he wants to stay away from me. What can I do? say it..
Cansel: come..
Yesim: I’m so hurted because he didn’t believe me and came to you
*Toprak reading
Cinar: where is my uniform? You took of your uniform, come let’s go the match starts. We don’t have much time
Toprak: Cinar don’t go, we can go another time and you didn’t want to
Cinar: I’m not doing this to make you happy, I need to be with you Toprak..come on do your uniform on
*Yesim: No but what does he likes about that girl, I can’t understand but he will find the right solution, he always thinks about everyone. He won’t leave me and my son alone..Do you think he will talk with Toprak today?
Cansel: Sometimes you have to let go of things
Yesim: Ok I will let him go and Toprak will get Cinar right?
Cansel: My God…what a precious man
Yesim: Cansel do you think he will talk with her?
*After the match..
Toprak: How can they run for hours without gettting tired Cinar? I can’t understand..and how can they sing the same, they don’t get problems with their voices?..anyway it was very fun, you forget everything when you’re there
Cinar kissed Toprak..
Toprak: Cinar what are you doing there are people
Cinar: So?..yes you’re right there are a lot of people but Toprak they aren’t so precious like you. Never forget this ok?
*Toprak and Cinar in their rooms
Cinar: I will change my clothes in the bathroom
Toprak: Don’t go, I mean’s not necessary anymore..don’t go
Cinar: Are you sure?
Toprak: I’m sure. I’ve never been so sure about something in my whole life
*The next morning
Cinar: Good morning my woman
Toprak: Good morning,..Cinar are you worried about something?
Cinar: No, where did you get this from?
Toprak: I don’t know you didn’t call me yesterday and when you came home you weren’t happy and in the night you couldn’t sleep so well
Cinar: There is nothing, you are the most beautiful thing in my life Toprak, When I look at you I find peace, when I feel your warmth, I feel like I’m living again
Toprak: but still there is something what makes you sad
Cinar: I’m afraid of something, I’m afraid the mistakes I made in the past will find you one day and hurt you..and if I can’t stop this? and if your eyes stop smiling because of me, I won’t forgive myself
Toprak: Let go of the past, don’t think about this. We started with a new life and I’m very happy
Cinar: me too
Toprak: Lale woke up I think, I will look
Cinar: OK
*Yesim and Cansel outside
Yesim: Where do you come from?
Cansel: Good morning
Yesim: Good morning, if you think you can run away without having a breakfast you’re wrong Ms.Yesim
Yesim: I thought you wouldn’t want to start your day with me, last night I talked too much. If I were you I wouldn’t want to see me either
Cansel: So that means I didn’t only deserve breakfast but a omelette too
Yesim: Omelette? but I never made an omelette, but ok I will make one for you. I’m sorry, you always do so much for me and I always blather right?
Cansel: Yesim I’m only listening to you, everything you do you are doing to yourself. If you can’t make an omelette I will take you to a restaurant
Yesim: I would like too but can we go another time? I have to go now
Cansel: cause you have to know if that Cinar talked with his wife or not right?
Yesim: How did you know ?
Cansel: If you could only understand yourself
Yesim: This is your fault actually, you can’t blame me. If you gave me attention a few years ago, maybe we would be married now, living here with our children and that Cinar wouldn’t be in our lives. Anyway see you
*Yesim in Cinar’s office
Cinar: What news are you going to give me now? let’s see
Yesim: It’s your turn now. Well did you tell your wife? She knows we are going to have a son right? Last night I seached for boy names with my friend, You have beautiful names but I want to know your opinion because I want my son to look like you.
Cinar: You already made decisions on your own so I have no doubt you are going to find an amazing name too.
Yesim: If you want a classic name we can ask Toprak, she knows a lot about these things she is a little stupid, she can help us
Cinar: Leave my wife alone Yesim. Don’t try to ruin her peace, otherwise I won’t take care of you and the baby I will remove you
Yesim: What does this mean? I’m the one who is pregnant but you are still thinking about her
Cinar: Because I love her
Yesim: You didn’t tell her yet did you?
Cinar: When the time is right I will talk with her but I’m warning you Yesim if you talk with her before I do, you will pay for it
*Reyhan tells everything to Ikbal, she promised her brother not to tell but she couldn’t keep it a secret and she wants help from Ikbal to convince him to do the operation, and to save her brother from Zumrut..
*Yesim came to Toprak’s house
Yesim: I was looking for the woman of the house, sorry I don’t know why I’m surprised, you are used to these things
Toprak: Why did you come?
Yesim: I came for Lale
Toprak: Lale went to the park with Ayse, if you call later and come then, it will be better for you
Yesim: Ok, no problem. I have time I’ll wait
Toprak: whatever you want
Yesim: You are doing this for nothing, don’t get used to it, otherwise It will be hard for you to say goodbye
Toprak: Thanks for thinking of me Yesim, but I’m not going anywhere
Yesim:. That’s what you think
Toprak: I can’t bear you any longer
Yesim: I can’t bear you too but I have to do this beautiful…but soon Cinar will send you because he doesn’t want to have a wife who looks like a maid.
Toprak: I know why you behave like this, I understand that’s why I don’t answer you
Yesim: What do you know, tell me? I want to know it too
Toprak: I really feel sorry for you, if we met each other in other conditions I even would like you but understand this please, Cinar is not coming back to you. You can’t be together whatever you do
Yesim: You think you know everything right? but you are the one who is temporarily dear. I was here before Lale. Cinar loved me like he never loved someone else, he touched me like he never touched someone else, do you understand?
Toprak: I don’t have to listen to this, I just wanted to say this because I feel sorry for you
Yesim: Who are you that you feel sorry for me?! Have you ever looked in the mirrow? You are poor, you are nothing! You are nothing for Cinar, that’s why you’re going back to your village!
Toprak: Enough Yesim! We love each other and I’m not going to give you a chance to ruin this.
Yesim: Are you kidding me? So a fake marriage turned to love?
Toprak: You are right, everything was a game in the beginning, but last night everything changed in reality
Yesim: You are lying! You are lying! you want to hurt me
Toprak: Yesim enough, leave my house now. I can’t listen to your spoiled behaviours any longer, leave!
Yesim: Cinar never loved you, he will never love you!!
Toprak: Yesim enough I can’t….
Yesim: my baby
Toprak: Yesim are you ok?
Yesim: Toprak, Toprak my baby
Toprak: Yesim wait
Yesim: toprak blood..Toprak do something please
Toprak: yesim wait wait
Toprak: Is there anyone around? Yesim please open your eyes, Yesim are you ok? Yesim..



*Reyhan wants help from Ikbal, she’s sure that Ikbal can help her brother with his disease and to make up with Cinar.
Ikbal: That’s not so easy Reyhan
Reyhan: You can do it, look I’m with you too
Ikbal: Good but I have proud too. Mr.Necip cheated on me in a certain way. When he said he hated her he was busy with other things, I can’t forget this so easily
Reyhan: I hope if my brother dies your proud will win of your bad conscience
*CInar and Mehmet at the company
Cinar: Yesim is pregnant
Mehmet: Again?
Cinar: She didn’t get an abortion, she fooled me
Mehmet: are you sure? maybe she is lying
Cinar: No it’s true, I saw it with my own eyes, a boy of 16 weeks
Mehmet: I’m surprised
Cinar: She hide it from me to get to a point abortion is impossible. If she didn’t notice our relationship with Toprak she would hide it longer
Mehmet: Does Toprak know?
Cinar: No, not yet. If I tell her….I don’t want to think about it
Mehmet: yeah but Cinar it’s not your fault. You didn’t want that child from te beginning. You’re only a victim of Yesim’s game
Cinar: Toprak won’t think this way. She doesn’t look like the women we know. For her family is very important.
Mehmet: So?
Cinar: If she learns about it, she will leave because she doesn’t want to come between me and the baby
Mehmet: I know you’re worried but if you hide the truth it will get worse and Yesim’s belly will grow
Cinar: I’m going to talk with Toprak. Tonight I’m going to tell her everything
*Murvet went to Ikbal. She can’t bear the behaviours of Mrs.Zumrut anymore. She treats her like dirt, that’s why she brought the pictures of Zumrut and that man. Zumrut asked her to find the pictures for her weeks ago. She did everything she asked because Zumrut blackmailed her. Her husband is in prison, no one knew about this. That’s why she listened to Zumrut because she was so ashamed. Ikbal told her why she’s ashamed, her husband made a mistake and now he’s paying for it. Zumrut will pay for this too
*Toprak called Cinar
Cinar: How are you my love?
Toprak: Cinar where are you?
Cinar: At the company in a meeting. You don’t sound good, something happened?
Toprak: Cinar you have to come to the hospital immediately
Cinar: Hospital? What’s wrong?
Toprak: I have nothing but you have to come here
Cinar: What happened Toprak, tell me. Something happened to you, are you fine?
Toprak: Cinar please don’t ask me anything, come here. I’m waiting for you
*Necip and Zumrut are talking outside, he doesn’t go to the company anymore. They have to get used to his absence. If I’m going to be a father I will do everything for that child this time, but if it is not meant to be we can do anything about it.
*Cinar in the hospital
Cinar: I’m glad you’re fine Toprak. I thought about thousant things when I was driving.
Toprak: Cinar I’m fine but..
Cinar: My mom?….Lale?
Toprak: No,…Yesim
Cinar: Yesim? what happened to her?
Toprak: Yesim came to us today, we had a argue I think I went too far. She didn’t feel good suddenly and Cinar I didn’t want this to happen. I’m very sorry
Cinar: Ok my love, ok
Toprak: It’s not ok, It’s my fault. I went too far, I hurted her and there is something you’ve to know….Cinar, Yesim didn’t get an abortion, She is still pregnant………You knew this?
…..You’re the family of Mr.Yesim?
Cinar: Yes, I’m the father of the baby
…..The baby is very little, you know this right?
Cinar: I know, 16 weeks
*Toprak and Cinar sitting in the hospital
Cinar: She can lose the baby, they couldn’t find the heart beating of the baby. They are doing everything to rescue the baby with medicines but everything can happen they say.
Toprak: I hope she will get better
Cinar: It’s not your fault Toprak, the doctor said there are many reasons
Toprak: but it happened when she had a argue with me. It doesn’t matter what you say I’m blaming myself..and if I knew she was pregnant I would treat her differently
Cinar: I’m so sorry, I wish you didn’t learn it this way but believe me I wanted to talk with you
Toprak: When Cinar?
*Cinar with Yesim…
Cinar: Are you fine Yesim?
Yesim: cinar you came?
Cinar: I came, I’m here don’t worry. I’m with you
Yesim: Cinar I couldn’t take care of our baby, I couldn’t protect him
Cinar: Don’t say this Yesim and nothing happened to the baby
Yesim: Cinar I’m begging you help me. Please he has to stay inside of me please, I can’t live without him
Cinar: don’t say this Yesim. You’re a strong woman
Yesim: I’m not, look. I have no strenght anymore…
Cinar: If you feel like this the baby will feel this too
*Yesim: Do you think this is a good hospital? Like they don’t want to answer me
Cinar: I think they are good, I mean they do everything what they can but if you don’t feel good about it I will call your friend who is a doctor, let’s ask him
Yesim: No, I only want you
*Cinar: Does Mrs.Zumrut knows about your condition?
Yesim: No
Cinar: Then I will call her
Yesim: no no I want only you
Cinar: but she’s your mother, I think she wants to be here
Yesim: but this is a personal matter, i only want you with me
Cinar: then I will tell Toprak about it
Yesim: Cinar, don’t go please. Don’t leave me alone
Cinar: Toprak didn’t know about the baby, she would be defastated now. Believe me she’s very worried about you and the baby, just like me
Yesim: Ok but later. Don’t leave me alone, I’m afraid Cinar. Come…come
*Toprak talking with her aunt on the phone
Toprak: Aunt I told you, they are going to have a baby what can I do?
Sultan: I don’t want to understand. She has the rope in her hands again, she planned everything carefully but the bad things are going to happen to you. No, a baby is a baby, you are going to stay with your husband that’s it
Toprak: Aunt..
Sultan: Don’t drive me crazy Toprak. I will come there and I won’t only pull her away between you two but I will remove her from this world too. Look at me, don’t give her husband to that snake yesim
Toprak: How do you know, maybe cinar want this too. Did you think about this? look he knew and didn’t tell me
Sultan: If he wanted this he would chose for this in the beginning. He was the one who brought that s….to the hospital. Don’t talk nonsense and make my blood pressure higher. Look Topragim, forget your proud. You were smiling again why are you turning your back now?
Toprak: This has nothing to do with my proud. I said to you, I can’t make a child grow up wiithout a dad. If Yesim is pregnant I will go I said
Sultan: yes but this game wasn’t real yet, you were like sister and brother. Now you’re in love with each other sweety
Toprak: Yes we are in love but there are important things than love in this life. Every child has the right to grow up with his mother and father. I can’t stop this, I won’t
Sultan: You are always so stubborn. How can you decide this on your own? ask your husband first….hello? With who am I talking?
Toprak: Ok aunt, I will look at Yesim than I will call you again, bye
*Yesim: Our son is alive Cinar
Cinar: Thank god
Toprak saw them and left..
*In the restaurant Ikbal told Necip she knew about his condition. you don’t want to get operated, because of your stubborness you can get a heart attack you know this right? Necip told her he already lost everything, his son whom he missed his whole life, he lost him for good now and her…Ikbal: not really you have a wonderful wife who wants to give you a child at this age. Necip: that baby has no fault that’s why I gave Zumrut permission to give birth to that baby but this doesn’t mean I give up on you and chose for Mrs.Zumrut. Ikbal showed the pictures of Mrs.Zumrut and that man, you didn’t believe me but you believed her games, let’s see if it was worth it, let’s see
*Cinar is with Yesim but he searchs for Toprak, he calls her all the time
Yesim: Ok don’t call her anymore. She is here, I think she can’t find the room
*Zumrut has canser, Cansel is almost sure about it. Zumrut can’t give birth to this baby for her own health.
*Cinar told his mother, toprak found out about Yesim’s pregnancy and he told her that there is possibility she’s gone
*On the phone..
Sultan: sweety?
Toprak: Aunt..
Sultan: topragim, What have you done? Did you solve the problems between you and your husband? Everything is going well right?
Toprak: Aunt I’m coming with the bus, can you pick me up in the morning?
Sultan: What?

*Zumrut came come
Zumrut: Dear, my love. I was busy that’s why I’m late, sorry. How are you? Something happened?
Necip: I believed you. I opened my heart to you, and rejected the owner of my heart Mrs.Ikbal. I wanted to forget my pain with you and the baby inside of you but I see I made a huge mistake.
Zumrut: I don’t understand Mr.Necip. Why are you telling me this?
Necip showed the pictures..Zumrut: What is this?…. Damn it
*Yusuf wanted to talk with his mother for days. reyhan thought it was about school but it wasn’t..Yusuf saw his father with Ece several times…and he got suspicious
Yusuf: Mom, I think my father is cheating on you…and with Ece
*Necip: I’m asking you to not defend yourself. There is nothing to explain
Zumut: This isn’t true, they fooled me and Mrs.Ikbal confessed this already
Necip: True because she knows you better than me. She wanted you to show your real face and trapped you and you couldn’t resist
Zumrut: How could I know this?
Necip: If you knew you would be more careful right. ok Mrs.Ikbal hired the man but she didn’t make you kiss him. Don’t talk for nothing after what you’ve done I can’t continue with you. This marriage is over, we are going to divorce
Cinar came home but Toprak was gone….



*Zumrut: What do you mean ‘we are going to divorce’? Nothing happened between me and that man, except what you saw and after that I didn’t see him anymore.

Necip: It’s not so easy Mrs.Zumrut. You lied to me again, when I thought I could trust you, you showed me the opposite. I can’t continue a marriage without respect and trust

Zumrut: If we talking about trust and respect..I trusted a man who murdered my husband, I gave myself to him.

Necip: So we can’t forget our past how deep we bury this. It’s better to separate our ways and get rid of this, now i have to go

Zumrut: Mr.Necip, we’re going to have a baby

*Reyhan is laughing : you’re funny my son

Yusuf: Mom enough, I didn’t say something funny

Reyhan: so your father went to Ece’s room?..ok, I’m going to stop

Son look, your father and Ece are working together for years. It’s normal they are friends and we live together

Yusuf: but they left together in the morning

Reyhan: They are going to the same place, it’s so normal what’s wrong with this? and shall I tell you something, Ece isn’t only my cousin, she is my friend too, she won’t do such a thing. If your father would do something like this she won’t.

Yusuf:Ok mom, let’s close this subject

reyhan: Why are you angry? and shall I tell you something, your father won’t even look to Ece

Yusuf: Understand, you don’t have to make fun of me

Reyhan: But son you understand everything wrong. I didn’t laugh to make fun of you. Don’t worry my baby, they don’t have a relationship

Yusuf: I hope you’re right mom

Reyhan: I’m sure

*Ikbal came home

Ikbal: Off God, what a trafic! What happened son? Did you find her, did you talk with Toprak?

Cinar: No mom, she isn’t here. She went outside, she doesn’t answer my calls, I’m going crazy here i swear.

Ikbal: Let’s ask Ayse, I think she knows where she’s

Cinar: I asked Ayse. Toprak said to her that she wanted to go outside so she went and Ayse didn’t get suspicious so there was nothing

Ikbal: Thank god, maybe she’s walking to get rid of her worries.

Cinar: Do you think so? but she doesn’t answer my calls, is she coming back?

Ikbal: Of course son, my child she isn’t a person who can yell and scream if she’s angry, she wants to stay alone and try to understand things I’m sure..let go, leave her alone a bit, sit

Cinar: But I wanted to search for her

Ikbal: Where? She will come and if she’s here you can talk with your wife

*Zumrut: You will divorce me and I’m going to give birth to this baby?

Necip: Yes, I thought you would be happy. You wanted this baby so much and that little baby has no fault

Zumrut: Are you kidding me? Why would I give birth to a child whoms father doesn’t want to stay married with me and risk my own life, my health

Necip: Risk? Are you talking about your age?

Zumrut: yes it’s hard for me

Necip: this was the situation before this issue started. I thought you were determined to give birth to this baby

Zumrut: Yes I was, because I thought this baby would grow up with us. I thought you would stay with me and the most important I thought we would be happy. If my purpose was to be a mother, I have children already.

Necip: This is my decision, you can give birth to this baby but you’ve to decide of course

Zumrut: Mr.necip?…. damn it

*Cinar and Ikbal are waiting for Toprak..

Cinar: Aren’t we waiting too long now?

Ikbal: Son, you don’t understand women, that girl doesn’t know what for effect the baby will be for your lives and she learned that you hide it from her of course her world turned upside down. Leave her alone a bit, let go

Cinar: I hope she isn’t too far

Ikbal: Son, don’t worry so much and if this was true she would go with a suitcase right? Ayse!! When Mrs.Toprak went outside did she has a suitcase with her?

Ayse: No

Ikbal: Look

Ayse: but I didn’t see her when she left

Ikbal: Cinar where are you going?

Cinar saw the ring……..

*Cinar thinks Toprak is in Urgup but he isn’t sure. He called Yusuf but couldn’t ask about toprak.Yusuf has too much on his mind, he ended his engagement with Havva. Cinar got upset but he has to think about Toprak. He doesn’t has the phone number of Sultan otherwise he would call her. Ikbal asked him if she has family here in Istanbul maybe she’s still in Istanbul. Cinar left the find her uncle..

*Zumrut and Necip in the bedroom

Necip: You told Murvet to stop but I wanted this from her

Zumrut: For what Mr.Necip?

Necip: to get my stuff

Zumrut: Why such a hurry? let’s separate the beds again or don’t know, why are you leaving the room before the divorce?

Necip: This is the best

Zumrut: and your room isn’t empty

Necip: Ikbal’s room is empty Mrs.Zumrut. I will stay there. Now give us permission and let Murvet do her work.

Zumrut: Please don’t turn your back. How can you remove everything and from your heart? Did you forget how we came here? We fell in love while we wanted to strangle each other. Now you can’t do this to us because you’re thinking about your past.please

Necip: I’m not the one who gave up, you did. let’s stop with this please

*Cinar found Sultan’s number

Sultan: Hello

Cinar: Ms.Sultan good night, I’m Cinar

Sultan: Cinar how are you?

Cinar: Not good

Sultan: What a coincidence me neither

Cinar: so you know what happened?

Sultan: Yes yes, Toprak called me in the evening. She was so sad, me too. To be honest I’m very angry with you. If I were there I would pull on your ears.. but if you’re looking for her that means you’re very sad too

Cinar: Very, I have to find Toprak and talk with her. Do you know where she is?

Sultan: She said she was in the bus I think in the morning she will be here.

Cinar: How did she sound? Was she fine?

Sultan: How can she be? She learned that her husband is going to have a child, her world turned upside down. Why else would she go back where she came from?

Cinar: You are right

Sultan: Look I came and saw your place. you’re a good man. You love Toprak it’s obvious but this can’t go on. You can’t have both, Toprak can’t bear this. What are you going to do? you have to stay away from that girl and stay with your wife or you have to take care of your child and forget Toprak. If that girl doesn’t find peace you will find me in front of you, do you know this?

Cinar: I understand you but don’t worry I know what I want. We will talk when I’m there, I’m coming

*Cinar’s msg> Toprak how can you give up so easily, don’t do this please. Our love deserves a chance to talk. Don’t leave me alone Toprak, I love you

*Yesim calls Toprak..

Toprak: yes

Yesim: I’m Yesim

Toprak: What do you want Yesim?

Yesim: Where are you both? I’m calling Cinar the whole day but I can’t find him

Toprak: Cinar isn’t with me and I don’t know where he is

Yesim: Look you aren’t joking right? cause I’m stil in the hospital and I’m alone

Toprak: I don’t think I will see Cinar ever again Yesim. You get what you want, I’m going back to Urgup. I hope you will get better soon

Yesim: son did you hear? daddy is going to stay with us..

*Cinar and Zumrut..

Zumrut: You wanted to talk with me Cinar, yes

Cinar: I don’t know if you knew but Yesim didn’t get an abortion

Zumrut: I knew it, I mean I expected this. I wish this wasn’t the situation. I know Yesim very well, she can’t give up so easily.

Cinar: Yesim is in the hospital now, the baby is in danger

Zumrut: One minute, what? Is she fine?

Cinar: Yesim is fine. the doctors are doing everything they can but the baby is still in danger

Zumrut: but what happened? an accident or something?

Cinar: No accident, she had an argue with Toprak. I talked with the doctors before I came here, she has to stay in the hospital for a few days. I wanted to tell you this and someone has to stay with her. I’m going to Urgup for a few days

Zumrut: Is it necessary to leave Yesim in this condition?

Cinar: Yes, because Toprak didn’t knew about the baby. She left me when she heard about it, I need to talk with her

Zumrut: You’re leaving Yesim alone and you’re going after a woman who left you. While Yesim put her life in danger for this baby, bravo

Cinar: 1 Yesim is fine and 2 I’m not planning to give up on my wife and I didn’t come here to argue with you. I thought you wanted to stay with Yesim as her mother

*Zumrut went to the hospital

Zumrut: Sweety

Yesim: What are you doing here? Did you tell her, Cansel?

Zumrut: I would prefer this but Cinar told me

Yesim: When is he coming?

Zumrut: Yesim forget Cinar for now. How are you? tell me

Yesim: I’m fine mom

Zumrut: Cansel tell me, how is my daughter?

Cansel: She’s fine if she rest a little she will be better

Zumrut: and the baby you hide, how is he?

Cansel: He’s fine too

Yesim: Cinar didn’t come yet?

Zumrut: Cinar didn’t come and he won’t come sweety

Yesim: What do you mean?

Zumrut: This is what I mean, Cinar whom you love so much left you and your baby alone and went after his wife!

Yesim: What? I’m doing my best here for me and my son and he is running after that girl?

Zumrut: Yesim you’re getting on my nerves. The ilgaz men are like this, they can leave you every moment. it’s getting on my nerves I will take a coffee

Cansel: Stay with Yesim I will get your coffee

Zumrut: I’m going to take some fresh air, you stay

Cansel: What are you doing Yesim?

Yesim: I’m going

Cansel: Don’t be ridiculous, you are staying here you are not going anywhere

Yesim: Cansel, while Cinar and I are so close again I can’t give up on him

Cansel: I can’t give you permission to go, if you go you’ll play with the baby’s life, don’t you understand?

Yesim: You don’t understand me, I don’t care about my life if I lose Cinar.

Cansel: That baby has nothing to do with the man, ok he can be the father of the baby but that baby is living in you. You’ve the responsibility, don’t do this. You will regret

Yesim: Ok then come with me, you can’t convince me otherwise. Help me to change my clothes


Cansel: I can’t believe we are doing this. Yesim give up, nothing is more important than you at this moment

Yesim: Cansel, you’re not going to say this the whole time right?

Cansel: I’m very angry with you

Yesim: Come on, open the door or give me the keys I will go

*Toprak at her daughter’s grave..

Toprak: Nazlim, your mother came my child. Did the birds drink the water when I wasn’t here, did they sing for you? I missed you so much…so much. and look I’m here, you didn’t get angry with me because i left right? Wherever I go I’m always carrying you inside of me my flower. I’m here, I’m with you, I will sing the songs from now on, I’m not going to leave you alone again. I’m going to stroke the flowers instead of your hair…..

*Toprak came home, her dad is furious

Remzi: and I thought you were smart Toprak! You are more stupid than your sister! She couldn’t hold her furture in her hands and you gave it away and came here. How can this be?!

Seref: Enough Remzi enough! Can’t you hug them without asking, questioning? You are always thinking about yourself always. She’s defastated don’t you see? and does she has to come to us or go to strangers? and you are giving her a slap, you aren’t even ashame. Thank god Havva stopped you, If i was here I would know what I had to do with you

Toprak: Mom, don’t do this please. I have no strenght anymore, I saw everything there, argues, games…I just wanted to come back home, to be with you but if you’re going to act like this I will go..I don’t have anything to lose

Seref: You see what you did to her? sweety, I wont let you go even if you want to. The one who complains has to go

Remzi: Toprak, my daughter. I didn’t mean that, I mean I got angry when you said you left your husband but if there isn’t another way, this is your home of course. Ok stay here you two and I will open the store

Seref: I will prepare something for you

Toprak: Don’t say anything to dad but I’m going to the village today

Seref: No I won’t let you go, don’t listen to your dad he regretted and he left because he couldn’t look at your face

Toprak: Mom not because of my dad. Cinar found out that I came here. If he comes…I don’t want to see him

Seref: Toprak do you really want to divorce?

Toprak: I have to mom

Seref: come

*Toprak going to the village

Seref: sweety, even if Cinar comes I won’t let you go. Is it necessary to go to the village?

Toprak: Mom, I don’t want to see Cinar

Seref: Are you afraid to go after him and unlock your heart again if you see his face?

Toprak: Mom if Cinar comes and ask for me, say you don’t know ok?

*Yesim came to Remzi’s house

Remzi: Did you forget something again?

Yesim: Hello

Remzi: ah my girl it’s you?

Yesim: How are you?

Remzi: You hurted Toprak, I’m not fine

Yesim: I heard I got sad too

Remzi: If you came all this way, you’re here to bring her home right?

Yesim: Yes, Where is she? So I can talk and convince her..

Remzi: She isn’t here but in the village

Yesim: Really? Where is that village?

*Yesim found Toprak in Urgup

Yesim: hello Toprak

Toprak: Yesim..why did you come? What are you doing here?

Yesim: I have to talk with you. Can you leave us alone please

Toprak: You look good

Yesim: Actually I’m not, I came with my doctor

Toprak: What do you want Yesim?

Yesim: I know you didn’t like me. You are right actually I didn’t like you either. I haven’t asked you anything before but if the subject is your own child everything chances. You know this better, you are a mother

Toprak: What’s your problem Yesim, tell it

Yesim: You’re right ok I’m not going to continue I have no strenght to do this. Cinar is coming here, for you…please don’t go with him. Don’t go back to Istanbul please

Toprak: Go away Yesim

Yesim: Toprak I always fought for myself, No one was more inportant than me but the first time in my life I was afraid yesterday. I was afraid for my child. I was so afraid that something would happen to my baby. Look I came here without thinking about myself. I can sit on my knies and beg you if you want. I never knew I would do such a thing but like I said, I can do this for my child Toprak. Please give us a chance to be a family. Give my son a chance to grow up with his father

*Cinar came with the taxi

Cinar: Toprak, Toprak stop don’t go. Toprak don’t go, please don’t turn your back on me

Toprak: Cinar why are you here? We have nothing to talk

Cinar: I didn’t come here to talk. I came here to bring you home where you belong

Toprak: I can’t come with you. We can’t be together. You have another life now, responsibilities

Cinar: Toprak, I can’t live without you.. I can’t give up on you. Please don’t give up on me either

…..Toprak, I love you, I love you more than everything in this world, please come back. Let’s go to our home


*First scene

Cinar: Please come back Toprak. I’m begging you please, let’s go home. We just started to know each other, don’t let it end like this.

Yesim: Come on Toprak. Don’t listen, go inside. Come one please

Cinar: Nothing happened between me and Yesim I told this to you, nothing can happen. You’re the only one whom I think about, you’re the owner of my heart. Please don’t do this to me

Toprak: What have I done to you Cinar? I trusted you, I opened my heart for you..I hold on to you while I was afraid to get hurted and what have you done? You didn’t tell me about the baby’s present

Cinar: I wanted to tell you, I swear I wanted to tell you immediately when I heard about it but I was finding a way to tell without hurting you. I was afraid Toprak that you would leave me, I was afraid to lose you but I broke your heart with doing this.

Toprak: My feelings aren’t important now Cinar. If you like it or not the baby excist and you’re the father and we don’t have to think about us but about the baby, that’s why I can’t come with you

Cinar: Stop Toprak..Please don’t go

Yesim: off let her go, she doesn’t want you

Cansel: Enough! I can’t bear this nonsense any longer, I’m going

Yesim: What’s going on Cansel? wait a little, look the girl wanted to go, she doesn’t want him it’s obvious.

Cansel: You have to stop Yesim. Are you aware of what you’re doing? The man wants to convince his wife what is the right thing to do and you’re waiting for a separation

Yesim: Cansel, their marriage is a mistake, you know this too

Toprak: The right thing to do is to start a family with Yesim

Cinar: Never, This will never happen. I only want one family and that’s the family I have with you Toprak. I don’t want anyone else.

Cansel: I can’t understand you sometimes Yesim, it’s always Cinar. Like that stupid man is the most important person in the world. Think about it, he left you and your baby alone in the hospital and you’re still running after him

Yesim: because I love him Cansel and he loves me but he denies this. Don’t you understand?

Toprak: Sometimes we need to do things what we don’t want to do and that baby doesn’t want to grow up without you of course and he’s the most innocent between us. We can’t do this to him while he needs to stay with his mother and father. The right thing to do is divorcing.

Cinar: This won’t change anything Toprak, nothing…I will always love you and I will never marry with Yesim and that baby will grow up far away from me and you and I are going to suffer, we …

Cansel: You’ve other responsibilities than running after something you think it’s love. The most important thing.. your baby’s life is in danger. You’ve to lie in the hospital instead of being here.

Yesim: This baby isn’t only from me but from Cinar too. If he isn’t with me the baby isn’t important anymore that’s why I’m not going anywhere without Cinar.

Cansel: You think that you can get rid of your responsibilities if he is with you right? you are so obsessed that you don’t even know what’s going on around you. You have no respect for yourself and you don’t care about the situation of your baby and you mother has cancer and you don’t even know it because you don’t care about anyone except Cinar.

*Reyhan saw her husband and Ece kissing, Mehmet is running after her

Mehmet: Reyhan!

Ece: Mehmet what are we going to do now?

Mehmet: Reyhan open the door so we can talk

Reyhan: What are we going to talk the scandal you caust?

Ece: Reyhan I know you are very angry but believe..

Reyhan: I believed Ece, I believed you,my best friend. I believed you, my husband and what have you done? you stabbed a knife in my back

Mehmet: Reyhan everyone is looking at us

Reyhan: What you have done is normal but what I’m doing isn’t?

Mehmet: Do your work!

Reyhan: You are disgusting, damn you

*Yesim and Cansel are going back to Istanbul

Zumrut: Yes sweety, did you find your Cinar?

Yesim: forget that but how are you?

Zumrut: I’m fine sweety

Yesim: Are you sure?

Zumrut: I said I’m fine Yesim, why are you so worried suddenly?

Yesim: Mom you don’t have to play a game with me. Cansel told me everything, I know you’re sick

Zumrut: How can he do such a thing? Forget his duty as a doctor why did he tell this to you while nothing is sure yet and your pregnancy is in danger. Say to Cansel I’m very angry with him

Yesim: I’m angry with you mom, how could you hide this from me?

Zumrut: yesim, I didn’t even go to the hospital they have to do many tests, it’s not sure yet

Yesim: If you say so ok, but the next appointment I’m coming too ok?

Zumrut: Don’t worry I said, I will solve this

Yesim: Mom please

Zumrut: Forget me and concentrate on yourself. You went to kapadokya while you had to lie in the hospital so don’t leave Cinar alone with that village girl now ok

*Remzi called Toprak to say that her sister Havva is in the hospital, now Toprak and Cinar are going to the hospital with the taxi..

Cinar: Are you fine Toprak?

Toprak: I’m fine you didn’t have to come Cinar. I could go alone

Cinar: of course not

*Necip wants to divorce so Zumrut asked for a lot of money, Necip can’t believe this, the money she is asking for is too much, 50 million…. He immediately called his lawyer

*Sultan, Toprak and Cinar in the hospital

Sultan: Topragim what for day was it today, what a day

Toprak: Aunt how is my sister, is she fine?

Sultan: They operate your sister but we didn’t hear anything about it but about Mr.Yusuf we heard, he lost so much blood

Toprak: What do you mean? He was in the car too?

Sultan: What car? You don’t know anything, Cuneyt (havva’s ex-faincee) came to the wedding he shot Mr.Yusuf several times

Toprak: Aunt what are you saying?

*Cansel stopped the car, Yesim drinked some water

Cansel: Are you fine Yesim?

Yesim: If my mom is going to be better I will too

Cansel: You’re right it’s a difficult situation especially if you don’t know how it is going to end but believe me I’m going to stay with you all the time. Everything we need to do for your mother we are going to do together ok?

Yesim: what would I do without you Cansel

Cansel: Now tell me to istanbul or…

Yesim: We are going to Istanbul

Cansel: then come

*Cinar waiting for Toprak

Cinar: are you fine? Don’t worry nothing is going to happen with your sister. We pray for her, God won’t take her away from us..and you heard the doctor she will be better after the operations

Toprak: With my daughter the doctor said this too, she has fever she will get better he said. Where is my daughter now? I’m going to my mother, she didn’t look good I have to know if she took her medicines

Cinar: I’m coming with you…’s my mom, I think she’s worried about us

Toprak: Ok talk with her, I’m with my mother

*Cinar & Toprak…

Toprak: They are talking about other operations while they didn’t finish this one yet, God give my sister strenght please

Cinar: but the doctors are very optimistic. She will be the old Havva again and your sister is a strong girl. She will survive this Toprak don’t worry.

Toprak: of course, my sister is very strong she will get better. Cinar, thank you because you came with me but go back to Istanbul if you want

Cinar: So you’re sending me away

Toprak: no but your mother is worried and Lale misses you I’m sure

Cinar: I won’t go even if you sent me away. You are my wife, I want to be with you, I want to support you..

Toprak in her sisters room

(Havva: Toprak, turn off the lights I’m tired little sis

Toprak: 5 minutes sister please, I’m reading the exciting part now.

Havva: ok but you said 5 minutes ok?)

Toprak: Please hang on sis. Don’t leave me alone. If something happens to you I will not be able to breathe anymore…..(she saw the doll) So you didn’t throw it away

Cinar: Toprak come..what is that in your hand? What is it?

Toprak: This is Ayse, it’s the doll of me and my sister, our first doll actually our only doll. We argued a lot about this doll when we were little. She said ‘ Toprak you can play with it first’ and I said ‘no sis you play’, then we put the doll away and hugged each other. She didn’t throw it away after all these years look..

Cinar: I believe in Havva, she didn’t let go of that doll so she won’t leave you alone either

*Necip told to Zumrut that everything she has done till now she only did to get his money, shame on you

Zumrut: Shame on you, you rejected me in one night while you knew I was carrying your baby. Whose love is fake?

Necip: Do you think I would understand what you did to me?

Zumrut: You could listen to me, you didn’t even give me a chance to explain. You wanted to get rid of me, you didn’t even care about my feelings, while I needed you the most.

Necip: If the problem is the baby I’m going to do everything what I can of course if you still want to give birth to this baby

Zumrut: I want to give birth and hold it in my arms, I want this more than everything..but I don’t know if I can make it till then

Necip: What are you talking about? What do you mean?

Zumrut: I have cancer Mr.Necip….the doctor told me this when I went for a check up for the baby. I was so afraid, so hopeless I went to you immediately but you told me you wanted to divorce

Necip: So this is your last game, you want to fool me by saying you’re sick but it’s for nothing. I don’t believe anything what comes out of your mouth

*Cansel brought Yesim home

Yesim: Cansel Thank you so much for everything

Cansel: Look you promised me you are going to take a shower and after that you’re going to sleep. Rest tonight, tomorrow we are going to talk what we can do ok?

Yesim: Ok captain

Cansel: If something happens, if you get pain or something call me immediately

Yesim: ok, see you

*Reyhan throwed Ece’s clothes outside, she is furious. Necip heard his sister yelling and asked what’s going on. Reyhan didn’t tell her brother that Mehmet cheated on her, she embarresed herself enough at he company she doesn’t want him to know what Mehmet did..

*Yesim came to her mother’s room

Yesim: Zumrut Sultan..

Zumrut: My baby

Yesim: Come, come here….You are fine right?

Zumrut: I’m fine sweety, are you fine? you went so far, do you have pain or are you bleeding?

Yesim: I’m fine and Cansel didn’t leave me alone for one moment. Don’t worry he is so attentive

Zumrut: Don’t say Cansel to me, I’m very angry with him. He had to remember he’s a doctor and forget he’s your friend

Yesim: Don’t do this mom, he didn’t give me permission to go alone what can he do more?

Zumrut: He could attach you to the bed and if something would happen to you and the baby?

Yesim: But nothing happened right? Forget me now and tell me what’s going on? How can you hide this from me mom?

Zumrut: I don’t know I can’t even explain it to myself…Ok sweety you have so much on your mind already, don’t worry about this

Yesim: How can I do this? You are my mother…come, look I’m with you ok, Cansel too. We are going to do everything to help you. Don’t worry I’m staying with you. Everything is going to be ok, I promise you

Zumrut: Don’t be sad, we are not going to be sad

*In the hospital the doctor said Havva’s condition is very critical.

Cinar: Doctor can we bring her to another hospital, to Istanbul maybe?

The doctor said they have to wait with this, her condition is too critical

Cinar: Are you fine Toprak? wait for the morning, everything is going to be fine I believe in this.

Toprak: Of course, everything is going to be like in the past. I will do everything to make this true

*Necip and Yesim in the workroom

Yesim: Yes I’m listening

Necip: Sit my daughter, let’s put the anger and hate away and talk. How are you, do you have pain?

Yesim: What’s wrong Mr.Necip. What happened in one night, did the ghosts whispered something in your ear? I’m not used to these things.

Necip: can’t you talk without showing your (snake) tong

Yesim: maybe I will feel better if I know your purpose. you know we never had a nice conversation.

Necip: I still don’t like you but if I like it or not your are carrying my grandchild. We have a band because of this baby.

Yesim: So you want peace from now on?

Necip: You are still fooling around but that baby has my blood too so I care about the heath of the baby of course and I expect you’re doing everything for this baby as his mother

Yesim: Mr.Necip don’t worry so much about me and do what you have to do as a grandfather. For example, separate Cinar of that girl and make him do what he has to do as a ‘father’. Or this friendship won’t take so long Mr.Necip. I’m just warning you

*Cinar, Toprak and her family heard that Havva didn’t make it, she’s ‘dead’

Toprak: This can’t be true….My sister can’t die…..

Toprak went after ”Havva”, she is hallucinating, she went to her sister’s room.

Toprak: Sister? Don’t go, Don’t go please. Let’s play together…

She looks in the mirrow, ”Don’t go, don’t leave me alone like this. I left but you’ve to stay, don’t go. You can’t die, you aren’t dead. No!

*Reyhan in Yesim’s room

Reyhan: So it didn’t help that you went there?

Yesim: I don’t know, before Cinar came everything was ok and I was sure she would never come back..but what did they talk about? could he convince her or not? have no idea

Can you talk, call him…is he back? is he alone? Did they make up? because I called him last night, he didn’t answer

Reyhan: Cinar stayed there last night

Yesim: What? How do you know?

Reyhan: Ikbal told me, you were there too, I thought you knew

Yesim: No I don’t, are they together again?

Reyhan: I don’t think so, I mean they have no time to think about this. Toprak’s sister made an accident, her condition is critical. So Toprak has no time to think about Cinar right now

Yesim: and Cinar can’t leave his wife alone in this condition…

Reyhan: Yes..

Yesim: Damn it

*Cinar found Toprak in Havva’s room

Cinar: Toprak? Are you fine?

Toprak: I did it, I left my sister alone. She is dead because of me. It’s my fault

Cinar: No Toprak, please don’t say this. It’s not your fault Toprak, nothing is your fault

*Yesim & Cansel check up

Yesim: So? How is my baby?

Cansel: It’s ok for now, your bleeding stopped

Yesim: This is great

Cansel: but don’t get happy right away

Yesim: Why, you said everything was ok

Cansel: For now i said, I mean if you rest and take your medicines and of course don’t get upset because of unimportant things there won’t be a problem.

Yesim: ok, I understand

Cansel: So they aren’t back yet?

Yesim: No, he’s still with that girl

cansel: With his wife you mean

Yesim: Cansel’cim, you said I shouldn’t get upset but you’re getting on my nerves

Cansel: If you accept the truth you won’t get upset Yesim

come I will write your prescription

*Remzi, Cinar & Toprak in the hospital

Remzi: son-in-law! son when you said she isn’t good on the phone, I got scared I swear

Cinar: I got scared too when I saw her like that. She was in Havva’s room, she trown everything on the ground and she was lying on the ground. she cut her hand too

Remzi: Where is my daughter now?

Cinar: She’s inside now, don’t worry. They sutured her hand and the doctor will give her an injection too, to calm her down

Remzi: ah my daughter, so she couldn’t handle her sister’s death. With Nazli’s funeral this happened too, she looked insane when we were thinking she is finally better this happened.

Cinar: She keeps saying that her sister is dead because of her and i didn’t know what to do.

Remzi: Take the girl and go son..

Cinar: To where? to home?

remzi: No to Istanbul

Cinar: To Istanbul? and Havva’s funeral..

Remzi: This is the best, She will get worse there that’s why I’m saying this. With Nazli’s funeral we said ‘don’t come’ she didn’t listen and after that her sister Havva rescued her when she was trying to commit suicide

Cinar: ok but first we’re going to say goodbye to Seref mom, then we will go

Remzi: No no, if they see each other they will get worse. There pain won’t go away when they look at each other. Son, Toprak is my only daughter now, if something happens to her I will die but if she’s with you she will get better

Remzi: Toprak, my daughter you scared me. If something happens to you your father can’t stay alive.

Cinar: Come let’s go to Istanbul Toprak, do you want to?

Remzi: Yes of course, go with your husband. Look don’t hurt yourself more with staying here and don’t worry if we are done here your mother and I will visit you. ok, don’t worry

Cinar: come, I will inform you

Remzi: Thank you my son

Toprak gave her sister’s necklase to her dad

Remzi: Is this from Havva?

Cinar: Yes, they found this.. the doctor gave it

Toprak: Give it to Mr.Yusuf

*The doctor told Mr.Necip it’s better to wait for the results of course but he’s almost sure Zumrut has breast cancer..Family, love, morale are sometimes more important than medicines in this situation

Necip went to Mrs.Zumrut

Zumrut: Did you talk with Mr.Osman? Did he tell you something?

Necip: he doesn’t have the results yet so it’s early to say something he said.

Zumrut: You can’t change your destiny right Mr.Necip? …I don’t want to bother you if I’m sick, the reason I asked you to come here was because you didn’t believe me. I guess you don’t have suspicious anymore when it comes to this subject.

Necip: Mrs.Zumrut, we have been through allot. We hurted each other and we got hurted but we had nice times too. Suspicious is the worst thing you can have, it doesn’t go away. To be honest your love, the feelings I have doesn’t go way either. When I saw those pictures I lost my trust, the peace I had

Zumrut: I don’t know how I can help you to get rid of these suspicious but I didn’t feel anything for that man. You ignored me while we were married, you thought about Ikbal while you looked in my eyes, it was too difficult for me. I thought it was proud but I was just jealous of you, believe me nothing more happened than what you saw in the pictures. I was so jealous of you, when you’re looking like that I want to die

Necip: Don’t say that Mrs.Zumrut. We’re going to have a long, healty life I hope. Believe me I want to believe what you told to me

Zumrut: Really?

Necip: but this won’t be easy, you have to prove your love and feelings to me

Zumrut: I will do everything, just trust me

*At the interview

…you told me so much but you didn’t come to the real subject yet

Yesim: So you say, go ahead?

…If you can, I want to hear the bomb

Yesim: OK, get ready…You see a 4 months pregnant lady in front of you sweety

…Are you serious? Who is the father?

Yesim: Who do you think?

…Don’t say it’s Cinar Ilgaz

Yesim: He’s the one

…When did he married with Mrs.Toprak or this happened after they married?

Yesim: well firgure it out but you have to know something, I was here before Toprak and I will be here after Toprak so I’m going to give the Ilgaz family a son

…so it’s a boy

Yesim: yes..

Mr.Necip wants to change his testament: Everything he own’s he gives to Cinar. The house to Mrs.Ikbal, 3/4 of the company to Cinar, 1/4 of the company to Reyhan

*In the room, Toprak is sleeping

Ikbal: Son is she going to sleep all day?

Cinar: It’s good that she’s sleeping mom, it’s good. How can she bear the pain otherwise

Ikbal: God will help son. Look you are with her and I’m going to do everything what I can

Cinar: Mom did Mr.Bulent call? Did he come?

Ikbal: aah I forgot the man inside

*Cinar: welcome Mr.Bulent. I’m sorry you had to wait

Mr.Bulent: No need to, my condolence

Cinar: Thank you…I want to come to the subject immediately, we had a hard day and my wife lost his sister. Havva wasn’t only her sister, she was her mother and her best friend but my wife isn’t defastated just because of this, she thinks that it is her fault she is dead. This situation is getting me more worried of course

Mr.Bulent: I understand Mr.Cinar, when you weren’t here I talked with your mother too. I think your wife lost her baby a year ago also

Cinar: Yes she had a trauma because of this too, she wanted to commit suicide and her sister Havva rescued her

Mr.Bulent: I understand that you’re worried when I think about what you told me but to do something about it I have to talk with Mrs.Toprak. It just happened and she will reject everyone

Cinar: Me too?

Mr.Bulent: Especially the closest persons, everyone who remind her sister. She won’t talk a while with the persons around her , she will try to understand everything.

Cinar: and how can I help my wife? What can I do to help her forget her pain?

Mr.Bulent: You have to be patient

*Yesim is waiting for reyhan

Yesim: Where are you Reyhan? I’m asking all day for you and waiting for you to come to my room.

Reyhan: Yesim, I was at dinner with my brother I couldn’t come

Yesim: and I’m driving myzelf crazy here. What happened? Why did Cinar bring the girl here? Are they together again?

Reyhan: I don’t know, Ibal didnt say so

Yesim: ohh ya

Reyhan: but she didn’t say they aren’t together either

Yesim: What do you mean ? Are you playing with me? I went to the girl, I talked. She was upset, she didn’t want to come back. She was angry with Cinar, what happened suddenly?

Reyhan: Yesim, Toprak’s sister died…the girl is like crazy. Ikbal said she didn’t look good at all and Cinar isn’t a man who can leave her alone like this

Yesim: I have no luck, while I was thinking there is no obstacle anymore, Cinar is coming back to me….

Reyhan: You know what they say Yesim. Pain will help you to get closer to someone. Who knows maybe Toprak will forgive Cinar and they will continue where they left

Yesim: Reyhan’cim I think you didn’t understood me very well. That girl has to go because I don’t want to lose Cinar

*Cinar was with Toprak and had to leave her alone because of his mother

Cinar: When I’m thinking she is going through the same pain when she wake up I’m going crazy mom. What a despair, I can’t help her nor take her pain away mom.

Ikbal: I know son, the same pain will hurt you. You think you can blow it off but it will get worse. What are you going to do son, you have to be patient, you have to believe in God, you have to pray for you and your wife, you don’t have another solution

Necip came…

Necip: Your mother has no fault son. I had to see you and give you my condolence

Cinar: Thank you

Necip: Do you need something?

Cinar: No thanks, you came for nothing

Necip: I heard what you said to your mom. You were lost too, you know how your wife feels. Don’t leave your wife alone, whatever she does stay with her, understand her. In this time, people hurt the one they love the most, to lose a person you love is the hardest test ever in life. If you try to help each other without complaining you will come out as a stronger person when this is all over.

Ikbal: I hope so Mr.Necip

Necip: I’m going, if you need something call…


Necip: The wall he made between us is getting higher. I think I’m going to die before hugging him and calling him my son

Ikbal: Mr.Necip you said it yourself, we have to be patient, we have to understand. One day everything is going to be fine Mr.Necip

Necip: I don’t have hope anymore Mrs.Ikbal. I hope God will help my son with his pain. Have a nice evening

Ikbal: Have a nice evening to you too

*Toprak is talking with her doll

You miss my sister too right? I miss her but don’t worry, I’m taking you with me when I go

*Mr.Necip wanted his whole family at the company to share his testament. Cinar didn’t like this and he didn’t want to leave his wife alone. Necip couldn’t tell them the reason so Ikbal told everything. She told Cinar and Reyhan, Zumrut wanted 50 million dollar from Mr.Necip because he wants to divorce her, that’s why he almost gave everything to Cinar.

*Cinar had to do something at the company so Ikbal promised Cinar to take care of her daughter-in-law but when she heard Necip on the phone talking with Zumrut she forgot Toprak. Necip wanted to meet her (Zumrut) in a restaurant..

*Toprak talking with her mother

Seref: Toprak, my child when I opened my eyes they took you away from me. What do i have to think about..Topragim are you fine?

Toprak: I’m fine mom and don’t worry, Ayse is with me

Seref: My child how are we going to forget this? I wish you were with me and we could help each other. How can I bear this pain?

Toprak: Be fine mom and we’re going to be fine again. You, me, my sister, everyone

Seref: Toprak my child, you are fine right my child?

Toprak: I said I was fine mom. don’t worry about me and don’t cry. If you are sad we will get sad too,my sister, me, Ayse too..and I promised her I’m going to take her with me when I go

Seref: Toprak, where are you going?

Toprak: To the people I love, to the people I miss

*Mehmet is packing his things

Reyhan: What do you think you’re doing?

Mehmet: Packing my things

reyhan: I didn’t understand?

Mehmet: I’m going Reyhan

Reyhan: So instead of apologizing you’re going

Mehmet: Yes, everytime I get close to you, you spit poison. You made this world a hell for me in two days. What can we go, if we can’t do it, we can’t. We don’t have to push ourselves right? We can divorce and end this craziness

*Zumrut and Necip in the restaurant

Necip: I hope you didn’t wait very long

Zumrut: I just came here but I thought maybe I misunderstood you…

Necip: I chose this restaurant

Zumrut: I think you have a special reason, we aren’t used to come here. You know this

Necip: Can you get used to come to normal restaurants, eat and drink, and spend more time together at home, if we need to move and live in a small house Mrs.Zumrut?

Zumrut: I didn’t get what you mean? Is this a joke?

Necip: I’m serious, before I came here I gave everything what I owned to Cinar. I only have my pension salary. If your feelings are real, give me your hand and let’s breathe together till the day we can

*Yesim went to Toprak’s house..

Toprak was talking with her doll again: Did you saw your aunt my child? I’m coming too..

Toprak put the pills in her mouth, Yesim saw everything and left…



*Zumrut: If you are going to stay with me what ever happens, I want nothing more Mr.Necip.

Necip: Are you sure?

Zumrut: Your trust in me is the most important thing for me, especially now when I need you the most

Necip: I want to be with you Mrs.Zumrut

Zumrut: Then my answer is Yes. It’s enough for me to hold your hands forever

*Yesim came back

Yesim: toprak? Toprak wake up..Toprak please wake up

Ayse, come Toprak doesn’t feel good!…Toprak wake up please

Ayse: Ms.Yesim,what happened to Mrs.Toprak?

Yesim: She commited suicide, I’m going to call a ambulance

Hello, we need a ambulance immediately

*Necip: I don’t want you to decide too fast, You have to think about every possibility. you have to give up many things. Your life will change, You will not be able to take vacations every year, you can’t buy everything you want, the massages, community meetings, the expensive have to forget all this and you won’t win anything from me when I’m alive neither when I’m dead

Zumrut: You are with me this is my price

Necip: I’m happy to hear this from you

*Yesim calls Cinar

Cinar: What’s wrong Yesim?

Yesim: Cinar, Toprak doesn’t feel good you’ve to come here immediately

Cinar: I didn’t understand, how is she?

Yesim: They are bringing her to the hospital now, she committed suicide

Cinar: What?! What are you saying Yesim? Where are you? Which hospital?

*Mehmet is leaving..

Reyhan: What do you think you’re doing? I don’t think you expected a medal for cheating me? You are going to sit here and shut your mouth. You can’t leave me and my children like you are right.

Mehmet: Look at your behaviour Reyhan, that’s why I’m leaving because of this

Reyhan: Who do you think you are? You will lose everything if you go ,I know how to take off the creditcards in your pocket plus the career I gave to you. You are nothing without me do you understand, nothing..but everything has a price and you have to pay for this. If you want to stay with us here you can’t talk about that wh… ever again. You can’t even breathe without my permission.

Mehmet: Here I pay everything for my freedom take it and leave me alone. I prefer a life without a cent than a marriage without love and respect..and this is the card of the company, give it to your brother, I resign

Reyhan: What does this mean? Mehmet what do you think you’re doing? Mehmet!

*Ikbal went to the house of Necip, she went to the room of Zumrut and saw that Zumrut didn’t pack her things yet and she doesn’t understand this that’s why she asked Murvet the pack her things so she can leave immediately

*Cinar came to the hospital

Cinar: Yesim Where is Toprak?

Yesim: She is inside. Cinar I swear I didn’t do anything. I came for Lale I didn’t hear anything from inside, I looked and I saw her lying, I saw the medicines. I swear I didn’t do anything and I brought her here… They don’t give permission I tried too

*Yesim: How is she?

Cinar: Good thank God, they cleaned her stomach now she’s lying unconscious but she will be fine. When you came she took the medicines I think. You were on time, thanks Yesim. I would lose Toprak if you weren’t there. I don’t even want to think about it, thank you so much.

Ok it’s over you were afraid too, I know

*Yesim: Cinar if I you don’t need me anymore I’m going now

Cinar: You did enough, I don’t know how to thank you

*Necip: Cinar son

Ikbal: You came Mr.Necip

Necip: How is Toprak, I hope she is fine

Ikbal: She is good, very good. They cleaned her stomach now she’s sleeping

Necip: Thank God, I hope it’s over son.

Cinar: Thank you

Necip: God is testing you so often, it’s hard to stay strong and keep fighting I know but I believe you’re going to win this period. When everything is over you will have a peaceful life with your wife.

Cinar: I hope so, I’m going to Toprak

Ikbal: and this is your test Mr.Necip. I hope you will win your son a son who is going to call you father someday..

Necip: This is my hope, this is where I’m holding on to

*Toprak is sleeping

Cinar: and if something would happen to you Toprak? and if something would happen..I couldn’t live..

*Zumrut: Where are you all the time?

Yesim: I’m here, What’s wrong?

Zumrut: I have good news for you. Toprak committed suicide, she is lying in the hospital.

Yesim: I know

Zumrut: ah who told you this?

Yesim: the real question is: who rescued her and who told everyone about it? Zumrut sultan

Zumrut: What is this now? I didn’t understand

Yesim: This is what I mean, I rescued her and I brought her to the hospital

Zumrut: You were with Toprak?

Yesim: I wanted to talk, she took medicines and she was lying like she was dead. What could I do else I brought her to the hospital

Zumrut: Well done my daughter. You want her to disappear between you and Cinar and you want to be her hero too?

Yesim: I don’t know if you noticed but I’m a human too, I have a heart too. Ok I love Cinar more than everyone and everything but I couldn’t let her die ok

*Zumrut: Don’t fool me Yesim. Didn’t you think about not to help her and just leave?

Yesim: Ok i’m going to rest

*Toprak woke up

Cinar: Toprak you woke up? You scared us but you’re fine

Toprak: I don’t want to be fine Cinar. I want to die, why did you rescue me?

Cinar: I didn’t rescue you, Yesim did and I’m glad she did. You were unconscious when she saw you and when she noticed something bad happened she immediately brought you to the hospital, Thank god she wasn’t late

Toprak: I wish she was too late, I wish she didn’t come

Cinar: You are hurted now you think how you can get rid of the pain but don’t worry I’m with you, I will always be with you, we are going to get over this

Toprak: I don’t want to get over this, I want to die. I want everyone to forget me like i never lived

Cinar: Don’t say this Toprak. Don’t torture yourself. What happened isn’t your fault, you can’t change destiny. Toprak you are the most decent, beautiful person I know in this life. You can’t do anything wrong even if you want too. It’s not easy what you are going through but you have to hold on

Toprak: For what so I can die more everytime I look in the mirrow? and I don’t even have a reason for doing this

Cinar: Everyone can lose a person they love, everyone. I have been through the same, I fell this pain too you know this. I want to punish myself because I thought it was my fault and I was very close..but when I didn’t manage to do this I stopped and thought for a while, what could I change with doing this? nothing, nothing at all. You can’t bring them back I would only hurt the people who loved me, so I decide to live to not change others life forever. If I can’t be happy maybe I can make others happy I thought. I found many children, girls to help them go to school. I found people who needed help. I worked for old people. This is the first time I tell this. It’s not right to tell this but instead of hurting people I chose to live for their happiness. You can do this too and you can do this better than me. Forget everyone and think about your parents, you are everything they have, what would they do without you? How could you think that you could leave your mother, father….me. I’m going to tell the doctor you are awake

*The next morning

Cinar: I love you Toprak. I love you more than everything and everyone. Even if you give up on me I won’t give up on you, never

Yesim asked her mother about the divorce. Zumrut told her they are not going to divorce anymore and Mr.Necip wanted this. yesim wants the number of her lawyer so he can divorce Cinar and Toprak instead of Zumrut and Necip, for the same money. Yesim: I rescued her and now she is going to pay me back with giving Cinar to me


*Yesim at the hospital

Yesim: You look good

Toprak: I’m fine. I heard you brought me here, thank you

Yesim: Sit if you want.. If you really want to thank me, give me my life back Toprak. Don’t take away my dreams and future from me. Look, don’t think this is the payment you have to do because I helped you but you have to divorce Cinar immediately. If you divorce, my baby will grow up with his dad. Give us a chance..

*Toprak: Like I said I already told Cinar I didn’t want to come back.

Yesim: but you are still here, he can’t give up on me when you are infront of him.

Toprak: I didn’t want to come. I told Cinar I didn’t want to come back but my sister…but when I lost my sister everything turned upside down.

Yesim: I understand you, you are right. Maybe I’m the only person who can understand you so well. My sister died too, I know how it is to lose your other half, how alone you can feel. You blame yourself for it..if I didn’t do this would she be alive? but it doesn’t help, we can’t, nothing can bring them back Toprak. We have no other choice to get used to this situation. That’s why we have to think about our own life instead of being sad

Toprak: You’re right, like I said; nothing changed for me. Don’t worry Yesim, I’m going to divorce Cinar but give me some time please. I have no strenght to think about this right now

Yesim: I know, you have to rest. Look I’m here to help you. You can’t find a good lawyer in this condition, I will find a good lawyer for you. You only have to sign, that’s it.

*Yesim: I going to solve everything and call you ok?

Cinar: Everything is done, we can go now. Welcome Yesim

Yesim: hello, I wanted to know how Toprak was.. but you are here so I can go.

Cinar: Thank you Yesim, for what you’ve done for Toprak

Yesim: You’re welcome, the important thing is that you are fine and Toprak’s health, see you

*Yusuf and Mehmet are in a restaurant. Mehmet told him he wants to divorce his mother. Yusuf said he knows the reason, he saw him and Ece several times, he knew about their relationship and he was the one who told Reyhan about it. He doesn’t want to see him anymore..

Yesim went to the lawyer and told him she wants him for another case for the money Zumrut gave to him for her case.

Lawyer: You are clever Ms.yesim but a bit stingy I think and unknowing too.It’s obvious you don’t know anything or understand anything about business. She changed her mind but I can’t give the money back.

Yesim: So the money stays with me, with or without a case you say?

Lawyer: Exactly, if you want me to help you with another case you have to pay me again.

Yesim: How much?

Lawyer: It depends on the case

Yesim: a divorce

Lawyer: I understand, but how can I divorce you as you’re not a married woman?

*Ikbal and Zumrut

Ikbal: You were going Mrs.Zumrut? If you have time I want to talk with you about an important subject.

Zumrut: I wanted to talk with you too Mrs.Ikbal. We feel each other I guess..let’s sit

yes, I’m listening

Ikbal: No you begin, let’s discuss the unimportant subjects first. My subject is more important.

Zumrut: Ok then,sometimes you are going too far. I mean where do you find the courage to interfere with my life? How can you give orders to pack my things

Ikbal: and I wanted to talk about this Mrs.Zumrut. You know you’re going to divorce Mr.Necip. So pack your things so I can come back to my home and continue with my life a in peaceful way.

*Yesim: So the girl needs help. When she found out about my pregnancy she wanted to divorce immediately and because she doesn’t know allot about these things she asked me to help her

Lawyer: The most important thing is money. I don’t care who wants to help who.

Yesim: So you accept it?

Lawyer: We can go to Mrs.Toprak whenever you want

Yesim: and how long this will take? The girl wants this to end immediately

Lawyer: It’s up to the judge. If Mr.Cinar accept this divorce and they make an agreement together it won’t take long but if he doesn’t want to divorce and we haven’t important reasons it can take 6 months or maybe a year but don’t worry we have evidences, a pregnant girlfriend, fake marriage they can divorce in one time. Let’s go

*Zumrut: You are so nice Mrs.Ikbal

Ikbal: and you are unashamed Mrs.Zumrut. I say go out of my house, you laugh at my face

Zumrut: You are funny and a dreamer. I will remind you something, I lived in this house before you came and I will continue with living in this house forever. This house is from me! If you didn’t forget you are the one who came later

Ikbal: I wish we didn’t come

Zumrut: and…I guess you don’t know it, you didn’t hear it. We are not going to divorce Mrs.Ikbal. Mr.Necip decided he can’t live without me, so we’re together again

*Yesim called Toprak and told her she’s coming with her lawyer. Toprak sent Cinar away to buy things for the flowers..

*Ikbal: You are a liar and unashamed

Zumrut: If you don’t believe me go to the company and ask Mr.Necip if you want. I think you will believe him

*In the garden

Lawyer: Ms.Yesim said you wanted to divorce. Why?

Toprak: Because I don’t want to stay married

Lawyer: I understand, I guess Mr.Cinar doesn’t want this but this won’t be a problem I think. You can divorce him easily and ask a huge amount

Toprak: I don’t want money from Mr.Cinar, I just want to divorce

*Yesim: You started the case right? This was the right thing to do, for everyone, believe me. I will leave you alone maybe you want to sleep. I’m going before Cinar comes

*Cinar came home

Cinar: I came Toprak, look what I bought for you. They are beautiful right? I’m sure you will love those. I loved it when I bought this one. You can plant this everywhere where they can see sun in the morning but I think you know this already and this is the medication you wanted, look you can see the description here

Toprak: Cinar, why don’t you want to understand? When these flowers grow here I won’t be here anymore. You brought me here but nothing changed. Our marriage is over, I’m going to divorce you

Cinar: Don’t say this Toprak, it’s not the right time. You are important now, your health

*Ikbal came, Cinar is busy with the flowers he bought for Toprak

Cinar: welcome mother

Ikbal: I have to welcome you, is Toprak inside?

Cinar: She is inside mom. She is lying she wanted to rest

IKbal: How is she? Is she better?

Cinar: She’s fine, she is going to be better. I’m going to do everything to accomplish this

Ikbal: Of course son, look at this. My son, everything will be fine if you don’t lose this belief and patient you have. Don’t worry my child

Cinar: I hope so

*Yesim and Cansel

Yesim: Here

Cansel: What is this?

Yesim:You didn’t leave me alone even when you were angry with me and you came with me to Urgup so I bought a present for you to thank you

Cansel: If this is an agreement to not change your destiny and forget Cinar I accept this present

Yesim: Don’t so this Cansel. Open it, I’m curious if you’re going to like it

Cansel: This is great. How did you know I needed this for my collection? I looked around the last time I came here..I’m glad you like it

cansel: Thank you

Yesim: Cansel, please stay with me even if you are angy with me ok?

Cansel: OK

Yesim: Look you promised me

Cansel: Like this wasn’t so clever to do but …so tell me what’s going on?

Yesim: Life is on my side now

Cansel: Really, how?

Yesim: That day Toprak said to Cinar ‘forget me’, when they wanted to divorce, the girl’s sister had an accident and died. The girl was desparate and because Cinar couldn’t leave her alone like that he brought her to Istanbul.

Cansel: and you are happy because of this?

Yesim: Wait a little, you don’t give me a chance to talk. I went to Toprak yesterday, to talk with her. She took medicines, she was onconscious, she committed suicide.

Cansel: you can’t be serious?

Yesim: I’m serious and of course I brought her to the hospital immediately.Cinar came and he was happy because I rescued the girl. He thanked me several times

Cansel: and you became happy?

Yesim: Give me a chance to continue. I didn’t tell you the real bomb yet. Cinar and Toprak are going to divorce

Cansel: Are you sure?

Yesim: Yes, I saw her signing the divorce papers

*Toprak is sleeping..

Cinar: Ok Toprak, it’s over. everything is going to be fine again, don’t worry. I’m with you, It’s over

*In the morning

Cinar: Come on wake up, Good morning. look what a beautiful day, to start all over again. I made breakfast in the garden, I will bring the tea, be ready

*Ikbal went to Necip to ask about the divorce but Necip didn’t tell her the truth. He said he couldn’t tell her about the divorce while his son is in this situation

*Reyhan went to Mehmet, she is furious because he told Yusuf of the divorce without asking her. She caught Mehmet with Ece. When she left she said they are going to pay for this, she is not going to leave them alone

*Cinar get’s the divorce papers and went to Toprak..

Cinar: What is this Toprak?

Toprak: I tried to explain you but you didn’t listen to me

Cinar: How can you do this? While I’m so worried about you how can you think about divorcing?

Toprak: Cinar you said you have to be nice and do good things for people, and I wanted to start with a baby who didn’t even born and has no fault. Can I do a better thing than giving him a family he deserves, a father?

Cinar: don’t do this Toprak. Some things you can’t do with force, Toprak I can’t marry someone else while I’m so in love with you, while I love you so much. I don’t want another family, I want a family with you. Yes he is my child, I will do whatever I can to help him, he will have a family but I’m not going to marry Yesim. I’m begging you Toprak, don’t do this to me. I’m begging don’t make me live like this.

Toprak: Don’t do this to ‘me’ Cinar.

Cinar: Please don’t turn your face, look in my eyes..look in my eyes, I love you. I love you more than everything in this world. Don’t do this to me, please don’t leave me please..

Toprak: Do you think it’s easy for me? While I’m so in love with you..Is it easy to turn my back and leave?

Cinar: Don’t go then

Toprak: I can’t do this, look at my sister she ran after wrong love and she disappeared. I can’t do the same mistake, I won’t.

Cinar: How can we live apart while we love each other so much Toprak? How can we survive this?

Toprak: Do you want me to be fine?

Cinar: More than everything

Toprak: then leave, I’m begging you ‘go’

Cinar: You really want me to go?

Toprak: I will feel better, go

Cinar: Is this the right thing to do Toprak? Do you believe this?



*Cinar: Say something to me, say something and make me stay please

*Zumrut: Sweety

Yesim: Look at this mom, my belly grows right?

Zumrut: Wait a while, after a few months you can’t even see your legs

Yesim: I wish I was so far and give birth to my baby

Zumrut: Don’t worry that day will come. So you called Okan (lawyer)?

Yesim: Yes

Zumrut: Is Toprak really determined to divorce Cinar?

Yesim: Well that girl is conscientious enough to think about my baby’s future and divorce. She had to do this from the beginning

Zumrut: and you rescued her of course and now she has to pay you back by give up on her marriage, right sweety?

Yesim: Think what you want to think Zumrut Sultan. The results is what matters me. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow Cinar will find out about the case and in the end after the divorce I will be the one in Cinar’s life with my baby

Zumrut: If you ask less it would be better for you coz you have a long way to go. Cinar is not going to give up on Toprak so easily

Yesim: easy or hard, I’m not going to give up either. You know, giving up is not my style

Zumrut: Of course I know. You’re the daughter of Zumrut Taskiran right? but it’s my duty to warn you.

Yesim: Merci

Zumrut: Ok, I’m going to work sweety. It’s better to stop running after Cinar and go to your work. You know you’ve a big textile company

Yesim: Reyhan is there, no need to be there. She is doing everything what we need to do.

Zumrut: Something happened to her too. She is in her room all day that’s why you have to take care of the company. See you later

*Toprak & Cinar

Toprak: There is no hope for us anymore. So understand this and go please. Believe me, this is better for everyone.

Cinar: Ok, but promise me…you’re going to take care of yourself ok?

Toprak: I promise you, I’m going to take care of myself. I’m going to take my medicines and going to be better. Don’t worry about me…ok? and did you ever see, not keeping my promise?….now go please

*Reyhan told her brother Ece has an relationship with a married man. Necip is very disappointed in Ece and in himself. He couldn’t take care of her and look what she has done, he said. Necip asked about the man, Reyhan said she doesn’t know the man and that the wife of the man found out about their relationship and is in pain now. Reyhan: You know what is tragic brother, the position of the woman who is cheated by her husband. Necip asked Reyhan to find Ece for him

*Ikbal asked Cinar, why he accept everything Toprak wants him to do. Cinar said he didn’t had a choice, it’s Toprak’s decision. Ikbal blamed yesim for everythng and tells him about the newspapers ( there is a pic of her in the newpapers telling she is pregnant of Cinar). Cinar didn’t know, he only can think of Toprak. Ikbal thinks Toprak has read the newspaper and that’s why she’s acting like this but Cinar doesn’t think she read it. Ikbal doesn’t understand why he left with his suitcases only because Toprak told him to do this. I wish you said you don’t want to divorce, love her very much and begged her not to end this marriage, my beautiful son.

Cinar: We talked mom, we made a choice but mom please don’t leave Toprak alone, help her. She promised me to take care of herself but I’m not so sure. Ikbal: ah son, what can I say. Cinar: Don’t say anything mom, don’t say anything. Ikbal: You know what is the right thing to do son. Ikbal: Are you going to stay in a hotel? Cinar: Yes. Ikbal: call me ok, I will worry

*Ece and Mehmet are leaving the hotel, Reyhan knows where they are staying so they are going somewhere else. Reyhan called Ece many times, she wanted to tell her Necip wants to talk with her but she didn’t answer. So Necip called her and said he wanted to talk with her about 30 minutes. Ece told Mehmet, Reyhan told her uncle everything

*Ikbal in toprak’s room

Ikbal: are you fine, my beautiful daughter?

Toprak: I’m so sorry, I made you upset and made you worry but I was in pain and didn’t thought about the results. I couldn’t think

Ikbal: Pain, fear come and go, my beautiful daughter. What makes me sad is your decision. What happened, I thought you solved everything. I fell peacefull when I looked at you both.

Toprak: This is the right thing to do, believe me

Ikbal: So there is no other way?

Toprak: We took a decision with Cinar, I’m asking your understanding. In the beginning we will be upset for a while but later we feel better

*Cinar is pissed of when he saw the newspapers and went to Yesim

Yesim: Cinar what a beautiful surprise

Cinar: I have to talk with you

Yesim: ok let’s go to my room

Cinar: come we’re going to talk here

Yesim: What’s going on Cinar? Yesterday you were thanking me what happened?

Cinar: and this is what I wanted to tell you. I was telling myself, Yesim understands me she won’t cause problems anymore and thought good things about you, look what you are doing

Yesim: What have I done this time?

Cinar: I’m tired Yesim, I’m bored, the problems you cause every time I look away made me tired. When are you going to understand this? I’m not coming back to you.

Yesim: well it’s hard to think this way when you have a baby inside of you

Cinar: So you decided to tell everyone about it and create hope for yourself, is that right?

Yesim: What could I do else Cinar? They asked me and I answered, should I lie?

Cinar: No but you’re not telling the truth either. Yesim this baby isn’t the fruit of our love

Yesim: Don’t Cinar, don’t say it was a mistake. Don’t start again

Cinar: we can’t move on and forget our past thanks to you. I’m married Yesim, are you making me ashame with what you have done or are you putting yourself in a difficult situation?

Yesim: I can bear everything Cinar. I’m not afraid of anyone and I have nothing to hide.

*Cinar: Understand Yesim, even if Toprak isn’t in my life we won’t be together again!

Yesim: Don’t be ridiculous Cinar, we have a baby. Look how unpeaceful he is, he is kicking

Cinar: Don’t do this Yesim. Don’t use the baby

Yesim: I’m only reminding you of the things you want to get rid of

Cinar: We only have one truth Yesim and that is that I’m the father of the baby. You are nothing for me, do you understand? Nothing!

Necip: Enough!

Cinar: This subject is none of your business Mr.Necip, please don’t interfere

Necip: the opposite, it considers me too that’s why I’m here. It doesn’t suit you to act like this to a pregnant woman Cinar…and it’s your son and my grandchild

*Cinar: You are the last person who can tell me what to do if it comes to this subject. I’m asking you not to interfere

Seref called and said she can’t find the house. Cinar told her he’s coming to take her home.

Necip: Cinar you…you don’t have to say my name, or to say something before my name. Ignore me if you want but don’t make the same mistake I made son. Don’t make your son have the same feelings you have. The most important thing in life is your own child. Don’t leave your own life, own blood. Don’t let that innocent life, live without a father. Love, hold him, try to be the most reliable person for him. Whatever you’re going through, what kind of difficulties you’ve..try to not lost this trust. Turn your back to everyone but don’t turn your back to your son. If you turn your back now, he will do the same to you. Then you will understand and know how it is to die while you are living.

Cinar: Don’t mix up things with this subject Mr.Necip. If you think you can hurt me and make me feel bad, you are wrong.

Yesim: Thank you Mr.Necip

Necip: Why Yesim?

Yesim: For the first time you were on my side. It didn’t work but..I think he doesn’t want to see you either

*Ikbal is trying to sell the house, and found someone already

*Ece came to talk with Necip. Necip said to her the only thing he wanted from her was respect. He wants her to end this relationship and beg his wife for forgiveness and apoligize. Necip: someone who destroys someones family, can’t have a family

*On the phone

Sultan: Toprak, what have you done sweety? I was so worried, are you fine now?

Toprak: I’m not fine aunt but I’m going to be, don’t worry

Sultan: What do you mean ‘don’t worry’ sweety. I only have you and if you do stupid things like this what can I do else? I can’t get rid of the pain Havva gave to me

Toprak: I’m sorry, but believe me I couldn’t think clear. Now I’m better don’t worry. It doesn’t help to get angry with God, I understand this now. I thought nothing could break me after Nazli’s death but my sister..

Sultan: Everything is going to be fine again. Focus to heal your wounds ok sweety? and don’t do this ever again ok, promise me

Toprak: Promise aunt

Sultan: Look I’ll come, when I’m better and think clear again. I will come

Toprak: Come aunt, I’m waiting and take care of yourself ok?

*Necip went upstairs..Ece asked Reyhan why she didn’t tell about Mehmet and that the woman he was talking about was her. Reyhan told her to end her relationship otherwise she’s going to tell everything to Necip and she has to do more, Ece has to convince Mehmet to come back home. Mehmet is coming back to here, to me, where he belongs. If you don’t do what I ask you to do, I will tell my brother the family you ruined is his sister’s family and he will never forgive you.

Yesim asks Cansel if she can take lessons again. She wants to convince Cinar to come to the course. He is the father of the baby after all, he will do what he has to do


*Toprak and Seref are sitting outside …Ikbal heard them talking

Seref: I don’t want to interfere but if you decided to right is it to stay here? The boy left his mother and daughter so you can feel comfortable.

Toprak: You are right mom

Seref: I’m saying, now I’m here let’s pack your things and go back to Urgup? and you can continue with your school there and you don’t have to work. Your father has enough money to take care of us. He even send me with a plain. I was a bit scared when that huge plain was in the sky. It’s very easy, I was here before I knew. What I’m trying to say is, we won’t get problems, we have enough. You will live behind the wings of your mother and father. You, me your father will continue with our lives and after a while when you feel better you can do whatever you want, in Urgup.

When do you want to go? let’s call your father so he can buy our tickets

Toprak: Mother don’t get me wrong please but I can’t go back to Urgup.

Seref: Why?

Toprak: I will feel like I can see my sister every moment, as if she can appear every moment. I will hear my Nazli’s voice on street. Instead of forgetting my pain it will get worse, I will break, I can’t bear this. I know I have no right to say this to you, maybe I’m not so strong as you. I can not risk this and go back

Seref: Beautiful eyes you are stronger than me. You will forget by time. If your pain becomes less you will continue and find something to do in life and what are you going to do in this big city.

Toprak: I’m going to find a job

Seref: No my child no. You are like a little fish in a big sea. You can’t live in this big city.

Toprak: I’m going to stay on my feet, I’m going to learn this. Everyone can do it so I can do it too.

Seref: I don’t know everyone but I know you very well. You can’t even say something when they trying to take of your food, you can’t fight for your own rights. When everyone is llike a lion you will be the sheep, like bait.

Toprak: No mother, I’m going to learn how to stay on my feet. I’m going to continue with my life.

seref: ok ok, we’re not going to Urgup. let’s go to Kayseri with you and Kayseri is a big city too.

Toprak: Mother I’m going to stay here and I will confront everything. Life tested me so many times, it won’t be difficult for me to stay here.

*Cinar is looking for a house, for himself, Lale and his mother. He wants a house with a garden and it doesn’t have to be very big.

the girl who is going to find a house for Cinar asked him why he’s going to divorve. Cinar didn’t answer. She told him she knows how he feels she had a divorve too and she said let’s go to the cinema, you decided something so let’s live what life brings to you..

*Zumrut and Yesim wanted to go to the company. necip asked where she’s going. They are going to live like normal people from now on so he wants she forget’s her company too like he forgot his company. Zumrut wants time for this, she can’t turn her back immediately. Necip understands this

*Ikbal came to the company and told Cinar Toprak is going to Urgup with her mother. Cinar expected this and isn’t surprised. Ikbal wants to find a way to make her stay here, first she wanted to use Lale but she has to find another way. Ikbal asks him if he going to do something about it, the girl is going. If she go back the relationship they have will end permanently. Cinar doesn’t want to do anything, they’ve decided and it’s over.

*Okan, the lawyer came to Toprak and told her Cinar’s lawyer called him to meet. He tells her again she can ask a huge amount, now for sure because he thinks Cinar accepts everything Toprak wants. Toprak doesn’t want anything and just wants to divorce. The lawyer reminds her Cinar is a very rich man. Toprak tells him again she doesn’t want anything.

*Reyhan comes with a plan and tells Necip about it. she tells him Ece doesn’t want to end her relationship with that married man so she thinks it would be better for her, if Necip asks her to marry someone at the company (sedat) and she’s sure he likes Ece. Necip thinks this is a wonderful idea and he likes Sedat.

*Yesim came to the house of Toprak

Yesim: I have a good timing. You are talking with flowers and insects so you are searching for someone to talk I think.

Toprak: Why did you come Yesim?

Yesim: I came to congratulate you darling. Cinar accepts the divorce so you are going to be a free and single woman.

toprak: I see you know about everything. Did you talk with Cinar?

Yesim: Of course darling, how else can I find out about everything. What, are you jealous?

Toprak: Don’t be ridiculous Yesim

Yesim: Don’t know, I just had a feeling. Like you are upset. What did you think he would go after you like romantic lovers?

Toprak: I’m not thinking about anything Yesim

Yesim: Good because the love between you wasn’t so powerful as the love of Romeo and Juliet darling. We as rich people, we wants a toy very badly, we try to get it until we own it and if we have it finally we get bored. So your request to divorce will be his freedom darling. Don’t think he’s going to be sad and get depressed ok?

Toprak: I’m not depressed Yesim. I’m just surprised I didn’t know he’s talking about our marriage with you.

Yesim: Of course he will talk, I’m carrying his baby. We have a big band and a big history. and we will continue where it ended if you go back to Urgup.

Toprak: I don’t know what you’re going to do but I’m staying here Yesim.

Yesim: Good but Okan knows your requests so you don’t have to stay here till the case.

Toprak: After the divorce I’m going to stay here too Yesim.

Yesim: Why? What are you going to do here? You are going to live alone?

Toprak: It’s none of your business Yesim. I gave you my husband and life so don’t interfere with the rest if you want.

*Yesim: You don’t even have a diploma, how are you going to find a job, I’m curious.

Toprak: I don’t think everyone in Istanbul has a diploma Yesim, I will find a suitable job for myself.

yesim: You think it’s easy right? Ok let’s say you found a job, where are you going to stay? I think you don’t know anyrthing about hiring a house.. True, how could I forget this? You found a succesful lawyer and you will live in peace with the money of Cinar, right?

Toprak: I don’t want anything from Cinar Yesim. I can stay on my feet

Yesim: O darling don’t get angry. I’m thinking of you, instead of living in a city you don’t know and get difficulties you can live in Urgup, peacefully.Isn’t it better? I’m just thinking of you and I saw your place when I was there, it’s beautiful.

Toprak: It’s not beautiful for me anymore Yesim. If you would think about what I have been through you would understand why I can’t go back. I’m not going to discuss this with you. Have a nice day

Yesim: If you leave without causing problems, You will die right

Yesim is calling Sitki..

*Okan came to the company. he said they wanted 5 million for the compensation.

Cinar: I don’t understand, who wants this?

Okan: We Mr.Cinar.

Cinar: We? Who are you?

Okan: I’m here for Mrs.Toprak so everything what is coming out of my mouth are her resquests. Now I’m going to continue, I’m not done. She wants a part of the house and the company

Cinar: This can be a resquest of Toprak, never. These are your requests right?

Okan: I will explain it differently. A divorce can cause a trauma. They can ask things they never wanted before. As their lawyer I have to do what they want.

Cinar: or this is what you want

okan: you surprised me mr.Cinar. We are going to win this case but I don’t understand how you can be so stingy while you’re so rich.

Cinar: Who are you that you are accusing me!

….Mr.Cinar calm down, calm down.

Okan: The resquests are here, read it when you calm down and come back to me.

*Cinar & Toprak

Cinar: Toprak? I’m sorry I came without telling you but I want to ask you something. Who found this lawyer for you?

Toprak: Why are you asking this?

Cinar: Answer me, who found that man?

Toprak: What does it matter Cinar? Someone found him, a lawyer is a lawyer.

Cinar: You’re hiding it so you don’t have to lie right? Yesim did everything, she pushed to divorce immediately,she found the lawyer right?

Toprak: What does it matter Cinar? If she wouldn’t come with a lawyer I would find another lawyer anyway. and the case wouldn’t be this week but about a week. So nothing changed.

Cinar: I got my answer

*Cinar at the door.,Where is Yesim?

…in her room

Yesim: I’m here, ok I know where to go. Yes, what’s going on today?

Cinar: Why did you find a lawyer for Toprak

Yesim: What’s wrong with this, the girl wanted help and I helped her

Cinar: You pushed her to divorce. She couldn’t even think about this subject because of her pain Yesim.

Yesim: You think like this. I’m reminding you, she left you and went to Urgup before her sisters accident. If you wouldn’t bring her here by force, you would be divorced by now. So I didn’t change anything, I made everything easier

Cinar: The opposite! you ruin everything you touch. I’m sick of your games, your actions, your stubbornness. I’m staying in a hotel instead of staying in my own house because I don’t want to see your face.

Yesim: Don’t do this Cinar. Who are you fooling? This is you, you don’t come here just because of me. If there are things you can’t handle or don’t want you leave without looking back. You don’t even think about fighting.

Cinar: What are you talking about?

Yesim: Am I lying? My sister died, you ran away because you couldn’t handle her absence. You loved me and because some people didn’t want this you ran away again. You gave up your life, family, your everything Cinar. You turned your back to everyone who needed you and loved you. You left them alone.

Cinar: Enough, stop..

Yesim: It’s not enough, there is more. Instead of hugging your uncle, the man you saw as your role model, you ran away when you found out it was your real father..while I would do everything to have a father but for you it’s so easy to remove, leave, give up. You are angry with me, you don’t like the way I’m fighting for things but admit this is how you are.

*Cinar: Sometimes life makes a decision for you. You can’t do anything else even if you want too. You can’t change destiny. Accepting and running away isn’t the same Yesim.

Yesim: You think so, it’s enought to want it cinar. Only if you fight you can own your own life but who am I telling this right? You even give up on your own blood, life, your daughter.

Cinar: Don’t do this, don’t make me feel guilty with starting about my daughter, don’t

Yesim: Not me, you’re doing this to yourself. You left that child alone just because she’s reminding you of your dead wife. You didn’t call for months, you didn’t even want to see her. Then you found out I’m having a baby you left again and like it wasn’t enough you gave up, you want to make me give up on him too. You tried to take of my baby Cinar. Now you can’t act like I ruined your life. This is why you accepted the divorve and gave up on her (Toprak). But don’t be sad, you will feel bad for a while and forget this too, like you forgot everything. This is who you are, you can’t love something you don’t fight for right?

Cinar: Yes you are right Yesim, you are right. Everything is my fault. it’s my mistake but I will make everything right you’re going to see this. Yes I’m going to make everything right and I’m sorry, you, my daughter, everyone. I’m thankful you opened your heart and tell this to me. really, no one did this for me, thank you so much.

Yesim told everything what happened with Cinar. Yesim: He got angry but then he said i was right. What do you think Zumrut Sultan, I think this time I accomplished something

Cinar called Ebru and said he didn’t want the house anymore, he went to Okan and said he doesn’t want to divorce, he loves his wife. He wants him to suspend the case and offered him a job at the Ilgaz company.


Cinar tries to convince Okan and tells him he doesn’t think he want to divorce rich woman of their husbands his whole life, he thinks he wants more than this. The long way you have to walk I make shorter for you. Okan thinks Cinar wants to bury him in his hole coz Cinar wants him to lose the case. Cinar answers, the case you’re going to lose is a small case but what you are going to win for it will be huge. Okan: You are offering me money for my reputation. Cinar: No Mr.Okan I’m offering you allot of money for your reputation and way more than this, what do you think?

*Okan accepted Cinar’s offer. They are going to try to suspend the divorce carefully. Toprak doesn’t have to know about it. Okan asks immediately when he can start with his job as a lawyer in the Ilgaz company and he wants his own room. Cinar says if you do what I ask you to do you can get everything what you want.

*Yesim wants to create pregnancy clothes. It has to be modern and chique at the same time.

*Mehmet came to the company to tell Mr.Necip everything. He wanted to tell him he wants to divorce but Necip wasn’t at the company anymore. Mehmet tells Reyhan he doesn’t want to be her toy anymore.

*Toprak couldn’t find a job, there are only looking for people who did the university she said. Then when Ikbal came she wanted to make tea and she fainted, she was nausious too. They brought Toprak to the garden for fresh air.

Ikbal: You are fine right my child?

Toprak: I’m fine, fine. I walked in the sun today that’s why this happened I guess.

Ikbal: So it’s because of the sun. You don’t care about your health, you could take a taxi.

Seref: Toprak likes to walk

Cinar: Ladies

Ikbal: Welcome son

Cinar: Hello, How are you golden girls?

Ikbal: Look your mother-in-law loves you, we have something sweet for you

Cinar: ahh yes, I know my mother-in-law loves me, I have no suspicious

Toprak: Welcome

Cinar: Hello, can we talk if you have time?

*Necip found out Ikbal sold the house…He asks the man for time, he doesn’t knew about this decision.

*Cinar: I want to help you. Look I’m going to buy a house for myself, Lale and my mother are going to live with me. You can stay with your mother how long you want.

Toprak: Thank you, but there is no need to do this Cinar. I want to stay on my own feet and I’m looking for a job, if I find a job I will go with my mother

Cinar: OK very good, then come work at the company

Toprak: Cinar why don’t you want to understand? I want to accomplish this on my own

Cinar: Of course I understand you Toprak but I just want to help you. Understand me. Look then we are going to do this; find a job, start working but stay here.

Toprak: Why are you insisting? What does it matter to you where I stay, here or there?

*Yusuf doesn’t understand his parents. He thinks they don’t care and love him, that’s why he locked himself up.

*Cinar: Mom we have to convince her to stay here.

Ikbal: Why my child? You made a decision so you have to accept the consequenses and even if they stay we are going to leave anyway. Yesterday you told me you found a new house

Cinar: Mom, everything changed.

Ikbal: well we can’t say ”stay” to people who wants to go so we can stay here in this house.

Cinar: That’s what I’m trying to do, that’s why Toprak has to stay here with you.

Ikbal:What will change son? You want to divorce..

Cinar: Mom, I don’t want to divorve

Ikbal: wha… really?

Cinar: Yes because I love my wife. I don’t want to divorce mom

Ikbal: Well done my clever son, well done. You are awake, you’ve found the right way look..but son how are you going to stop Toprak’s stubbornness? She is already looking for a job

Cinar: That’s why she has to stay here. If she stays with you my band with her will not be lost, I will have a chance.

Ikbal: Now I understand, that’s why you were insisting. No No don’t be afraid my son, with this fire in your eyes you will accomplish everything, don’t be afraid. You will win the girl back

Cinar: I hope so mom.I hope so. Now i’m going to Toprak

Ikbal: Ok son..God protect them, don’t seperate them

*Cinar: Toprak, have something in my mind. You want to move to another house right? You have to pay rent if you do this and much more. So if you start working, pay the rent to me. This will make both of us happy.

Toprak: Why are you insisting so much?

Cinar: because you found this house Toprak. You have chosen this house, you liked this house. You did allot for this house. Look you turned the garden in heaven. We painted the walls together, you made this house a house. Now I can’t give you permission to go…and it’s hard to find a house in Istanbul. This is a good place, remember Toprak it took time to get used to this place. You won’t have time to find a house or move when you are working.

Toprak: OK Cinar, when you were telling me all this I got tired already

Cinar: So?

Toprak: You are going to be the owner of my house and if I get my payment I will give you the rent

Cinar: Ok then, deal

Toprak: I’m going to lie

Cinar: Why? What’s going on? are you sick?

Toprak: No I’m not sick but I walked in the sun today I’m not feeling well

Cinar: as you want

Seref: Where are you going? I made tea for you

Toprak: Drink your tea, I’m going to lie mother

Cinar: I will drink tea, mother

Seref: ok my child, enjoy

*Seref told Cinar what happened when she went for looking for a job. They showed her the door when Toprak told them she has no diploma and experiences either. When Cinar wanted to go Ikbal asked what happened with Toprak. Cinar told his mother he convinced Toprak to stay. Ikbal is very happy to hear this

*The doctor tells Zumrut she has cancer, the last stages. They have to take the baby to rescue her life. Zumrut doesn’t want this but Necip tells her she has to, she has to accept her destiny

*before the operation

Necip: Don’t be afraid, I’m waiting for you

Zumrut: This baby was a miracle for us Mr.Necip

Necip: You’re right. We both wanted this baby. This baby would become our second spring but my real miracle are you Mrs.Zumrut

Cansel: Mrs.Zumrut we can go

*Seref in Toprak’s room

Toprak: We fought allot for that doll do you remember?

Seref: How are you my child, Are you fine?

Toprak: I’m fine but I’m nausious

Seref: We can say it’s because of the sun but you don”t have fever either. Did you eat something outside maybe it’s because of this

toprak: No I didn’t eat anything

Seref: Then get up and eat something. You can feel nausious when you don’t eat something too

Toprak: Cinar is gone?

Seref: It’s been a while

*Ece decide to leave Mehmet. She can’t so this to her uncle who cares allot of her.

*Cinar and Yesim at the restaurant.

Yesim: what have you ordered for me Cinar?

Cinar: The cake you like and I didn’t know what to order more, maybe coffee not to strong it’s not good for the baby

Yesim: No I don’t drink coffee, Cansel don’t want me to drink coffee. I want juice but self made ok?

Cinar: So Yesim how are you? How is the baby? Are you fine?

Yesim: Great, I mean Cansel says this. Of course I have to stay away from stress and because I’m afraid something will happen to the baby I try to eat and drink healthy. and I started with a course, it’s fun. First I thought it wouldn’t help me but now I think different.

Cinar: You really love this baby

Yesim: Yes Cinar, because it’s our baby. Don’t you care about the baby?

Cinar: Don’t get me wrong, I care about the baby too of course,. and why would I be here if I would think differently, we wouldn’t be here. To be honest if there was someone else in my place I don’t know if he would do the same. You hide this baby for months while I didn’t want it. You turned our life upside down.

Yesim: but nothing happened like you expected right? you were very upset those days, now everything is great. Everything is going well, with the baby everything is going to be better

Cinar: Look your cake is here. Eat your cake and we will continue ok? Thank you

*The doctor tells Necip, Zumrut is very sick and they have to remove her breast. Necip asks the doctor not to tell this to her maybe about a few days. He thinks this is too much to handle, she just found out about the results and lost her baby

*Cinar: Wow Yesim, I didn’t see you eating everything on your plate before

Yesim: Yes this baby makes me very hungry. You have to see it like there is something inside of me. I eat something then 30 minutes later I eat again. I have eaten 1 kilo icescream, do you know this?

Cinar: Bon appetit

Yesim: but like you can’t see it on my weight right?

Cinar: What weight? Masallah and for this reason no one understood a thing

Yesim: Cinar, I thought we wouldn’t talk about this subject

Cinar: OK, don’t ask for it then

Yesim: The pregnancy courses are great. We do exircises and I can control my weight with participating. We have a lesson today, come with me. Everyone participate with their husbands, It’s fun I can assure you, please

Cinar: unfortunately I can’t come, I have work to do

Yesim: Ok and can you come another time?

Cinar: Yesim, I actually wanted to talk about what you said in the morning. The words came like a slap in my face. I made so many mistakes in the past. I’m thanking you for opening my eyes. What u did today was an annoying game you played but I have respect fot it.

Yesim: What can I do, this is who I am.

Cinar: You changed our lives with this baby but I don’t want to argue anymore. I want to have peace. That’s why we have to find balance what can’t hurt or tire anybody. You, me, the children….and Toprak.

Yesim: Toprak? you are going to divorce, there is no place for her.

Cinar: Yesim after what you said to me I decided to not give up on the people I love. I love Toprak, she is my wife. I’m going to do everything to stop this divorce

*Necip went to Ikbal and got angry because she sold the house without asking his permission. Ikbal said to him she doesn’t have to ask his permission, he gave the house to her. Houses became old and you can buy new houses but the wounds she has inside of her can’t heal. She is angry with him because he didn’t tell her he doesn’t want to divorce his wife.

*Cinar: I know you’re angry with me but if you care about me You would want my happiness.

Yesim: and this is what I don’t understand Cinar. You can’t find happiness with that woman, you need me and our baby to become happy…and I thought someting has changed when you came and apologized, I thought you understood me. When you called me and wanted to meet I thought we would talk about our child, about our future and I thought you would make time for us from now on but you still talk about Toprak in front of me.

Cinar: and you have to learn to live with the decisions you took by your own. You can’t change our lifes only because you want to, you have no right.

Yesim: So you say I’m alone

Cinar: No I’m not saying this. You’re not alone. I will always be with you. With you and the baby but not like you want to. Accept this, get used to this, try to win my friendship. Look let’s meet again when you have time. If you need me you can call me whenever you want.

Yesim: and if I need you and you don’t have time for me Cinar? and if you can’t make time for me while I need you? Can you leave your wife and come to me?

*Yesim in the car

Yesim: Why am I the one who is losing all the time? While I try so much, she can accomplish everything with doing nothing.

*Zumrut and Necip in the hospital

Necip: Mrs.Zumrut I hope you’re doing well. How are you?

Zumrut: I’m fine

Necip: We are staying here today. We will be alone all night. Do you have pain?

Zumrut: Like I have an emptiness inside of me, what can’t go away

Necip: Don’t do this Mrs.Zumrut

Zumrut: I’m afraid Mr.Necip. Till now I didn’t expect this illness. I thought they made a mistake, I had hope but look what we have been through since we now the results. Who knows what will happen next. I’m afraid

Necip: Believe me I’m afraid too. I wouldn’t be so afraid if I was the one with this illness but even the thought you are sick scares me allot..but we are not going to give up. We are going to get rid of this disease with holding each others hands. If we give up then we will lose

*Cinar found the company Toprak went to in the morning but they didn’t give her the job. Cinar asked his friend to give Toprak a job at the company

*Yesim & Cansel gym

Yesim: Cansel

Cansel: Yesim

Yesim: What are you doing here?

Cansel: I thought we had lessons and I called to ask about it and to remind you but you didn’t answer

Yesim: I’m glad you’re here Cansel. There is no one else who cares about me and the baby

Cansel: Yesim what happened to you?

Yesim: Don’t ask me anything please. I need you so much

*Toprak: Of course I can start tomorrow. Mom, I did it

Seref: Wait my girl, what happened?

Toprak: I had a meeting today right? They called and told me I can start tomorrow

Seref: but they didn’t want you in the morning and now they want you to come?

Toprak: I don’t know mom. They said for us school and experiences aren’t important, we liked you and we are convinced you are suitable for this job

Seref: Thank God. Finally God gives you what you want. That lucky monkey doesn’t has to dance for other doors finally he found our door too.

Toprak: My darling.

*Ikbal at the company

Cinar: Mom what happened? Why did you come? Did something happen to Toprak?

Ikbal: My son you are welcoming me like this? Come let me give you a kiss, my darling

Cinar: I mean welcome. How could I know I thought something happened because you came in the morning

Ikbal: No my son, don’t worry. Toprak is fine. I actually came to tell u something you’re going to like.

Cinar: O really? Is Toprak fine?

Ikbal: Of course she is fine son. She even started working

Cinar: She started working? Good, I’m happy

Ikbal: Son I will tell it right away. Since yesterday Toprak is feeling nauseous, she doesn’t see well, she even fainted.

Cinar: She fainted? why didn’t you call the doctor?

Ikbal: Don’t worry but listen. These symptoms are leading me to one thing. I think Toprak is pregnant

*Cinar: Do you think this really can happen? I mean can you really see she is pregnant or not in a short time mom?

Ikbal: Son, these symptoms starts when the baby is 3 or 4 weeks…and if she is pregnant she will stop this divorce Cinar. Of course she will first think about herself and you’re her husband. If this baby comes she will first think about her own baby before she thinks about that witch’s baby

Cinar: Don’t know mom. I’m so surprised, if you’re right..

Ikbal: I hope so son. I hope God will smile at us this time. we only want your happiness

Cinar: Mom if this miracle comes true, if I win Toprak back I will do everthing to not lose her again, I will fight for her till the end

Ikbal: I hope so, I hope so my son

*Yesim in the hospital with her mom

Yesim: This is not the end of the world. Ok we aren’t used to this situation but we won’t be sad. We are not going to be sad ok Mrs.Zumrut? There is no time to think bad and to be sad with this illness and don’t make a problem of this baby, I know you, you love drama.

Zumrut: Yesim enough, it’s enough that others are saying me what to do so stop please

Yesim: Don’t, don’t give up. You are a strong woman, you’ve to be strong. Where is my strong Vahide Sultan, who can bear everything. Don’t tell me you’re afraid because of this illness..Look, now it’s time to proof me and everyone you’re Zumrut Taskiran. Get rid of this ilness so everyone can see how strong you’re, ok?

Zumrut: Yesim enough

*Cinar: Mom look don’t let her think you’re suspicious ok? Don’t say Toprak anything and if she is really pregnant she will find out soon.

Ikbal: Of course son, I’m praying for you both. I hope God will give us the good news.

Cinar: I hope so mom

*Yesim found out about Toprak’s job..

Yesim: Your adventures in Istanbul are very colorfull Toprak. I have a hard time to catch you really.

Toprak: What are you doing here?

Yesim: I came here to ask the same question. ok to be busy with flowers and insects is something for you but what are you doing in an export company?

Toprak: How did you find out Yesim?

Yesim: For you Istanbul is very big but like you see not for me. When I heard about your new job I thought let’s visit her and drink some tea.

Toprak: Ok, you came and you’ve seen everything now go if you want I have work to do.

Yesim: Don’t do this Toprak, like if you don’t do your work they will fire you. You have someone behind you sweety. Even if you do nothing someone else will do it for you and you will get your payment every month

Toprak: I think you are confusing me with yourself. No one is helping me and I’ve found this job by my own.

Yesim: Really, so coincidence you found a job at Cinar’s best friends company right?

Toprak: No, I mean if there is something like this I don’t know about it. I found this job in the newspapers and I got the job

Yesim: Don’t do this dear, I think you’re not so stupid right? I mean didn’t you get suspicious when they didn’t want you and then called you to work with them? Let go of your proud behaviours, everyone who works here knows you got the job because of Cinar.

*Zumrut and Necip on the stairs..

Necip: Do you have pain?

Zumrut: No Mr.Necip .. I’m very happy we’re going home and holding hands. There is nothing like home right? I love this house…

*Yesim: No, are you really so stupid? I thought you knew..

Toprak: Leave Yesim! Leave!

Yesim: Ok, a visit is short…I’m going but take a course for typing if you want. You look pathetic when you try to typ with one vinger. Have a nice day

*Toprak wanted to know why she got the job while there were so much educated girls and asked him if the reason is Cinar Ilgaz. The man didn’t want to say anything but then he told her it doesn’t matter who helped her or not.The results are important but Toprak understood..

*Yesim finally found Sitki, Toprak’s ex-husband. She told him Toprak is going to divorce and she is going to divorce as a rich woman. So use your mind and get Toprak and the money..

*Necip told Reyhan about Zumrut’s illness. Then when Ece came he told her there is someone who wants to marry her and they are coming to ask his hand about a few days

*Zumrut went to Ikbal and told her how she could sell the house, how she could do such a thing. Ikbal said to her that she has stolen her youth, past, the man she loves so now she is going to take everything away from her, her past. Zumrut said this is

treachery this is worce than hostility..she told her she is sick and that she is messing with a sick woman.

*Toprak went to Cinar’s company

Cinar: Toprak?

Toprak: Can we talk a bit Cinar?

Cinar: Of course

Toprak: What do you think you’re doing?

Cinar: What happened Toprak?

Toprak: Why are you breaking my proud Cinar? Why don’t you listen to me?

Cinar: What have I done?

Toprak: I asked you not to interfere, I wanted to stand on my own feet I said but now i see you didn’t even listen to me. Did you think about my feelings ?

Cinar: Toprak believe…

Toprak: I went to that place because I thought I deserved it like a fool. I had hope to accomplish my work..but now I don’t have any hope because of you. I never fell myself so pathetic like now.

Cinar: I just wanted your happiness..

Toprak: but I’m not happy look..

Cinar: Toprak, are you fine? Toprak, are you fine? Toprak…


At first Ikbal didn’t believed Zumrut then when Zumrut told her Necip was with her the whole time even when she got the results, she said she didn’t know. Zumrut said to her she can be proud of herself because she makes a sick woman suffer

*Necip told Ece again that Sedat is a good man and he wants to marry her. Reyhan tells them the guy really cares about Ece and with marrying him she can make everything good and pay for her mistakes. Necip gave her time to think and left

Ece: What do you think you’re doing Reyhan?

Reyhan: I didn’t give you a choice, you don’t have a choice. You have to marry that guy

*Ece: You can’t tell me what to do! This is my life!

Reyhan: Really? So it’s your life, and my life Ece? What about my life? I don’t have a family anymore because of you, my baby who didn’t born yet doesn’t have a father. My son is depressed and locking himself up because we are going to divorce. And I? I’m far away from my husband of 15 years, I’m alone! Are you aware of what you have done? Ece I was your friend, I was your sister. I trusted you, only you and what have you done? You stuck a knife in my back.When did you become such an awful person? While I was hurted you ran to me, I cried in your arms. What are you doing now? You are trying to take everything away from me, you try to take my husband. Look behind you, look at me!!

*Necip calling Zumrut

Zumrut: Yes Mr.Necip?

Necip: Mrs.zumrut where are you?

Zumrut: How can I go to that house Mr.Necip?

Necip: Tell me where you are, I will come immediately

Zumrut: Seaside, my feet don’t want to go there

Necip: OK, wait there, I’m coming

*After the fight with Reyhan, Ece went to Necip and told him she wants to marry Sedat…

*Necip wanted to buy the house back but the man is determined. Even if Necip gives him every house on the seaside he won’t sell the house..

*In the hospital

….How long is she unconsious?

Cinar: I think 10/15 minutes

Toprak: Cinar?

Cinar: toprak, don’t be afraid I brought you to the hospital after you fainted

….How do you feel Mrs.Toprak?

Toprak: I’m still nauseous,

….how long do you have these symptoms?

Toprak: I don’t know, yesterday I suddenly felt nauseous, I throw up a few times and I fainted

….I understand, let’s take your blood. Did you get a infection lately? take some rest, later we can look to the results

Cinar: When you look at these symptoms Doctor, Can my wife be pregnant?

….of course it’s possible but we can’t say anything before we get the results

*Cinar: How are you Toprak?

Toprak: I’m fine

…Can you remember your last period?

Toprak: I can’t remember it well but I think it’s been 3 or 4 weeks.

…Which pill do you use?

Toprak: I don’t use any

….Is there a medicine you use?

Toprak: Only the medicines my doctor gave me

….I’m going to give this to my colleagues, if something happens you can call

Cinar: Do you think it’s possible? I mean are you pregnant?

Toprak: I don’t know

*Yesim tells Sitki he has to change first before he can go to Toprak. He has to change his style, his clothes.. and then he can convince Toprak he changed, he misses her and he still loves her..

*Cinar: Toprak if we are going to have a child, and you are pregnant.. we have to stop this divorce. After all now the most important thing is our family, now we have to think about ourselves first right?

Toprak: Let’s talk about this after the results ok Cinar?

Cinar: Ok, we will talk after that. I will take a look

God please this miracle has to be true, please it has to turn in reality

*Ece tells Mehmet it’s over, it was a mistake from the beginning. Mehmet askes her if she’s giving up everything, giving up on him and their relationship and then he asked why. Ece told him she is marrying someone else

*Zumrut wants to leave and live in another house immediately. It’s hard to say goodbye but she can’t live there any longer, like she is a stranger in her own house. Necip told her this is only a house with walls, what makes a home a home are the people who are living in it. They can buy a house for themselves without the children, they are grown up…

*Mehmet couldn’t believe Ece, he asked in what for century they living in? How could Ece accept such a thing. Ece wants to end her relationship with Mehmet because she can’t do this to his family, he can’t do this to Reyhan nor his unborn child…she is leaving him for him.

Mehmet begged her to stay but Ece left

*Cinar: We can see the results about one hour. Here is your purse, do you want me to call your mother?

Toprak: No no don’t call now, she will get worried

Cinar: Ok, maybe we can tell the happy news to them later

Toprak: Cinar I didn’t say anything yet I mean if I’m pregnant I really don’t know what to do

Cinar: Toprak, you couldn’t even handle the thought that the baby of someone else would grow up without a dad, you can’t do this to your own baby either. I know you well, you will do everything to take good care of your baby

*Ikbal went to Necip, she regretted. She wanted to give all the money she got for the house to buy it back. Only because she knows about Zumrut’s illness now. Necip told her this is impossible, what Necip didn’t understand was why Ikbal regretted. Ikbal didn’t answer and tried to find solutions like to buy another, bigger house on the seaside. You can’t make it right with money Necip said..when Cinar left, our family was apart, when you left there was no family anymore but with the last thing you have done, you ruined everything. Necip told her too that he is going to buy little house for him and Zumrut and asked her to leave because he doesn’t want Zumrut to see her, she has enough pain

Cinar: Do you want something to eat?

Toprak: No no I’m still nauseous, thank you

…..How are you Mrs.Toprak?

Toprak: I feel better, thank you

Cinar: I think you’ve the results

….At first there is no infection

Cinar: and the pregnancy?

….the hormons are normal too

Cinar: What do you mean? what normal?

….Your wife isn’t pregnant Mr.Cinar, for now

Cinar: but the dizziness, the faintings?

….the nurse said she uses anti depression, these are the effects. You can go home if we are done. I hope you’re doing well

Toprak: Thank you,… so the right thing is divorcing otherwise God would have stopped us

*Mehmet came back to Reyhan, he said she won and that he left his heart with another woman so if Reyhan accepts him like this he will stay. Reyhan accepts everything

*Toprak & Cinar outside the hospital

Cinar: What happened Toprak, you are dizzy?

Toprak: No I’m fine, I’m going to take a bus and go home

Cinar: I can’t let you do this, you can’t go home with a bus

Toprak: Cinar I don’t know if you remember but we were arguing before I fainted. Yes there was a weird situation but I’m still very angry with you. I mean not only angry but disappointed too

Cinar: You’re right, I shouldn’t have done this but you’ve to understand me too, I didn’t want you to get sad or angry. I just wanted to help. Look Toprak, if you are the subject I can’t stop myself with interfering

Toprak: Ok but don’t do this anymore. This wasn’t our agreement. Look otherwise I will move to another house and then we only can see each other in the courtroom

Cinar: OK ok, from now on i’m going to do what you want. Deal? Come now let’s bring you home

*Yesim found out about the house and went to Cinar

Cinar: sorry you had to wait for a while, there was traffic. Sit down

Yesim: I just arrived anyway

Cinar: So I’m listening. What is so important?

Yesim: I think you can guess

Cinar: I don’t want to and I don’t want to play games, tell

Yesim: Your mom sold the only house I saw as my home

Cinar: She sold the house? I just talked with her she didn’t tell me anything. Why did she do such a thing?

Yesim: When our Mr.Necip and Mrs.Zumrut stopped the divorce she wanted to take revenge I guess

Cinar: I’m really surprised, my mother isn’t a person who can do these things

Yesim: You have to be afraid for women who are in love Cinar. They can do everything to get their men back. After all she is a woman too. I didn’t want to talk about this actually. Mr.Necip and my mother are going to move to another house and my baby and I are alone…and because I’m carrying your baby this is your responsibillity from now on. Now you’re staying in a hotel we have to make plans, where are you going to live? Where am I going to live?

Cinar: One minute, one minute you know I’m not going to stay with you, in the same house right?

Yesim: Even if this is the case. Our houses have to be close after al my baby and I have to see you whenever we want. We don’t know when we need you or not.

Cinar: You are right. I’m going to give you all the support you need but I told you this is all I can do.

Yesim: Do you think this is easy? This child isn’t only my child but it’s yours too. You will do good if you take your responsibillities immediately. Think about this subject, we will talk later

*Cinar calls his mother

Ikbal: yes my child?

Cinar: Mom what have you done?

Ikbal: What have I done son?

Cinar: What could you do more? You sold the house mom. What is your problem? Why did you sell the house? and if this was what you had in your mind why didn’t you tell me?

*When Kerem learned about the house he got angry with his mother. He wanted to know what plans she has for him and wants to ask her this. Yesim stops him and tells him that his mother has cancer

*Zumrut & Necip workroom

Necip: What are you doing Mrs.Zumrut?

Zumrut: U know this room was Lale’s room when she was a child. I chose the wallpapers in England, the furniture in Italy then Yesim when came. I wanted the girls to be close to each other so Lale got another room next to Yesim. Now as you see it is a workroom. Come ..Mr.Necip this part of the house i love the most. We had lot’s of dinners, party’s here..There was happiness and there were argues…these walls have been through allot. We have memories all over the house. I can’t believe it, so someone else is going to live here? between our memories..they are going to cry here, they are going to laugh?

Necip: Ask me the most beautiful house on the seaside and we can live there immediately.

Zumrut: No I don’t want this. I want a small house, only for us. A house with our memories, our home.

Necip: and the children? What are they going to do Mrs.Zumrut?

Zumrut: Like you said they are grown up they can take care of each other

I want a small house, I don’t want a maid and I already told them. I’m going to keep my promise Mr.Necip

Necip: Yes but you’re sick, you will get tired. I can’t let you do this.

Zumrut: If you are going to treat me as a sick person, then I will die. Don’t

*Everyone is searching for another house or hotel and they are leaving the Taskiran house…

*Toprak’s lawyer came to talk with her, it’s going to take some time to divorce but this is normal he says to Toprak. Toprak tells him she is looking for a job far away because she couldn’t find a job close to her house. Okan asked her if she can cook, clean make tea. Toprak said yes then he said she found a job already. She is going to work in his office…

*Ikbal told her son Toprak isn’t home and she is still seaching for a good job. she wishes she passed the exams…Cinar said she doesn’t want his help but he has a good idea, he is going to offer something what she can’t reject

*Yesim wants a room next to Cinar’s room. Kerem doesn’t like this but he can’t stop his sister

*Cinar found out the exams are close and Toprak can participate again

*Cinar and Yesim in the hotel

Yesim: Cinar?

Cinar: Yesim? What are you doing here? Well we don’t have a house anymore because of your lovely mother do you remember? and I asked your help and you didn’t call me so I solved it what could I do else?

Cinar: You’re doing this on purpose right? Like there is no other place to stay in this big city and you’re coming and staying infront of my eyes

Yesim: We have the same taste Cinar’cim, what can I do? Or this thing inside of me is forcing us to be together? Cinar? you really aren’t happy of seeing me here?

Cinar: No of coure not, I’m very happy..but I’m so tired that I can’t show you this. Sorry

Yesim: If you need something I’m here and you’re here for us.

Cinar: I’m here too if you need something, good night

*In the morning..

Yesim: Good morning! Don’t tell me you’re going?

Cinar: You don’t think I’m going to play this game right?

Yesim: what game?

Cinar: I don’t want Toprak to think bad things about me and get me wrong. While everything is going the right way I can’t give you permission to ruin this

Yesim: Enough! Toprak, Toprak, Toprak..When are you going to think about me and my son?

Cinar: What are you talking about?

Yesim: Why do you think I came here?

Cinar: Hmm let’s think, to annoy me maybe?

Yesim: You really think you’re everything right? Like the world turns around you, only you but you’re wrong. I didn’t even come here for myself, I came for our baby Cinar. If you remember I almost lost my baby and I don’t even have a house now, not even a person who can bring me to the hospital when things gets wrong. While I’m saying the best place for me and my son is here, close to his dad look how you treat me. Thank you Cinar, really thank you for your understanding.

*Yesim bought clothes for Sitki and is preparing to sent Sitki to Toprak’s home..She gave him a iPhone and warns him to stay decent and charming…when he comes to Toprak’s house, Seref opens the door. Sitki tells him he is very sad about what happened to Havva. Ikbal wants to know who he is..

*Zumrut doesn’t want to be operated, they can’t take her breast, she can’t give permission…she is devastated.

*Cinar and Yesim, both went to Okan’s office…Yesim wants to know why they didn’t divorced yet while Cinar is trying to stop this divorce. Then Toprak comes with coffee..


*First scene

Cinar: What are you doing here?

Toprak: I’m working

Cinar: I don’t understand?

Okan: Mrs.Toprak started working for me today

Yesim: Really? as a assistant?

Toprak: no in the kitchen

Yesim: congratulations

Toprak: Mr.Okan for who was the tea?

Okan: Ms.Yesim

Yesim: Merci

Toprak: You’re welcome. What do you want to drink?

Cinar: What I want to drink? Come with me. What does this mean? Can you explain?

Toprak: Cinar let’s talk inside if you want

*Yesim: It’s smart of you to let her work here. Now we can control her and a woman who stands on her feet can divorce easily but why did Cinar come here?

Okan: The case is about two weeks, he wanted to talk about the divorce I think

Yesim: I think? I don’t give you money for this I’m giving you money to get real info Mr.Okan. Find out why he came here and call me please

*Cinar: Where does this come from?

Toprak: Cinar U knew I was looking for a job, why are you so surprised?

Cinar: OK, but why here?

Toprak: Why not?

Cinar: Because…because you’re his client

Toprak: Cinar what’s wrong with this. Mr.Okan knew i was looking for a job so he offered me a job and i accepted his offer.

Cinar: So you are going to serve tea for everyone who comes here?

Toprak: Yes, tea, coffee. I’m doing this when I’m home too so nothing changed.

Cinar: Look not because I denigrate ur job, but you don’t need this job

Toprak: Cinar I need money to pay the hire and to continue with my life. When I don’t have a job I won’t have money either, this is the reason I work and go to your meeting. I think they are waiting for you

Cinar:I didn’t come for a meeting, I came to talk with Okan. I didn’t know Yesim was here.

Toprak: So this is a coincidence?

Cinar: Yes coincidence, unfortunately

Toprak: Anyway, I don’t care. Tell me, what do you want to drink? What can I make for you?

*Yesim: Toprak is determined to divorce right? Coz Cinar said to me that he will do everything to convince her not to divorce.

Okan: No there is no problem with Mrs.Toprak but if Mr.Cinar convinces the judge he wants this marriage it will be hard.

Yesim: It’s your duty to convince the judge Mr.Okan. I don’t think you will leave a baby without a dad.

Cinar: I’m going and when you are done with your meeting with Ms.Yesim call me, let’s eat something outside

Yesim: Cinar you can stay and talk here if you want. It’s not a subject we don’t know about. Let’s talk together.

Cinar: You don’t know about this subject and you don’t have to know about it.

Okan: I’m going to call you Mr.Cinar

*Seref didn’t want to tell Sitki Toprak is going to divorce but when Sitki wanted to go he told her they can call him whenever they want, after all she is going to divorce..

*Yesim: it looks great. you know you made a right decision. You are doing amazing things in the kitchen this is better for you Instead of being a poor woman after a pc, anyway good bye

*Cinar and Okan at the restaurant

Okan: Let’s start immediately

Cinar: What do you think you are doing? What are you doing withToprak?

Okan: Everything went so fast, I called you but you weren’t at the company. Then I gave a note to call me back but I didn’t say come to my office.

Cinar: So I’m the guilty one?

Okan: No but if you would have called me I would have told you about Toprak. It wouldn’t be a surprise then.

Cinar: Toprak is a smart girl we have to be careful I said to you and you are giving her a job

Okan: this way we can control her, this would be easier

Cinar: You have an answer for everything and how can you hide you work for me and you have a job in the Ilgaz company?

Okan: It’s not my habit to dicuss these things with someone who works in the kitchen Mr.Cinar.

Cinar: I don’t want that Toprak works for you

Okan: Reason?

Cinar: What reason? I don’t want her to do these things, serving tea and everything

Okan: She wanted this and she has no problem

Cinar: Look Toprak is still my wife and this has to stay like this

Okan: Ok whatever you want

*Zumrut ignores he illness, she doesn’t listen at all. Necip is begging her to stop with this and go to the hospital, he is very worried

*Okan: Then we are going to meet after two weeks

Cinar: Look we’re going to find a new job ok? and you..

Okan: and I’m going to pretend I found the job. I understood it well right?

Cinar: Yes good

*Yesim calling Toprak

Toprak: Yes Yesim

Yesim: How are you Toprak? I hope I don’t bother you because you’re very busy

Toprak: What’s wrong Yesim? What do you want?

Yesim: I want something from you, we were together with Lale today. We are going to eat together in the evening I actually wanted to bring Lale home after dinner but I have something to do. Now I don’t want Ayse to bring her alone. We are in the hotel I stay, it’s close to ur house. Can you bring Lale maybe?

Toprak: ok Yesim I’m coming. Give me the adress

*At the hotel, Cinar comes

Cinar: Did you come to visit your dad? Come here to your dad

Yesim: We played together. So did you like your surprise?

Cinar: I love it, after a busy day

Yesim: and we walked allot today. We went to the mall bought things for her. I read books for her, right sweety?

Cinar: It’s obvious you had fun. she can’t stay calm look

Yesim: I think she has it cold, give her to me. Darling can you look. For dinner I prepared things for Lale. They didn’t have organic food she they bought it for her. She is going to eat beans and for you we have you favorite dinner. We can eat here in the garden, lale love this too.

Cinar: very good but Ayse could do this too

Yesim: No I love doing this all. I don’t know if you noticed but i’m only talking about food all the time I think I have hungry. I going to say they can start. Let’s do this very often Cinar, this is good for us all.

*Toprak came to the hotel

Yesim: Toprak come

Cinar: Toprak what are you doing here?

Toprak: If I would know you would bring Lale home I wouldn’t come Cinar

Yesim: Cinar is staying here and I brought Lale here so they can spend time together.

Toprak: Really?

Ayse: Lale is sleeping we can go immediately if you want

Toprak: Ok Ayse.

Yesim: and I’m going to give you the presents I bought for her

Cinar: I..I didn’t know you would come here

Toprak: and i didn’t know you were staying in the same hotel as Yesim. We saw each other many times. You didn’t want to tell me or did you forget?

Cinar: No but i don’t care she stays in the same hotel and she came later. I didn’t even know.

Toprak: so a coincidence again?

Cinar: I know how it looks like but I swear it’s not my fault Toprak

Toprak: Cinar I don’t know, why didn’t you go to another hotel? why are you staying in the same hotel?

Cinar: I wanted to do this, I wanted to go but you know she almost lost her baby her condition is still critical and she has no house..if she needs help I…

Toprak: Now do you know why I want to divorce you? so you don’t have to separate yourself Cinar: but I don’t want to divorce and you don’t understand this. I love you Toprak, I don’t want to divorce. You are my family. Look to Lale..she knows I’m her father but who does she call mom? you, you are her mother Toprak.

Toprak: Lale is too little, she will forget me and you made the right decision with staying here, lale can live here too and you can be a family before the baby comes.

Cinar: This is what you wanted, you left me just because of this. You forced me to live this life. You want to throw away our love out of your heart…but Toprak you act like i’m the guilty one but no I’m not.

Yesim: Toprak Lale is ready

Toprak: Good evening

*Yesim & Cinar

Yesim: one minute Cinar. Why are you leaving without listening to me?

Cinar: I’m leaving coz I don’t want to argue with you. Everytime I don’t want to argue and be nice to you, you use this situation against me. That’s why I want to stay away from you, do you understand?

Yesim: I don’t understand Cinar. Don’t yell and talk nonsense like this without listening to me. Say what you want to say. You’re only acting like this because toprak saw us like that, she misunderstood and is sad now right?

Cinar: What else could happen? you did this just because of this right? Toprak had to come here and learn that we are staying in the same hotel right?

Yesim: Don’t be ridiculous. You can be so harsh sometimes. Why would i do such a thing? Aren’t you going to divorce? I don’t think she cares about where you stay or with who. I wanted to do an organisation with your daughter so you can spend time together. I called toprak and told her where Lale is so she doesn’t have to worry and you’re yelling at me..and Mrs.Ikbal wanted to sent a car to bring Lale home but she wanted to come here, what can I do about it?

Cinar: You’re right I’m a bit upset, sorry. Let’s talk later

Yesim: No we ‘re going to talk now. You think you can force her and stop this divorce but I don’t think she wants this and we’re going to have a baby and your daughter is my niece so I’m the only one you can’t throw out of ur life. Let’s be nice for each other instead of hurting

*Toprak came home

Seref: What’s wrong with you? Don’t say it’s because of ur work. You don’t get tired so easily. Who made my beautiful girl sad?

Toprak: No one mom. I only noticed that the decisions I made are going to be hard. I saw Cinar when I went to Lale.

Seref: It’s hard to forget him while you love him so much. When everyone is sleeping you walk in ur room, you stay silent it’s all because you miss him. On one side the pain of your sister on the other side Cinar. How can you bear this all?

Toprak: I don’t know mom. I never felt this way. Cinar became my world. Not be able to touch him, smell him while being so close, it’s so hard. I don’t know what to do.

Seref: I say come let’s leave but you don’t listen to me. look at yourself and if the baby comes, what will happen then? She won’t leave Cinar alone. She will always try to be with him and you pushed him away. what else can the boy do, he will go to her and if he marries her because she is the mother of his child then you will be defastated Toprak. Your life will turn in hell when you see there happiness. Do you deserve this pain? Think about yourself and that boy loves you so much, forget other people. You are hurting yourself for people who aren’t worth it. I know I know you are doing this for their happiness but you will be the one in tears, you will be in pain my child

Toprak: I can’t do anything else. I can’t be the reason of their unhappiness.

Seref: Everyone is responsible for theirselves. If you don’t think about yourself think about Cinar. Isn’t it pity for him, how can you do this to him? If he loved that girl he would go to her immediately but what is he boy doing? He is doing everything to win your love and you love him too, so much.. don’t divorce. Run after your love

Toprak: I can’t. I made a decision,I can’t change my mind mom

*Ikbal told Cinar about Sitki. He came two times and she doesn’t know what he wants from her. Cinar is going to talk with Toprak about this subject. He asked his mother to call him immediately if he comes again.

*Yesim is at the company and wants to talk with Cinar. Yesim doesn’t want to argue anymore, this isn’t good for the baby. Tomorrow the baby becomes 5 months and he didn’t meet the baby yet so she asks him to come with her to the doctor. Cinar says, yes..

*Okan forgot his appointment and asked Toprak to keep the woman in the office.

*Yesim asked Cansel to move the appointment of tomorrow to the evening for Cinar because he’s very busy in the morning

*Toprak is doing the work of the assistent, Okan thinks she is very good and want her as his assistant.

*Yesim waiting for Cinar

Yesim: good morning! First time we see each other in the morning and I just wanted to tell you i have a appointment in the evening 7.30

Cinar: OK, I’m coming promise

Yesim: I thought you would forget. You know this is very important for me, this is the first time you’re going to see the baby

Cinar: Your doctor is still that artist on the motorbike who is a fan of you?

Yesim: Yes but we are just friends u know this. If you want me to have another doctor I can’t do this I only trust him

Cinar: No you don’t have to I know how close you are of course. I mean the man risked his job for you.

Yesim: I didn’t mean this Cinar

Cinar: Ok, ok the most important thing is what you feel. See you in the evening in Mr.Cansel’s office.

Yesim: Are we not going to have breakfast together?

Cinar: I have to go, I have a meeting

Yesim: OK, see you in the evening

*Toprak accepted his offer. She is now the assistant of Mr.Okan. Okan asked her to come with him to a meeting, he wil sent her a dress.

*Okan told about toprak and said to Cinar she can do this job even she has no experiences. She is warm and a shining woman this is the most important thing for him

*Cinar came to the house and saw Toprak with Okan.

Okan: This is really you?

Toprak: I’m not late right?

Okan: unbelievable I’m speechless

Toprak: The dress is beautiful thank you

Okan: I think you’re the one who makes the dress beautiful


*Cinar is going after Toprak and Okan and forget’s Yesim who is waiting for him in the hospital

Cinar is watching Toprak and Okan while they are sitting in the restaurant.  Yesim convinces herself Cinar is only late because of the traffic, she is sure that Cinar is going to keep his promise..

Okan tells Toprak the man they are waiting for will be here in two hours, so they decided to have dinner.  Cinar is going crazy while watching them from distance..

*Yesim is still waiting..

Yesim: Cinar

…Mr.Cansel do you want something?

Cansel: No

..Shall we go are do we have to wait?

Cansel: You can go

…If u need something I can stay, the family of the patient didn’t come yet but

Cansel: Serap ok I will fix it, good evening. What shall we do Yesim? Call Cinar again if you want

Yesim: No let’s go too, there is no meaning anymore even if he comes now

Cansel: Look maybe he has something important to do, maybe the baby is sick or his mother is old right? Maybe something happened to her. Don’t think about it so much, your baby becomes 5 months tomorrow, you can come tomorrow but not in the morning, we can make an appointment for in the afternoon ok?

*Toprak and Okan having dinner,  Okan asks about Toprak’s birthplace and wants to know more about her. He asks if she has brothers or sisters. Toprak tells him about her brother Bulut who died when she was little then about Havva who died a month ago. Okan holds her hands what makes Cinar furious, he sends him a note and asks him to come to the toilets. (Okan divorced 3 years ago, he has a daughter of 10 years old)

*Cinar & Okan the fight

Cinar: What do you think you are doing?

Okan: Are you crazy?

Cinar: Get up, I’m crazy!

Okan: What’s your problem!

Cinar: What is your probem? What are you doing with my wife?

Okan: Not with your wife, with my assistant I came to dinner. This is a meeting ok?

Cinar: Who are you fooling? Where are your clients? You are sitting with my wife for two hours.

Okan: They called, he is late

Cinar: This is one of your games right?

Okan: What are you talking about?

Cinar: Look at me, you are going to stay away from my wife do you understand? Now you are going inside pretend like nothing happened, eat your dinner and bring her home and tomorrow you are going to fire her.

Okan: What are you saying? How can I do this?

Cinar: You are going to do what I’m saying you to do

Okan: Crazy men

*Cansel: Yesim, the car is there. Where are you going? Yesim what are you doing? Come to urself, let me bring you home. Or we can sit and drink coffee there and come to ourselves ok? I’m going to get coffee..Like you want but without caffeine. Yesim I’m going crazy when I see you like this.  I want to kill Cinar because of what he’s doing to you.

*In the car Toprak wants to know what happened to his face.  Okan tells her he had a fight with someone..

*When Toprak came home she saw Cinar

Cinar: ohh Mrs.Toprak welcome, we waited for you. Where were you?

Toprak: I had a meeting Cinar

Cinar: Meeting?  Well I have meetings too but I never had a meeting like you had, alone.

Toprak: Cinar I don’t understand ,what do you mean? I asked you something Cinar

Cinar: I want you to resign, you are not going to work with that man

Toprak: Why would I resign? I love my work

Cinar: I don’t love it

Toprak: Why? What is your problem?

Cinar: This is the problem Toprak, because that man is a player, he is nothing.

Toprak: Maybe he is but he doesn’t bother me. He is always very kind to me and thoughtful

Cinar: and you believe his dirty games?  He is getting closer to you in a decent way of course

Toprak: Don’t be ridiculous Cinar, there is nothing like this.

Cinar: Don’t defend that…….I saw it with my own eyes how he flirts with every woman he sees.

Toprak: He didn’t do this with me

Cinar: but this doesn’t mean he won’t do it tomorrow. I don’t want you to work for that man.

*Yesim came to Toprak’s house

Yesim: Stop here

Cansel: What happened?

Yesim: Stop I said

Cansel: Yesim what’s wrong?

Yesim: I want to get out

Cansel: Yesim don’t be ridiculous, look if you go I won’t wait I will go

*Toprak: How can you follow me? Does this suit you?

Cinar: I don’t care if this is suitable or not. You are my wife! I can follow you whenever I want.

Toprak: Cinar what is this? What happened to you?

Cinar: Don’t worry it’s not important and it’s not my blood anyway

Toprak: You did this right? You beat Okan, look tell me the truth

Cinar: Yes I beat him, he deserved it

Toprak: Cinar what have you done? You ruined his face

Cinar: He has to be glad he’s looking like that. He takes my wife for dinner for a meeting, a meeting..with no one else. What for meeting is this? And then he called his client and they are late and postponed it , tell this to someone else

Toprak: Cinar is this you? I really can’t believe it

Cinar: What can you not believe? What is weird? That I love you, that I become jealous? I would beat him again, I can kill him do you understand? Because I love you till the end, I can’t breathe without you. I become crazy when I see you with someone else

Toprak: Cinar do you think I’m not jealous of you? Do you think I can live without you? The breath I take when I’m not with you hurts me so much

Cinar: Stop

*Cansel: Yesim, something happened? What’s wrong beautiful? Come to the car, come on

*Toprak: Don’t do this Cinar please

Cinar: why my love?

Toprak: Cinar we decided, we have to stay loyal, don’t do this

Cinar: Why? For who do we have to do this?

*Toprak: for us, we couldn’t be a family. It was a game from the beginning let’s divorce in a normal way then

Cinar: Toprak

Toprak: It’s over Cinar, understand this and leave please

*Yesim and Cansel in the car

Cansel: Yesim tell me what happened, you are scaring me. Can you tell me what happened?  That man did something to you, did he say something? Why are you so defastated? Tell me what happened, tell me or I’m going to learn about it after I knock him out

Yesim: He will always love her, he never loved me. He will never come back to me, he never loved me

Yesim jumped..

*Cinar at the door

Cinar: Yesim, I know you are angry and you are right but don’t do this let’s talk. Look I’m sad too, I’m sorry. ….Kerem opened the door and told him Yesim isn’t home

*Seref doesn’t understand a thing first they were fighting then kissing and now Toprak is crying. Toprak tells her again she can’t do this to that baby, she has no right. Seref is afraid this sacrifice will finish her

*In the hospital Cansel told Zumrut what happened, Necip blames Cinar then Zumrut said no it’s not Cinar’s fault is Toprak’s fault.

*Yesim woke up

Cansel: Yesim how are you?

Yesim: What have I done?

Cansel: Ok it’s over. Look you are fine, your baby is fine too. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Yesim: Tell me the truth Cansel.  Is my baby fine? I don’t deserve him

Cansel: Don’t say this. Your son loves you so much otherwise he would give up first. Look while your son is fighting you have no right to give up.  You have to hold on just like your son and you owe this to him.

Yesim: I’m so ashamed

Cansel: Why? You just responded to something, sometimes people get tired when they can’t  bear life anymore but you used all your chances now you have to bear ok Yesim?

*Toprak wanted to leave but Okan didn’t let her go so she stayed.

*Zumrut came to Toprak, she wanted to talk about last night

Toprak: Last night?

Zumrut: forget these stupid actions like you don’t know what I’m talking about

Toprak: I really don’t understand

Zumrut: Last night my daughter wanted to commit suicide because of you, while she is pregnant

Toprak: Yesim? Why?

Zumrut: Are you asking? You are the problem little girl, your games

Toprak: Mrs.Zumrut I didn’t do anything

Zumrut: What do you mean you didn’t do anything? My daughter had a checkup yesterday, Cinar promised her  to come but instead of being with her he was with you. Don’t say you didn’t know

Toprak: I really didn’t know, and I didn’t call Cinar he came to me

Zumrut: You don’t think I believe this right? You are responsible of everything

*Necip talked with Cinar. His biggest regret is to not have an normal father – son relationship. Even Cinar doesn’t want to listen to him his duty is to help him in this life. He wants him to take care of the woman who carries his son. He asks him to not make the same mistake as he did. Cinar doesn’t understand why he tells him all this. Necip told him Yesim wanted to commit suicide

*Zumrut doesn’t believe Toprak, she doesn’t believe that Toprak wants Cinar to stay with Yesim and her baby. Zumrut thinks Toprak is playing a game, fake marriage, the trip to her hometown was fake too even her suicide was fake..Toprak told her this isn’t true. Zumrut: If you want to divorce Cinar, if you don’t want this marriage leave then, go to somewhere Cinar can’t find you. Do this for my daughter if she losts Cinar and me she won’t have anyone around her and told about her illness, she will commit suicide again because of you, can you live with this she asked Toprak.

*Toprak came to the hospital

Toprak: Are you fine Yesim? I’m very sad, I hope you are fine. I know how it is to lose faith in life, how you can stop living, be sure of this. I came here to tell you something. Don’t worry, Cinar is going to be all yours, I promise you. I hope you and your baby are going to be happy, you won’t get problems because of me anymore

*Cinar came to the hospital

Cinar: yesim?  how are you Yesim, are you fine?

Yesim: Aren’t you a bit late for this question?

Cinar: I’m sorry I didn’t want to make you upset or angry, I wanted to call you

Yesim: Come Cansel, we are done here let’s go

*Zumrut had an operation and she is going to start with therapy soon.  Zumrut asked about Cinar..

Zumrut: Did it help I talked with Toprak?

Yesim: I talked with Toprak that day, she said things but I haven’t spoken Cinar after that day. Maybe this is the best?  He can’t hurt me with his words this way

*Reyhan’s baby has disabilities…

*Ikbal called Cinar to come home and told Cinar Toprak is gone…


*Seref doesn’t understand why Toprak wants to live in this little house, she wants to ask help from her husband. Toprak doesn’t want this she is sure her father will try to convince her to come back to Urgup and if he sends her money this would be interfering with her life. This is a new chapter in her life she wants to do everything by herself, she wants to stay on her own feet. Cinar calls:

Toprak: Cinar calls I think he learned about us

Seref: You are not going to answer?

Toprak: I can’t, talking is hurting us. It’s better not to talk or to see each other.

Seref: Look you didn’t answer now he’s calling me.

Toprak: Don’t answer! He has to understand it’s over, otherwise no one can continue with their lives.

Seref: You don’t accomplish anything with this. Cinar is a rich man and he is crazy in love with you. Look Toprak it doesn’t matter where you live, how far you go, if you don’t answer his calls or not he will find you if he has this in mind

Toprak: He can do whatever he wants, look you are not going to help him promise me. He is not going to find out about our house or address

*Cinar got angry with his mother

Cinar: Toprak is gone? She packed her things and left. Mother how can this happen and you don’t know about it

Ikbal: They left in the morning without saying good bye

Cinar: and they didn’t give you an address or something? I can’t believe you mother, you are living in this house.  Two women packed their things and left and you don’t know anything about it. Why did I leave you here in this house mom? To look after Toprak, to stop her right?

Ikbal: How could I know son?

Cinar: Mom she left before, I brought her from Urgup back to here so we have experience.

Ikbal: What could I do son? Should I have stayed before her bedroom all night?

Cinar: What happened mom? Did something happen in the evening?

Ikbal: No, we had dinner then Toprak wanted to sleep right after that Seref went to her bedroom too and in the morning they were gone

Cinar: Who saw Toprak in the morning?

Cinar became angry with Ayse too, he asked why she didn’t tell him when Toprak left the house

*Then Sitki came, Murvet told Sitki toprak doesn’t live here anymore

Cinar: Who are you? Why are asking for my wife?

Sitki: I’m her ex-husband, so this is before you. I know her almost my whole life and we have a inseparably band because she is the mother of my child. This explanation is enough?

Cinar: No, and that inseparably band you think you have isn’t so inseparably I think, look Toprak broke it and throw it away, so don’t let me see you ever again

Sitki: and the band she has with you wasn’t so strong either I think, she wants to divorce and like this isn’t enough she left too.

Cinar: How do you know about this?

Sitki: Toprak told me, she said ‘I’m going to divorce from my husband’. You are going to be history soon, so tell this to someone else.

Cinar: Look at me, leave don’t ask for trouble

Sitki: What happened? You don’t like to hear the truth right? Toprak is going to forget you but she can’t forget me even she wants to, I’m the father of her only child. Her memory is getting our closer.

Cinar: Look at me, I didn’t divorce Toprak yet. She is still my wife. Don’t say her name ever again otherwise you will pay for it, and don’t let me see you close to her, do u understand?

Sitki: I understood but you don’t understand. Everything you do, the money you have in your pocket is not enough to win. Look she left you already and you still have a big mouth.

Cinar: what are you saying?

Ikbal: Son don’t do this, don’t..the man is crazy

Sitki: Be smart or I will take you brain out of your head

Cinar: Come and get it then, come……..

Ikbal: Son don’t listen to him please son don’t do this

Cinar: I don’t care mom, mom I have to find Toprak. I can’t give her permission to go like this

Talk with the people in house, if she calls call me immediately

Ikbal: I hope you will find her

Cinar: Don’t worry mom I will find her. I’m going to bring her to our home where she belongs

*Yesim is trying to cheer Zumrut up.  Zumrut is afraid she is going to be ugly and lose her hair.

*Reyhan is defastated about the possibility her baby has disabilities.

*Sitki told Yesim about Toprak, Yesim asked him to find out where Toprak is but Seref didn’t say anything to Sitki.

*Cinar found out about Toprak that Okan is helping her with her house and went to her house, she wasn’t home

*Okan and Toprak are searching for Ceyda, Okan’s daughter, She didn’t went to school, her mother told her things about her father and that’s’ why she ran away. They found ceyda in a lunapark. Toprak wanted to talk with Ceyda. Ceyda thought she was her father’s girlfriend who eat her father’s money. Toprak told her she isn’t his girlfriend but assistant and she is married, the girl asked where her weddingring is and Toprak told her she put it off when she was washing the dishes.

*Necip called Cinar when Yesim said to him the baby didn’t move since yesterday . Cinar came to the hospital

Cinar: How are you Yesim? Are you fine? I know you are still angry with me but believe me I was so worried about you. Don’t do this, you are right but let’s forget it. I’m thinking of you all day, are you fine? How is the baby?

Yesim: He didn’t move since yesterday

Cinar: He doesn’t move? We are in the hospital, come, Let’s go to a doctor

Yesim: I can’t come now

Cinar: why?

Yesim: I can’t go to another doctor, only Cansel

Cinar: let’s go to Cansel then

Yesim: Cinar I’m waiting for my mom

Cinar: Ok let’s wait

*Zumrut asked what happened with Cinar. Yesim told her Toprak left the house and Zumrut : finally the village girl comes to her senses. Yesim and her mother had a painful moment when Zumrut wanted to change her clothes.

*Yesim and Cinar came to Cansel for a checkup

Cansel: Why didn’t  you call me since the morning?

Yesim: I didn’t think It was so serious, you know I’m sad because of my mother I thought that’s why he didn’t move but I ate allot of chocolate and candy and he didn’t move ones.

Cansel: Well come, let’s see what his problem is.

Cinar: Come I will help you, I think we have to do this too right

Cansel: If you give me permission I will check the baby

Cinar: Of course, of course do your job

Cansel: You can feel some things

Cinar: I have to answer it’s important, I’m coming

Yesim: But be quick

Cansel: Our man has important things to do I think

Yesim: Don’t do this Cansel

Cansel: OK OK, I’m not saying anything. The baby is fine don’t worry and he is sleeping now.

Yesim: Stop what are you doing? Cinar has to see the baby too, he didn’t see him

Cansel: If he wanted to see the baby he wouldn’t go

Yesim: Cansel please, can’t you wait for me?

Cansel: Ok I will call him then

Cinar is talking on the phone: So he has a daughter?  I want you to find his address

Cansel: I think you don’t care but the baby is fine

Cinar: I’m going to call you later

Cansel: Yesim is waiting, she wants you to see the baby.. of course if the baby is important for you

Cinar: Look don’t interfere with everything ok?

Yesim: Our baby is fine, he is sleeping

Cinar: really I’m happy, you are feeling better now I think?

Yesim: Yes sure, Cansel can you introduce the baby to his father? It’s time to see him

Cansel: I think so too

Yesim: Can you let us hear his heart beating too, I want him to hear it. This is the most beautiful sound I ever heard of course until the baby comes to world

Cansel: I think this is enough

Yesim: Stop why did you put it out?

Cansel: Even sounds can be harmfull for the baby Yesim.

Yesim: ok you’re the doctor

Cinar: Are you going to your mother? I wish I could bring you but I have something important to too I have to go. See you later ok? Take care of yourself

Yesim: not important.

Cansel: He saw the baby, what changed? Can you tell me?

Yesim: What is this for behaviour, cinar didn’t act like this to you. You did this on purpose. You could bear for me just for a minute, why did you put it out?

Cansel: You are right. I can’t bear this nonsense any longer. It’s better to find another doctor

Yesim: What?

*Yesim: You can’t do this to me Cansel.  Why do you leave me alone half way? While I’m so close to give birth.

Cansel: Yesim believe me I’m doing this for you. Just because I disgust that man I’m doing things I should not have done

Yesim: Because you know everything, you know what he is doing to me, you know how hurted I’m. You know everything about me but please I can’t trust anyone except you. I want you to stay with me when I give birth, please don’t hurt me

Cansel: Yesim I don’t want to hurt you but I become furious everytime I see the man. I can’t stop myself. It’s getting harder each day to control myself. Don’t look at me like this, believe me this is better for everyone. I’m going to find a good doctor for you, don’t worry. There is time till the birth, you will meet the doctor by then.

Yesim: I don’t want anyone except you, I don’t want it don’t you understand?

Cansel: Yesim stop if you want

Yesim: Look I understand maybe you’re right but why did you take this decision now?

Cansel: I’m saying ‘Yesim is waiting for you,’ the man is acting rude and push me with his shoulder. No I’m going to hit him in his face this is going to happen. That’s why you have to find a new doctor do you understand?

Yesim: Maybe he didn’t do this on purpose. Cinar wouldn’t do this I mean why would he do this? Maybe he has something else on his mind?

Cansel: I think his problem is with me, he doesn’t like me and our friendship either. Not that I like him but… this is the best decision to make

*Yesim calling Cinar

Cinar: Yes yesim

Yesim : What do you think you’re doing Cinar?

Cinar: What happened? What have I done again?

Yesim: How can you manage to hurt me everytime? My life is getting harder because of you. I’m already alone and now I lost my best friend because of you.

Cinar: I don’t understand a thing. Can you calm down and tell me what happened?

Yesim: I don’t want to calm down Cinar!

Cinar: Ok then where are you, say it I will come

Yesim: I’m in the café now

Cinar: Ok good, I’m coming

*Cinar came to the café

Cinar: What happened Yesim?  What’s wrong?

Yesim: I have to ask Cinar. What have Cansel done to you for  treating him bad

Cinar: What did I do? I’m treating everyone as they deserve, Mr.Cansel too

Yesim: If this was true he wouldn’t leave me after you came right?

Cinar: One minute, Cansel quit?

Yesim: yes and you are the reason

Cinar: Good better, I will find a better doctor for you

Yesim: How can you be so comfortable? Do you think this is easy?

Cinar: Yesim you’re exaggerating. Cansel isn’t singular

Yesim: For me he is. I know him for years and he’s my friend. The only person I trust. He takes care of me since the beginning of my pregnancy. I don’t want anyone else!

Cinar: Good ok, then you have to convince that rude man

Yesim: No Cinar you’re wrong. You are going to apologize just like you knew how to hurt him.

*Okan’s daughter doesn’t talk with her father. Toprak tries to help Ceyda with talking with her and cheering her up. Okan who sees how Toprak is taking care of his daughter is surprised. If he would believe in fairytales he would think she is a fairy. He wants Toprak to stay with him and Ceyda, Toprak said she can’t and her mother is waiting for her. Okan promised her to help with her house if she stays with him today. Toprak is going to stay until Ceyda falls asleep.

*Cinar: Sorry Yesim. I can’t go to him and apologize because of his sensitivity. If you see his type you will think he’s a man, he complainted about me like a child. I pushed him with my shoulder, he has to be happy I didn’t hit him with my head

Yesim: and you are saying you didn’t do anything

Cinar: Look Yesim, I have more important things to do than thinking about this man’s caprise ok?

Yesim: Cinar you’re not going anywhere. I want you to do something for me, for our son not for him. You’re going to do something for your son for the first time in your life, and this will be convincing Cansel.

*Yesim and Cinar came to Cansel’s house

Yesim: His house is here

Cinar: Here? Ok wait here

Yesim: No I’m coming too.

Cinar: No wait here. I will talk with him man to man. I’m not going inside otherwise

Yesim: OK, I’m waiting

Cansel: Something happened to Yesim?

Cinar: While you’re so worried about her why did you leave her alone?

Yes, You’re going to be her doctor again

Cansel: Why?

*Cinar: because she only trusts you

Cansel: don’t worry I will find a new doctor for her, even one of the best doctor’s

Cinar: You are the only smart person in the world Mr.Cansel. we didn’t think about this of course. I said this to Yesim too, let’s find a better doctor I said. I’m not here because you are irreplaceable but Yesim only wants to you

Cansel: So Yesim pushed you , that’s why you came to me otherwise you don’t want me as her doctor

Cinar: well yes, that doesn’t matter but look..You can fool Yesim with your nice friendly behaviours and act you are her friend but don’t do this with me, you can’t fool me. I know very well you don’t care about her as her doctor and the feelings she has for me bothers you allot I see this. You don’t like me, not that I like you but this is not important. The most important thing is what Yesim wants, do you understand?

Cansel: You solved the problem, congratulations…and what are your duties? Do you understand this too?

Cinar:  Look Cansel, I could fight with you. I have allot on my mind, I could get rid of my stress and worries by doing this but I don’t want to make Yesim sad, believe this is very important for me and if  you leave her alone half way you will ruin your band with her, you know this better than me. So stop this nonsense, you are a doctor behave like this. Be her doctor again, continue with your job you left half way.

Yesim: what happened? Did you apologize?  Does he wants to be my doctor again?

Cinar: I did what I have to do, it’s up to you now. Let’s bring you home

*Okan told Toprak he didn’t know her in the beginning and he saw her as his client and the wife of the rich businessman Cinar Ilgaz. He pushed her too ask money from Cinar. Then he told her Cinar offered him a job in return postpone the case to stop this divorce . Okan thought she would be very angry with this, with him and especially with Cinar. Toprak said she was’t angry at all, look what he has done for me while honesty is very important for him. Look what he has done just to stop this divorce she said.

*Cinar waited for Toprak’s house all night, he yelled to Okan first then he went to Toprak

Cinar: Toprak what have you done with that man? Where were you until the morning? Answer me Toprak, I’m asking you. Where were you? Do you know how worried I was? I was going crazy with the thought something happened to you. I called and called you didn’t answer. I’m asked your mother she didn’t  know either. I waited for you all night in the car. Do you know what I thought, how I felt?

Toprak: Cinar can you let me go, you’re hurting me. Now if you calm down I can answer. Okan’s daughter was lost. We searched for her, the girl is very little and when we found her she wasn’t good then I stayed with the girl to not leave okan alone…but this is not what you wanted to ask I guess. No need to think nonsense and become jealous for nothing. I’m just telling you so you don’t have to worry anymore. I’m not a woman who can look to someone  while I love someone else so much Cinar. I thought you knew me.

Cinar: You should have know me too Toprak. I can’t have a family with someone else while I love you so much. Look at me, look what I’m doing, look how I look like because of the love I have for you. Look to us Toprak, don’t do this. Come back, come back..let’s go to our house, our home Toprak. Come please hold my hands please and don’t let me go. If you don’t come with me Toprak I will go, I will give up on us just like you give up on our love. It’s hard to say this but you will not see me ever again.

*Seref: Well done my daughter. I want to shut up keep silent but I can’t stop myself. My consciense don’t give me permission. Even if you cut you head off,  that boy is not going to marry that girl. How can you be so blind, I don’t understand. This baby is not going to grow up with his father. Don’t be so stubborn, give up. You are ruining your life and his life too. Don’t sacrifice your life for others. Look at me, look at the man who loves you. Toprak quick run run, go after Cinar go! If you don’t do this now you will be too late, come on.


*First scene

Seref: Don’t stay here, run!

Toprak: I can’t mom, I can’t run after Cinar. Now if I run and hold his hands, he will never let me go. He will hold my hands forever but I can’t. He will forget me by time.  People can get used to this right? Love will disappear too, even there is a small chance that child is going to grow up with his dad I can’t ruin this.

*Ikbal at the company

Ikbal: Cinar what happened? Did you find Toprak my son?

Cinar: I found her but I lost her

Ikbal: What do you mean? Don’t say she left again

Cinar: I went to their house. I wanted her to come with me

Ikbal: Yes this was the right thing to do

Cinar: If she doesn’t come with me I won’t go after her anymore she can’t see me ever again I said. But she didn’t come. She gave me permission to go so that means she doesn’t want me and I’m not going after this anymore what is meant to happen will happen

Ikbal: You can’t do this son. This is your life, your future

Cinar: You are talking like I gave up

Ikbal: No I know you’re doing your best but just you did so much I wish you can do more

Cinar: Sometimes whatever you do it doesn’t work mom. Everyone loves in a different way I guess. She couldn’t be like me, what i dare to do she couldn’t do. Maybe she never loved me, maybe she still loves someone else.

Ikbal: What do you mean, who does she love?

Cinar: The person she loved before me

Ikbal: Don’t do this son, if she loved him why would she divorce that … Cinar I saw how Toprak looked at you, she is shaking when she looks in your eyes, believe me.

Cinar: Ok mom, let’s close this subject. Mr.Hasan is coming now I’m going to talk with him

Ikbal: Lawyer?

Cinar: Yes

*Ayse invited Toprak for her wedding, she wants her to be there. Toprak didn’t want to go but she couldn’t say no to Ayse

*Cinar came to Yesim’s hotelroom

Cinar: I want to tell you something. I’m leaving the hotel

Yesim: Why so suddenly?

Cinar: We will find a house for you too. I don’t think you are going to stay here with the baby.

Yesim: I understand, you made up I think

Cinar: No we didn’t, nothing changed. Anyway this isn’t the subject I want to talk about. Tomorrow I’m going to talk with Sibel for you.

Yesim: Who is Sibel?

Cinar: She can help you to find a nice house

Yesim: Good, I have to feel comfortable and live in a house right? But my house has to be close to your house coz I want my child to grow up with his father.

Cinar: You’re right, as you want. I just wanted to tell you this

Yesim: Cinar can you bring me to my mom, kerem isn’t here I’m alone

*Toprak is waiting for a call from Cinar…Seref said; it’s too late

Toprak wants to throw everything away what left from her marriage with Cinar.

*At the wedding Cinar did everything to avoid Toprak, to not look at her. Toprak and Cinar were the eyewitnesses, when Yesim saw this she asked if this was a joke. It’s very funny to see a couple who is going to divorce being the eyewitnesses to the marriage, she said.

*Toprak is sad, at the wedding

Toprak: He is pretending like we are strangers ,he doesn’t even look at my face, damn it

Seref What could the boy do else? Did you listen to him once? You pushed him away. You closed the door of your heart and he his mouth.

Toprak: Mom like you don’t know why I did this

Seref: I don’t know, maybe I know but I don’t understand. Why do you expect everything from Cinar? Go to him and ask how he is then. I think he regrets of everything he said to you till now maybe he is afraid.

*Toprak started to cry when she heard from Okan, Cinar accepted to divorce…

*When Toprak heard Cinar may had an accident, she went to Cinar’s house and saw him playing with Lale. When she was home again, she told her mother he was home and said: I became so happy when I saw him again, I can’t live if something happens to him.

*Reyhan Told Mehmet their baby has disabilities

*When Necip didn’t want to save Remzi’s son out of jail. Remzi went to Ikbal and told her daughter-in-law Lale, didn’t have an accident but she is killed by Mr.Necip himself.

*Last scene

Judge: Something happened?

Okan: Toprak what are you doing?

Toprak: Judge, I changed my mind. I love my husband, more than everything.

Judje: Say it again I didn’t understand.

Toprak: I don’t want to divorce


*First scene

Toprak: I don’t want to divorce

Okan: Toprak are you aware of what you’re saying?

Toprak: Yes

Okan: I wish you told me this before the case

Yesim: No, you came here to divorce so you are going to divorce

Judge: Everyone be quiet and sit. You are the one who wanted to divorce and now you’re saying no

Toprak: Judge I made a big mistake I love my husband. I’m not going to divorce

Judge:  The next case is about 6 months

Yesim: 6 months! I can’t wait so long. This is going to end now! And I’m carrying the baby of Cinar Ilgaz…and didn’t they come here to divorce, divorce then!

Judge: Enough be quiet and sit

Yesim: I’m not going to sit. Be fast tell, tell Toprak. Say you want to divorce and you said this by mistake, be fast!

Cinar: Yesim calm down please

Yesim: Tell! Ok then it doesn’t matter if they say it or not right? They already signed and they wanted to divorce. I mean that’s why we are here right?

Cinar: Yesim calm down

Yesim: I can’t calm down Cinar! Do you know how long I’m waiting for this? Divorce them now. What do you think you’re doing? You have to say that you want to divorce, you are going to keep your promise! I will not allow you to ruin everything do you understand? You are going to divorce! You are going to say that you want to divorce! You are going to keep your promise! You are going to divorce!

Judge: Call the police

Yesim: You can’t send me away

Cinar: Yesim you’re going too far, don’t do this

Judge: Bring her away for cursing in the courtroom

Yesim: You can’t do this! Do you know who I am? You are going to divorce

Cinar: Is this necessary I mean she has a nervous breakdown. She is doing this because she is angry

Judge: It doesn’t matter why. No one has the right to ruin our peace in the courtroom

Cinar: but she is pregnant, she can’t go to jail in this condition. I want your understanding

Judge: It’s not your duty to tell me what to do. Sit down or I will send you away too

Cinar: don’t tire yourself I will leave….

Yesim: Cinar I’m begging you don’t give them permission to take me to prison

Cinar: OK calm down a bit

Yesim: In this condition Cinar?

….walk walk miss

Cinar: Where are you going?

…to the police station

Yesim: Cinar please don’t leave me alone

Cinar: Don’t worry Yesim I will do whatever I can

Judge: You said you didn’t want to divorce but you saw the woman’s behaviour. You will get a hard time with her and the band you’ve with your husband is obvious. He ignored the decision of the court and went after the girl. That’s why you have to think well, think about the advantages and the disadvantages. If you say I can handle that girl I love my husband ok but if you say I can’t do it, it’s your decision too but I want you to decide before the next case

*In the car:

lawyer: Your wife surprised us all

Cinar: Yes I was surprised too

*Yesim downstairs:

Police: Come, can you go in

Yesim: U don’t have anyone here

Police: usually it is crowded you are lucky. Go in. Ms.Yesim can you come

Yesim: Where are you going?

Police: upstairs

Yesim: Stay here don’t leave me alone

Police: If you need something you can call me

Yesim: Wait one minute

*Toprak talking with her colleague

….you couldn’t do this to your husband right. You are bad first you insist to divorce and then you surprise everyone with saying you don’t want to divorce

Toprak: I just listened to my feelings

*Cinar came to visit Yesim

Yesim: Cinar

Cinar: How are you Yesim? Are you fine?

Yesim: Cinar I’m not fine. I’m begging you get me out. The baby isn’t fine either. I’m begging you help me Cinar please.

Cinar: Don’t worry I’m doing everything I can. Mr.Hasan is talking with the judge

Yesim: I don’t want to stay here not even for one minute

Cinar: You are right it is awful situation but you have to stay here for two hours at least

Yesim: If you say so

Cinar: Shall I bring you water? You are hungry?

….the visit is over you can go

Cinar: OK

Yesim: Cinar please don’t go, don’t leave me alone

Cinar: Don’t worry I’m not going I’m just going upstairs. Don’t be sad I promise you I’m going to do everything to get you out

*at work Toprak& Okan

Toprak: I can’t believe this ,how could this happen?

Okan:  She was in shock Toprak. She wasn’t waiting for this, we all weren’t waiting for this but she couldn’t control herself now she is paying for it

Toprak: and Cinar is he with her?

Okan: Don’t know they didn’t say anything so I didn’t ask coz I don’t care. I thought you didn’t care about it either until now but I was wrong. The course of this trial had set up on your commitment but you’ve ruined everything in one sentence.

Toprak: Ok maybe I have done something you didn’t expect I felt like this I wanted this. I couldn’t do the opposite while I’m so in love with Cinar

Okan: Great, what can I say? You got what you wanted

Toprak: ok but why are you so angry? I don’t understand

*Ikbal called Necip to the hospital while Reyhan asked her not to tell. They have to operate Reyhan, she can’t have an abortion the baby is too big. Necip got angry with her why she didn’t tell him before the operation, that he always told the truth to her for so long and he doesn’t deserve to be the last one to hear about Reyhan’s condition. Ikbal asked: were you telling the truth? Necip asked her if she has doubts. Ikbal thought about the conversation: Remzi: He was the cause of Mrs.Lale’s death. First he scared the girl. The girl made an accident when she wanted to avoid him and if he had stopped and would have helped her ,the girl could be alive but Mr.Necip run away …

*In the car Yesim& Cinar

Yesim: Come with me Cinar

Cinar: No I can’t come

Yesim: Why u can see my mother and Mr.Necip, it would be nice

Cinar: Yesim we are very tired. You, me the baby we all need rest

Yesim: Ok but what is going to happen now Cinar I mean after 6 months?

Cinar: Don’t know and it’s not the right time to talk about it. We will talk about it later

Yesim: We are going to talk about it?

Cinar: Yes promise now go sleep well

Yesim: OK, Good night

Cinar: Good night

*Last scene

Toprak: Cinar

Cinar: Hello Toprak, can we talk outside?

Toprak: Come inside my mother is making soup we can eat it together

Cinar: No I already ate. Let’s talk outside. What happened in the courtroom Toprak? OK you decide something ,I wish you  told me this before the case.

Toprak: I couldn’t know

Cinar: If I would know about it we could make another plan. We could stay away and our lawyers could go to the courtroom and this wouldn’t have happened

Toprak: I didn’t want this to happen Cinar. I got afraid to hear the sentence ‘’you are divorced’’ from the judge. I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t want to hurt Yesim. Is Yesim fine?

Cinar: Good good don’t worry. How are you? I mean I’m so confused, I couldn’t even call you or see you

Toprak: I’m fine now you are here

Cinar: The last time I came here I thought there was no hope. I had to give up on you while I’m so in love with you. What happened, why did you change your mind?

Toprak: It’s obvious you are not happy about this Cinar. If you came here to tell this, you came for nothing it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t say that and you didn’t hear it

Cinar: one minute one minute and you get angry too? You said one time you couldn’t give up on me, you can never take this back. Now you’re going to promise me, you won’t turn your back, you won’t leave my heart, you are going to promise this. You can’t nod like this. I want a real promise and I even want it written

Toprak: Ok promise

Cinar: You’re so stubborn Toprak Ilgaz but I’m more stubborn. I swear I will never let you go

Cinar: Now you’re going to promise me. Whatever happens, whatever is going to happen to us, you won’t let me go, we will fight together,we will walk on this road together. You have to promise me

Toprak: I promise you Cinar, I will never let you go. We will never be separated

Cinar: and I promise you. You are only going to cry of happiness from now on. I’m going to remove the worry in your eyes

Toprak: I love you so much. I didn’t notice how much I loved you until I lost you.


toprak : (opens the door) cinar

çınar :can we talk a little bit out .. uh ..?

toprak : mom prepared a soup ,come we can eat together.

çınar : no thanks,i already ate ,come we will talk out

toprak : ok

çınar : What happens in the court toprak .. I wish if you had told me about your decision before.

toprak : I did not expect this me too

çınar :we could avoid the court, let our lawyer solve this.

toprak : I did not want too, but when the judge pronounce ”divorce”I get scared ,

my goal was not to hurt yesim !is she fine ?

çınar : well well .. do not worry but rather how are you? my mind was confused ..

toprak : you came so I’m fine now .. (Oyyyy )

çınar :the last time i came here, I thought it was finish, no hope. i had to give up on you when i was so much in love with you..

toprak : apparently you are not very happy ,you don’t need to come to tell just forget what you have heard!!!!!

çınar : wait a minute, wait a minute, .. you get angry too. Once I can get back to you,i will not leave you. Now promise you will never leave me

toprak : (she check her head)

çınar : shaking your head is not enough.. I would like you to declare verbally or even in writing !!!!

toprak : OK, promise

çınar : you are stubborn toprak Ilgaz. But I’m more stubborn than you. i swear i will not leave your hand until death ..


çınar : Now promise me .. , regardless of what may come to us don’t leave me,

toprak : (crying) I promise I will never ever let you .

çınar : I promise you ..,you will cry from happiness from now on

toprak: I love you so much () ..and didn’t realize how much I loved you until i lost you.

Toprak :Stop Cinar. Come on, Come on, let’s enter the house. it’s a shame.

Çınar – Why would I shame? You are my wife.

Toprak – Oh well, I’m not familiar. Come on, Come on. What happened, looking at me like this?

Çınar – Hadi lets tell your mom.

Toprak – Mommy.

Şeref – Oh! My son Mr. Sycamore?

Çınar – I hope I Do Not Disturb you.

Şeref – Oh! no my child welcome.

Toprak – We make up mom!

Şeref – I always pray god for both of you. thanks god he hears my voice

Çınar – Apparently the two of us were praying.

Toprak :Cinar,no we should wait, I mean first you should talk to Yeşim about our status. Cinar – I’m going to talk with Yeşim. Only You Think of Us Now!

toprak; i will help my mom

Çınar – No you can not. You’re coming with me.

Toprak – Where are we going?

Çınar – Small surprise ,going on vacation.

Şeref – A Well, Very Good idea. Enjoy .

Toprak – So give a Tip?

Çınar – No, I can’t. Taste of surprise will be disturbed. Let’s go.

Toprak : I am very excited boat at night . like it cinar?

Çınar : Yes. But this time we will go to place.

Toprak : Where is it?

Çınar : Large island.

Toprak : Is the big island? I heard the name but I’ve never been too.

.Çınar : Our days will be very happy We both deserve it

Cınar : its a Very nice place. I found peace in this place.. I hope you will like it.

Toprak : you are my every place that I love?

Come my love .. Come my love ..

Muzefer: when you find such a beautiful girl .. Makes the universe beautiful

T: never taste it !!( about alcohol drink)

Ç: Darling , try a bit ,if you do not like leave it .

T: A little bitter but still nice .. What happened why are looking so?

Ç: I look at that face that i can not get enough

T:say, if there is something please !!

Ç:you know what i love the most in you, your shy face ((((hehehehe,i’m not sure but something near))

____Cinar with toprak in the bed room_______________

Çınar : I miss you allot toprak.

Toprak : me too, more than you.

––––going out from the house-in the morning––-

T: Oh how nice!! flower everywhere.

Ç:I can not smell you, Ama…….(((hehehe cinar naughty hoti man))

______Toprak ve cinar when she saw the bicycle

Toprak : Oh What is this.

Çınar : You like it?

Toprak : allot.

Çınar : come

Toprak : Ah the owner will be angry.

Çınar : Come on Come on !!

Toprak : Or Are you the owner?

Çınar : We are.

Toprak : Where did you get these balloons Cinar?

Çınar : There’s more. Just getting started.

Çınar : When I was little too boarded a bicycle here. I was very excited when I saw my first bicycle. But the real excitement of this island, I would live descending slopes. One time I had fallen very badly.

Toprak : Can not be serious.

Cinar ve toprak in arabaya

ÇINAR:when you will be pregnant , I need time to get used to this situation,i mean your belly will grow ..

TOPRAK: are you serious about it?..

ÇINAR: Of course I’m serious ..

Ç:i would like to get 1 .. Maybe 2 .. Up to you ..

T: First of all, you will have a son who need you…

Ç: You don’t want to have ?

T:I want more than anything else because I just think you ….

Ç: do not worry .. ,i can be a good father for all !!!!

Çınar: O.. well I do not want you to work with okan

Toprak: I am very satisfied Cinar there .. I would like to have salary .. You tell me the real reason?

Çınar: tamam,jealous ,I do not like that man .. I can’t stand that man,…

Toprak: Okay, okay ASKIN DARLING .. I will find another job ..

Çınar: Thank you for understanding me ..

Toprak : You do not have to drop me .

Çınar : its hard to leave you my life. I have a meeting I need to pass across.

Toprak : OK, I’ll go.

Çınar :i will call the driver

Toprak : No, no, you do not have to handle it.

Toprak : Or, as I still didn’t talk to Mr okan yesterday. Best of all, i will go by taxi.

Çınar : Look, but quickly finish up their work, okay? I prepared my own barbecue with my hands. This time !

Toprak : Tamam.i will be not late . Cinar: Promise?

toprak: See you .

. Cinar: do not be late ha. I pressed the stopwatch, you know.

Ç: welcome my wife ,welcome my love

T: What was for, this preparation cinar? What have I forgotten?

Çınar : No, no, never forget a thing. But I want you to forget history. Will you wear this for me? For our wedding? toprak, I would like to start everything from beginning. I would like to re-write your life. Clear from the beginning, a real wedding …. Will you marry me again

T: Cinar !!!!!!?

Ç: I fell in love .. But you still have not answered

T: Yes, yes, of course thousands of times, because I’m in lo


Yeşim : enough !!!I hate all of you .

Hemşire : yesim don’t stop, continue. left less.

Yeşim : I can’t make it enough Cansel .

Cansel : You did it left a little . Almost, i can  see his head. Let try  the last time,

Yeşim : Cansel no matter  i’m very tired now? It hurts too .

Cansel : OK, you’re right. I’m here and  I won’t let anything happen to you both. Do you trust me? so. Keep it up.

______________________ toprak with cinar waiting in hospital__________________

Çınar : How are you  my love?

Toprak : fine,and you?

Çınar : I’m fine. We are all shocked.


Mehmet called cinar to discuss waiter situation, zumurut went to toprak and ask her to leave immediately and she is guilty for all what  happened to yesim.

Cinar comeback and ask about toprak, ikbal told him that she went to home,he called toprak and told her,he wish if she waited for him.


Cinar: How you feel now?                                                                                                                                  yesim : What business has he here?

zomurut: yesim!!

yesim: out of here. Both immediately.

Zumurut: What are you talking about yesim?

yesim: I do not want to see here just get out immediately understand? What are you waiting for still didn’t getit ? out of here!!. Go run and profit right away. Get out. Is Done ‘? I do not want to see you.

zumurut: yesim!!!!


Şeref : welcome-back,how are you Iqbal hanim.

İkbal : don’t ask seref hanim , I have a runny nose. Over the top i’m very hungry.

Şeref : I will bring you something that i prepared (food).

Çınar : How are you toprak?

Toprak : I’m fine how are you?. My mind was in a hospital. Everything is ok.

Çınar : Nothing has changed, the same situations i will take shower and i will go to the hospital again.

Toprak : OK.


Çınar : Why are you crying Toprak.what happen tell me.

Toprak : what the doctors told you cinar make me feel scared . if something bad happen .Ya i can not stand it . ? how do I find peace of mind.

Çınar : You do not have anything in. don’t torture yourself. The only guilty of this accident is Yeşim.

Toprak : How?

Çınar : Doctor said because of a high rate of alcohol.i’m so so angry with yesim. she is irresponsible . from the first day i told her that she can’t be a mother . but she Did not listen. she is stubborn who didn’t care about anybody. look nowwhat happened.

Toprak :don’t tell her anything.yesim is currently suffering the most. I wish If i could take out a way yesim’s pain .

Çınar :toprak! don’t scare me. Do not take this love from have promised me to not go away. Whether you’re going to fight  hand in hand .


canan : I don’t want to say what your ear don’t want to hear so I could tell he lives.But Unfortunately, the early births carry certain risks. im going to tell may be annoying, but just be prepared in case.

Yeşim : Tamam,tell me how is my baby before.

Canan : The situation is now stable. May also become a dangerous situation may improve with each passing minute as well.

Zumurut : What do you mean by dangerous.

Canan : I mention that my risk of brain hemorrhagic . Even if we stop the bleeding process to avoid dysfunctions of the brain. but liver may be not able to. In fact if you look at any body is not developed fully. Percent of the drugs that each of the machines reinforcement. Despite all this, the immune system is weak against the microbes.

Yeşim : OK. Enough so.

Cansel : yesim! canan is just talking about probabilities.

Yeşim : Always talking about the bad things, but tell me one thing is hopeful.

Canan : Want to hear something hopeful.

Yeşim : Of course.

Canan : Prepare to fight for a moment . Start expressing milk. Although despite the fact that. The sooner the better for us if the milk. because its reinforce immunity.

Yeşim : Are you serious.

Canan : Want him to live you must take good care of your baby. Currently, the only thing you can do to give him breast milk.

Cinar went to hospital, ikbal asking toprak why he went again________________-

Çınar : OK. take rest now ,?

Toprak : OK. When you comeback?.

Çınar : I don’t know ,don’t wait for me . ‘ll Probably past the night there .

Toprak : Go, then ,may be they need  you.

Çınar : OK.

İkbal :where is he  going?

Toprak : Mommy does not now,he  has  to be with his son.

İkbal : Don ‘t say ..he went  to the hospital again .

Toprak : Yes, cinar is the father of that baby’s .

İkbal :fatther !!!!. What he will do there. Even the doctor said come in the morning. Went home. Oh, girl. yesim is the copy of the devil. she will do everything to have him.

Toprak : Mommy don’t say that, anyway yesim was  very angry she threw cinar  out.

İkbal : I wonder what kind of games she is preparing .

Toprak : Mommy, I do not think , yesim was hurt so much . I trust my husband.  do not assume things. Come on, good night.

İkbal : Good intentions, but this doesn’t suit yesim. Cinar also is a man.


***50bolum translation Toprak Ve Cinar***

Çınar :its too pity. the Baby is too small. yesim inexperienced.  I don’t know how this situation will become.

Toprak : Allah is great  Cinar.

Çınar : Allah is great. But what if you were his mother, i would not be in this situation. . But yesim.. Becoming a mother in such a situation is already difficult but also much more difficult, i’m not sure she  will assume this.

Toprak : Look, she will change once she will have her baby. . she will do anything to find a power in herself. with time yesim will  succeed. she Will be a good mother.

______in the hospital seating and talking

Çınar : toprak. I can not move if anything happens to him,if they need me.even  the company called  several times , but somehow I could not go .

Toprak : You’re right.

Çınar : I set up a room as well as yesim. At least a few days the baby will want to stay.  and

Toprak : I know.but take care of yourself too.

Çınar : I know I don ‘t give up on it. But now  Show me  some understanding, at least until my son get well. need a little bit of patience.

Toprak : Since the problem is, of course, you don’t need to explain me anyway. do what you need to do .  I also think of you.

Çınar : i love you toprak. the way you  understanding me. Smile, good faith, you gave me the peace of mind. I love everything on you .

many days pass ,and cinar neglected toprak ,toprak feels alone

–––––––––––-ikbal comeback from hospital and said the baby can go to home and she said she was choked by yesim behavior,she change allot ,she even want to make a traditional party for her son, and all of you are invited,even you toprak, its for tomorrow .

Cinar siiting watching a romantic comedy:

Çınar : Come HIH super timing. I love it I got a romantic-comedy.

Toprak : Tomorrow evening, had invited us to their honor. But you probably will go to the mevlut ( traditional party for new born baby) .

Çınar : Yes, of course, i will go until the evening. i called and told theme that i’m not coming .

Toprak : ok.

Çınar : come sweetie,come

____________in the morning cinar didn’t tell toprak that she was invited too,he try to skip her questions. (((stupid Cinar)))

Ikbal went to meet Remzi but he didn’t come , Mehmet assist to remzi funeral,(((lol  necip bey killed him )))

necip got angry when he learns that zumurut want to put Silicone because of her breast surgery, he told her he don’t want this, and she should told him before taking any decision,  ((but actually the old man is jealous)

yesim fired a new nany for the baby, to settle well her plan, she went to toprak and told her that she can’t manage alone she need her help, toprak accept to help her,yesim is doing all her best to prove that she change it, at the end of the party toprak told cinar that yesim need him and she panics allot,so cinar decide to pass a night there

  1. mewe13 spune:

    de unde pot sa iau subtitrarea in engleza?

  2. mewe13 spune:

    puneti subtitrarea in engleza si la celelalte rog

  3. iulia spune:

    pe site-ul postului tv turcesc FOX are a difuzat filmul apare ca ultim episod ce poate fi vizionat on line , ep.78 , episodul nu a fost difuzat la noi ,probabil e alta serie (sper ) .Acum il vizionez , sunt scene de la nunta lui Toprak cu un at tip iar Cinar e cu Lale la medic , sarcina pare a fi in pericol .Am intrat sa va scriu si abia dupa asta il voi vedea intergal.E in turca dar decat nimic …

    • Lale spune:

      La turci serialul nu s-a terminat.
      În iunie s-a sfârșit sezonul al 2-lea,cu ep.78.
      Continuarea-sezonul 3-la toamnă,probabil din septembrie.

      • iulia spune:

        multumesc pentru informatie ,poate vor mai difuza si ai nostri seria urmatoare

  4. stefy57 spune:

    bai fratilor ””ROMANI”’ daca va pot numi asa, dar voi faceti traduceri in engleza pentru romani? sau pentru englezi, doamne fereste

    • lale spune:

      traducerea este preluata.
      pentru cine doreste exista

    • iulia spune:

      In general , din cate stiu eu , traducerile in engleza sunt preluate de pe forumuri turcesti sau bulgaresti ai caror membri vor sa ajute fanii din alte tari si traduc din turca in engleza pentru ca evident nu stiu limba romana . Acele forumuri au membri si persoane din Romania care preiau traducerile in engleza si le posteaza la noi

  5. iulia spune:

    multumim administratorilor ca sunt intelegatori si ne permit sa mai aflam de aici unele informatii !

    • gianina spune:

      Am urmarit episodul 82 duminica trecuta pe Antena 1 si am urmarit si azi pe EURO TV (tot epsisod 82)si am ramas stupefiata cand am vazut ca au scris dupa epuizarea timpului dedicat episodului “SFARSITUL SERIALULUI LALE”.Adica se termina asa ?Poate e pe serii si s-o fi ter
      minat una dintre acestea!Stie cineva mai mult?Multumesc!

      • iulia spune:

        sper din suflet sa mai urmeze o serie pentru ca nu e clar ce se intampla , Cinar ramane sau nu cu Toprak

  6. Adriana spune:

    ” razvan spune:
    05/07/2012 la 10:42

    serialul este pe euro tv miercurea si joi de la 18:30…azi urmeaza episodul 84 daca nu ma aveti o zi buna!

    lale spune:
    07/07/2012 la 13:43

    multumesc Razvan

    pentru ceilalti link-ul
    (desi probabil va fi sters):

    • gianina spune:

      Am urmarit episodul 82 duminica trecuta pe Antena 1 si am urmarit si azi pe EURO TV (tot epsisod 82)si am ramas stupefiata cand am vazut ca au scris dupa epuizarea timpului dedicat episodului „SFARSITUL SERIALULUI LALE”.Adica se termina asa ?Poate e pe serii si s-o fi ter
      minat una dintre acestea!Stie cineva mai mult?Multumesc!

    • laura spune:

      cum de vedeti filmul pe euro tv, ca eu am intrat pe link si nu este filmul.

  7. stefy spune:

    rasul lumiiiii cine ma pus sa ma uit la telenuveleleeeeee dracu

  8. dana spune:

    nu toata lumea stie engleza!!!!!!!

    • Elvira spune:

      dar mai depune si un pic efor si invata limba engleza.

      • lale spune:


        *First scene
        Yesim: I’m saying you’re going to be a dad, I’m saying you’re going to have a son and you aren’t even happy Cinar.
        Cinar: You are lying. I don’t believe you. I don’t know how you find out that Toprak and I became closer but you are just doing this to ruin our relationship but this time I’m not going to believe you

      • lale spune:


        *Reyhan wants help from Ikbal, she’s sure that Ikbal can help her brother with his disease and to make up with Cinar.
        Ikbal: That’s not so easy Reyhan
        Reyhan: You can do it, look I’m with you too
        Ikbal: Good but I have proud too. Mr.Necip cheated on me in a certain way. When he said he hated her he was busy with other things, I can’t forget this so easily

  9. ana spune:

    buna, ana sunt. v-am mai scris mai demult. multumin pentru ce ati facut pana acum , dar rugamintea mea si nu numai , este: face-ti un efort si traduceti-le si pe celelalte. multumim

    • lale spune:


      *First scene
      Cinar: stop Yesim
      Yesim: Why Cinar, are you afraid of your feelings? Don’t do this please Cinar…
      Don’t do this to us. I love you so much Cinar, please don’t do this


      • lale spune:


        Cinar: You’re right we made an agreement. I had to stay away from Yesim, I brought you in a difficult situation i know but Toprak believe me there are things what changed. I don’t know how to tell you this, when I think about our agreement…
        Toprak: you’re not going to answer? answer if you want maybe it is important
        Murvet called Cinar to tell about Ikbal’s condition, they are going to the hospital
        *To the car
        Toprak: You’re going to ask in which hospital they are?
        Cinar: No I’m going to ask if they went to a hospital
        Toprak: What do you mean? Murvet said Mrs.Ikbal was sick
        Cinar: Maybe they are doing this to call me to the house
        Toprak: Cinar of course not. Ok You’re right, you’re angry with Mrs.Ikbal but if she is acting like she’s sick she’s only doing this to see you
        *In the hospital

      • Iulia spune:

        multumim mult de tot ,e bine si asa

      • lale spune:


        *First scene
        Cinar: You are not going to say something? and look I need to tell you something
        Toprak: Did you hear?
        Cinar: What?
        Toprak: Lale’s voice
        Cinar: No
        continuare postata langa ep 34

  10. alex spune:

    sunte-ti tari dar traduce-ti va rog si episoadele kre sunt netraduse si pt restu populatiei.cine are nevoie de ajutor k traducerea sa ma caute ajut pe oricine, am prietena turcoaik am noroc vizualizez k ea serialul!va pup

  11. stefy spune:

    baiiiii vreti respect si vorbe dulci? ce dracu nu eliminati ep. netraduse? ce fac ma uit la poze?si fac eu un film!!!!!!!!! v-ati batut joc

  12. nao spune:

    bai dar de ce nu le cautati pe youtube tot nesubtitrate ca stati aici pana la pastele cailor ca pe youtube aia is la voi la 38.

  13. Nina spune:

    Dragi fani ai serialului ati gasit site-ul unde putem vedea filmul contracost ? Eu am tot cautat dar in zadar .Va rog , macar o confirmare ca sa mai caut si eu .Multumesc !

  14. valy spune:


  15. aby spune:

    dar pana akm se prelua dp antena 1 si se difuza aici. Akm dc nu mai faceti asa?

  16. cmnlnr spune:

    Am crezut ca voi sunteti un site serios si nu ne dezamagiti ca cei de la antena 1 ,dar se pare ca m-am inselat,ne-ati ajutat sa vedem pana aici si cand e mai important, sa vedem si noi finalul ne-ati lasat , nu prea cred faza cu siteul care cere bani ca il gaseam sau ni-l comunicati,dar se pare ca nu doriti sa ne ajutati in nici un fel…..

  17. stefy spune:

    de cand a intrat asta pisica moarta Toprak” nu se mai traduc serialele,of iesi afaraaaa ca yesim iti da clasa!!!!!!!!! in final plec naibi in Turcia, poate gasesc un roman poliglot sa-l traduca

    • Anne spune:

      Stiam eu ca nu sunt singura care n-o suporta pe Toprak…cu fata aia de fetita neprihanita..a fost casatorita cu puscariasul ala care-a injunghiat-o dupa s-a indragostit de cumnatul ce-a zis in final!?sa se casatoreasca cu un tip bogat..WOW!! Sa vedeti ce-o sa faca in continuare mielusica asta !!!

  18. alex spune:

    buna!ma bucur k a-ti mai postat si alte episoade.sper sa mai postati si altele in continuare chiar si nesubtitrate :d am norokul k iubita mea sa fie turcoaik si e super vdm filmul multumesc!

    • Mihaela spune:

      Fericitule ! Te rugam sa ne scrii si noua un mic rezumat al fiecarui episod pe care il putem vedea aici . Multumim !

  19. aby spune:

    mai degraba eu as aspira dupa urmatoarele episoade 😦 vreau sa vad ep 74 si 75..

    • cmnlnr spune:

      Chiar nu mai vreti sa ne ajutati cu episoade subtitrate.Pacat ,alta dezamagire dupa crezut ca o sa vedem sfarsitul dar se vede ca nu ne mai ajuta nimeni, nici pe net.

  20. alex spune:

    va rog sa mai bagati seriale kt mai curanf posibil chiar si nesubtitrate.

  21. Anne spune:

    “Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish.”:)))))

  22. valy spune:

    doamne cind vor traduce episoadele astea? va rugam oameni buni nu ne dezamagii
    nu ne poate ajuta nimeni?

  23. CRISTINA-OANA spune:

    cand vor fi traduse aceste episoade?

  24. aby spune:

    pff..ce pacat k nu am inteles nmk :(( Au fost atatea momente frumoase cu cinar & toprak am inteles o boaba 😦

    • Anne spune:

      Foarte nesuferita Toprak asta..genul de persoana care pare buna , cuminte , altruista , ea e o vipera :))) A umblat cu infractorul ala care a injunghiat-o..dupa s-a indragostit de cumnatul ce s-a gandit sa se casatoreasca cu Cinar..I CAN’T STAND HER!!! Si ce se imbraca asa urat!?Abia astept sa dispara in vagauna din care-a iesit :))))

      • RIINA T spune:


      • Anne spune:

        Riina , lasa ma cobor la nivelul tau se te jignesc…este strict opinia mea, Esti foarte educata!!! Pot sa zic doar ca inteleg de ce-ti place de tarancuta aia :)))))))have a nice day!!

      • Anne spune:

        Si Yesim se va casatori cu Cinar!!!

  25. Mara spune:

    Probabil nu este corect sa se faca public aici contul sau adresa dar poate are cineva vreo idee cum am putea gasi o cale de comunicare intre noi :un email , o pagina de facebook sau ceva unde sa putem comunica ,sa putem afla contul ,adresa ,ceva ce ne-ar ajuta .Va rog !

  26. flora spune:

    nu ne tineti asa in suspans incercati sa ne ajutati cumva,platim domnilor,dar nu inteleg comentam dar nu ne baga nimeni in seama?ce trebuie sa facem in continuare?datine un raspuns un sfat oricum multumim,dar tot nu ajungem la nici un rezultat,ne aude cinevaaaaaaaaaaaa????????

  27. mery spune:

    buna wste un film superb si eu contribui la plata lui . Va rog sa imi spuneti

  28. Mara spune:

    Inca o data va multumesc pentru tot ce ati facut pentru noi ! Am speranta ca nu vom ramane la jumatatea drumului ,vreau sa contribui la acel abonament pentru a putea avea episoadele subtitrate sau macar sa putem afla care este acel site , platesc si singura numai sa stiu ca pot vedea in continuare episoadele subtitrate ! Va multumesc !

  29. lucia spune:

    si eu vreau sa va multumesc pentru ca ne-ati ajutat sa putem vedea acest serial dupa ce antena 1 a pus o ora imposibila de vizionat. si sunt convinsa ca si de acum incolo o sa face-ti tot posibilul sa ne mai pune-ti episoade traduse. inca o data va multumesc

  30. daniela spune:

    multumim pentru ca tot ne satisfaceti placerea si asa …va rugam frumos dati serialele in continuare si in limba turca cu rezumatul un romana macar ajungem sa vedem sfarsitul filmului .multumimmmmmmmm mult

  31. Oana spune:

    iubesc filmul acesta:(si nu vreau sa il pierd…este foarte frumos..trebuie sa fie o alta varianta de a ne uita la film cu subtitrare:*:*:va pupacesc

  32. crista spune:

    Tot inteleg :))) cred ca am sa ma pun sa invat limba ca sa inteleg ceva din film 🙂

  33. flora spune:

    da iubita mea Elvira dar eu locuiesc in Viena adio Antenele cei de la Digi le-au scos din grila de programe iar pt cei care au inca Ant 1 nu mi-se pare ora 4 ora de difuzare rusine sa le fie ,dupa cite comentarii am vazut pe net consider ca serialul avea o audienta buna ,dar trebuia neaparat promovata emisiunea lui Kapatos bineinteles din acea emisiune noi Romanii avem multe de invatat ,cultura generala fratilor ,ce sa spun sant extrem de dezamagita,va rog cei de pe site haideti sa gasim o solutie contribuim cu totii daca trebuie .

  34. Violeta spune:

    Ati inebunit de tot?

  35. valy spune:

    oameni buni va rugam postati episoadele

  36. Elvira spune:

    Nu avem altceva de facut decit sa ne uitam la antena 1 simbata si duminica dimineata la orele 4.30 ca sa mai putem intelege cite ceva din serialul Lale. De altfel episoadele netraduse se mai gasesc si pe . Cine doreste poate vede si finalul acestui serial pe acest site.

  37. cip spune:

    nu se intelege nimic

  38. flora spune:

    mi-e rau fratilor nu imi revin cum se poate intimpla asa ceva?,ce naiba facem are cineva vreo idee unde vedem serialul in continuare merg dracului sa iau ore de limba turca am accesat siteul dar nu imi permite sa intru platesc nu e o problema cine ma poate ajuta?

  39. david spune:

    Va rog cei ce se ocupa cu punerea episoadelor pe site sa faceti tot posibilul sa le subtritrati,va ror frumos,pentru ca iubesc acest serial.Va multumim ca ne-ati pus pana acum episoadele.Sunteti foarte tari:)

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